Saturday, July 30, 2011

BYOC Saturday

Hey, everyone. How'z tricks? It is as hot and humid as the devil's ass crack again, today and I am sooo over Monsoon Season. Glargh! "nuff Summer, already. I am thinking that Autumn would be a nice idea, right about now.

I am going to do BYOC today, since I didn't get here, yesterday.

1.  Sun or rain?  Roses or tulips?  Romantic movie or comedy?

Duh! Rain. Always. I love rain. I live for dark, grey, rainy days and the sound of rain at night is better than any sleeping pill on the planet, it will put me right into the best, most peaceful sleep. I am convinced that I really should be living in Seattle. :D

Tulips, please. Don't get me wrong, I love roses but tulips are my favourite flower. 

How about a romantic comedy? 

2.  I've been sick lately and haven't eaten in two days - except for ice cream...which leads me to ask - what's your favorite ice cream flavor?

Dark chocolate swirled with caramel. Or coffee swirled with caramel. Aw, hell. Who am I kidding? Any ice cream swirled with caramel is going to qualify. :P

3.  Are you a door locker - in your house and car?

I am not a door locker. I never have been. I have lived out in the boondocks in houses that didn't even have locks on the doors. Even when I lived in the city, I wasn't all that careful about locking up and I still am not. I figure that if someone is really bound and determined to get into my house or car, they are going to do it, locks or no. 

William is like Rambo; if there is a lock on something, it is bolted down tight. William will actually follow me around, locking exterior doors and car doors after me. lol

4.  In the spirit of my being sick and wanting to die - tell me your "go to remedies" for when you are sick?

Poor Drazzie. 

I gulp gallons of hot soup and tea when I am sick. I can't tolerate cold stuff when I have a sore throat, anything I consume must be super hot. I know... Weird. :P  I down Advil by the bottle and I make sure to constantly swill water to keep myself hydrated. I have read that hydration helps you beat a virus faster and I am all for getting well fast, as I hate being sick. I wear whatever is soft, comfy and will make me feel cocooned and pampered. I have very specific demands for comfort items and as soon as I feel the first watery sniffle, the first stab of discomfort in my throat, they must be fully stocked up and ready to go. 

I need stimulation when I am sick. I am not one of those people who will lie in bed in a quiet room and suffer in silence. Oh, no. Not I. I have to be in the living room, surrounded by my comfort items, have my TV going, my 'puter on my lap, my phone close at hand. I want my family to dance attendance on me and I want everyone in a five mile radius to be painfully aware of just how horribly I am suffering. I want sympathy, I want to be waited on, petted, pampered and cosseted. 

I love to shop online when I am sick. Knowing that I am getting pressies is one of the best home remedies I can think of. :D

5.  Repeat question:  Summarize your week in blog land and in real life.

In blogland, I am doing better to post more regularly. And read everyone, too. I suck at commenting. I know this. I am well adjusted about it, tho. ;P

In real life, I suck. Seriously. Frost Princess has been in control and the chips and popcorn have ruled my life for the past few days. As has bread. What the fuck was it about bread? Gah! But I am back on track, this morning and hoping that Frost Princess has had enough fun and is ready to stay away. I seriously need to get my shit together. I have been screwing around and losing like a loser (not a Biggest Loser) for almost a year, now. I should be close to if not under the 200 pound mark, by now. And, if I weren't such an self indulgent dumbass I would be. Totally my own fault. 

William had to work, this morning. Why the techs on call can't handle this is beyond my understanding. But, oh well. Overtime is our friend. And it gets him out of my hair. Always a bonus. *is evil*

I am wired on too much coffee. I love it. :D

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Late Night Misery

I knew better. I knew from the stiffness in my ankles and shins to take extra potassium. I didn't. And boy, did I pay for it. At one in the morning my left leg cramped in circular waves and spasms from my hip to my toes. I had to massage my leg and hip for a while before it finally loosened up and I could walk to my bathroom to get my potassium. I took two, then high-tailed it upstairs and grabbed a banana and ate that. This one-two punch always works to keep my legs from cramping, again.

At least both of them didn't go. That is really fun, let me tell you! :P

I recently read that pickles or pickle juice is even better than a banana for leg cramps. I'll have to remember pickles when I go shopping. A good reason to keep them around. Never mind I love the damned things and can down them by the jar.

I got a late start, this morning. I was up late, then awakened with the leg cramps, slept like shit the rest of the night and finally went into a deeper sleep, this morning. My widdle eyes are burning and my dark circles have dark circles. I look and feel like Aunt Hagatha. lol

I have had my morning coffee... Only one cup. Methinks a second is in order, my brain is still fuzzy as a stuffed panda. Oatmeal is eaten and water is headed down the gullet in fast order. *burp* I definitely am going to grab that second cup of java as soon as I wrap up this bit of natter.

What is today? Tuesday. I think I will jump on my scale on Friday. See how things are going. Hopefully, I am beginning to pick up some of my old momentum. I have lost about 120 pounds. But I still have, by my calculations, another 140 or so to go. This is doable. I just need to stay my course. Be committed and remember that this is for me.

And I am worth it! :D

I love this song. I listen to it often and the message is clear. If the F-bomb offends you, don't click play. This is the original version of this song. It is NSFW, so if you are at the office, use headphones! lol  I could have chosen the "clean" version, I suppose but censorship kind of pisses me off. :) I am posting the video with lyrics, in case you would like to read along as you listen.

You want to know what just occurred to me? I am almost halfway to my goal weight. Yeah, baby. In about twenty pounds, it is all down hill from there. :D

Okay, I have to run. That coffee is calling to me. And I need to get a load of whites into the washer and do some housework. Dragging my tired ass off the sofa, now.


I am going.




My frakking new shoes gave me blisters. Gah! They were so comfy, yesterday. After three miles-ish, today my poor feet are all beat to shit. I know that I need to adjust and break them in but, geeze! All I can say is that it had better happen soon. Ow!

Hobbling around sucks big green donkey dicks.
At least I got in a good walk, today. I left the guyz in the dust. And the hard uphills on Kickass are not as hard as they used to be. Pushing hard feels good (I wonder how many one handed surfers will be lured to my blog by that sentence? Lol) and I just need to keep it up. It has been a while since I walked on a regular basis and I am paying for my sloth. :P

Food and water were good. I did kind of go a little nuts on some cheese popcorn... But cals burned on the trails earned it. However, I can't make a habit of eating my burned calories. I need those burns to put the crop to the ass of my weight loss.

Yeah... I can just imagine the search phrases that will lead new "readers" here. Hee hee.

I am typing this on my phone. My keyboard drives me fucking nuts, my 3G phone is slower than molassas, half the time entries posted from my phone don't go through. Shit! These keys!!! Gah!!! I want a new phone. One that can actually keep up with me. And doesn't lag when am playing Angry Birds.

Is that too much to ask? I don't think so.

Oh! I took the obligatory sweaty picture fresh off the trail with my phone on our way home, today. When did I turn into such a Jurrassic fleshbag? I don't see it when I look in the mirror... I guess the camera doesn't lie. The arm and shoulder behind me is Patrick, the road is Willow Lake Road. Sorry it is blurry. Phone pics in a moving vehicle with a horrible, rough ride are hard to take. :)

Wish me luck that this posts.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Calling the Troops

Our fellow blogger, Debbie needs our support, encouragement, a little tough love and a good ass kicking. If you have a little time, please go give her some fellow weight loss warrior love.

Thank you. <333

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Just for Fun but Kind of Right On the Nose, Too (Post #2 for the Day. Can You Stand It? :P)

You are Judgement

Happiness, Content, Joy.

Judgment is related to the Hebrew letter Shin, which is fiery and spiritual. A break from the past, going forward.

With Fire as its ruling element, Judgement is about rebirth or ressurection. The idea of Judgement day is that the dead rise, their sins are forgiven, and they move onto heaven. The Judgement card is similar, it asks the resurrection to summon the past, forgive it, and let it go. There are wounds from the past that we never let heal, sins we've committed that we refuse to forgive, bad habits we haven't the courage to lose. Judgement advises us to finally face these, recognize that the past is past, and put them to rest, absolutely and irrevocably. This is also a card of healing, quite literally from an accident or illness, as well as a card signaling great transformation, renewal, change.

What Tarot Card are You?
Take the Test to Find Out.

Kentucky Fried Fat Broad aka... Oops! I Did it Again!

Yup. Stupid woman here went out today and fried herself.


Some people just never learn.

I wanted to be like Draz, I guess. Forgetting, of course that I am substantially older, heavier and much more out of shape than she is. Doy! Going out to the lake late this morning and walking in direct sun and rapidly rising temps turned out to be a really, really bad idea.

It was nice when we left the house. Almost eighty. Not so bad... Really... Or so we thought. We forgot that the sun was beating directly down on dry, hard packed ground and reflecting up. The temps were rising fast and the humidity is up a bit. Remember last Summer when we were stupid enough to hit the tails on a day like that? Well, it was worse, today. And I started out hard and fast. I had great tunes in my ears, I was rested and ready to roll, my feet were happier then a couple of pigs in shit in my fab new shoes and I just wanted to fly.

I started out in a fast walk and lifted into running for a little while. I still can't run far, but I was hauling some ass. Dropped into a walk when I couldn't run any longer and kept my pace fast. William couldn't catch up or keep up with me. A little over a mile from the car, I stopped under a tree to have a little drinkie-poo and hit the wall.


I almost hit the deck.

I really wanted to go on to the park gate, but my bod was screaming no at me, so we turned around and headed back. The climb back up on the way back was a little slower than the climb then downhill out. At the bench about a half mile or so from the car, I had to stop and sit down. How embarrassing. I was having trouble breathing and my lips were numb and I stopped sweating. I sat there for a good ten minutes or so, William dumping his water all down my back to try to cool me down and drinking water. A lady going by on a bike asked me if I was okay and if I needed more water. Humiliation, again. Fat broad, fried, sitting in all her fat splendor on a bench, red and puffing. Nice. Jabba the Hut in a layered tank top, leggings and a stupid looking hand crocheted sash like thing holding my stuff, all worn out and resting. Gah!

 After a while, I slowly made my way, with William's help back to the Jeep. By the time we got there, I could barely climb in and fasten my seat belt. I was weak, trembling, hyperventilating and my vision kept going crossed. I couldn't slow my breathing and I couldn't cool down.

I leaned into the air vents and tried to cool down but it was as if my inner thermostat was on the fritz and I kept getting hotter and having more trouble breathing. We stopped at Jacob's Well to fill water jugs and our water bottles and I kept putting down bottle after bottle and the water was just not doing anything for me. I started shaking, hard and I still wasn't sweating. My head suddenly started pounding hard and I had sparkles in my field of vision. This continued until we go home. I still don't know how I managed to get out of the car, into the house and up the stairs. Sheer force of will, I suppose. I was so weak I could barely walk and my vision was so crossed and the sparkles were so thick, I could barely see.

William fired up the A/C, brought Patrick's fan into the living room, brought me wet cloths, baggies full of ice and cold water. He took my shoes and socks off, to cool my feet and I sat there, with wet cloths and bags of  ice on my chest and head, sipping cold water, sitting right under an air vent and fan for a good half hour before I started to feel cool and my breathing and vision normalized.

I should have probably sought medical attention. In fact, I think I remember mentioning it to William. But I just came home. As I started feeling better, I figured that in the ER, they would have done for me the same thing I did at home; cool me down and hydrate the hell out of me. They would have added oxygen, to slow and ease my breathing, but in time I was able to do that on my own. All those years of controlling my breathing when my asthma kicks up paid off, in the long run. :) It took a good hour for me to feel well enough to go downstairs and take a nice, cool shower. Now, a few hours later, I am just fine. I had lots more water and am still gulping it like it is going out of style and I had lunch and, yeah. I am just fine, now. :D

I think I came very close to full on heat stroke, this time around. Lesson learned. No more running until I am lighter. Seriously, my bod can't take it right now, even if my brain thinks it can! And, even more importantly, no more walking at the lake in the middle of the frakking morning in the Summer in the sun. I can't take it. I know that a lot of people can exert in that kind of heat in the sun, but I just can't take it. From now on until the weather cools substantially, Mama goes out to walk in the evening. lol

I can walk in the sun when the temperature is cool, just fine. It is when it is hot that I can't tolerate it.

One good thing that happened, I gave my new shoes a good run in. And I love them. They are so comfortable and supportive, they flex and roll with my natural stride, they have a little spring to them and boy, can I ever move my ass in those shoes! As I said earlier, William had a tough time keeping up with me, for a while, there. The difference between these shoes and my old ones are like having wings or concrete blocks on my feet. I didn't know that I could walk so easily, freely, with my feet so coddled and cradled. No more letting my shoes get old and broken down. From now on, I am getting new walkers (well, runners, actually! ;)) every six months or so. The difference is definitely worth the expense, IMO. And, Sears always has athletic shoes on sale, so it will hardly break the bank.

William was fine... A little singed and hot, he needs white t shirts and shorts and some new shoes, himself. He decided that after roasting in a heavy black polo and black jeans, today. lol Mr. Heatproof wasn't all that comfortable. And he would be much happier walking with better shoes, too. The ones he has aren't bad, but they aren't great for distance walking.

So, that was what happened, today. I am an idiot. I didn't listen to my intuition that was screaming at me to wait until this evening to go walking. And I got fried.

Lesson learned.

Until next year? :p

I ate well, yesterday. Came in under 1400. Food is good, today as well. I am drinking lots more water, again. And that helps. A lot.

Okay, I have to run to the bathroom. Again. lol

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Headbangers and Mash

My stupid head is bad, today. In fact, in the last month or so, my headaches have ramped up. A lot. They are hitting me more frequently and they last longer and they hurt more. Glargh! I think it is a combination of my idiotic snacking, not getting as much water, the heat and the fact that I haven't been taking Aleve for my hips and knees, lately.

Good reason to stay on track. And get all of my water, like a good girl. Ice Queen (no, I am not an egomaniac referring to myself in the third person, now... Promise! lol) has been playing Frost Princess (my inner lizard) lately and it is annoying. Frost Princess is, I believe aptly named. Like frost, her resolve is hard, cold, firm against all comers. Then the sun comes up and she melts at the touch of the rays of our star. I have been like that. I start my day resolved, strong and ready to rock and roll. Come afternoon, I am diving into toast or ships or popcorn. Gah!

Frost Princess has had me cowering in a corner, rocking and crying like a pussy. And it needs to stop. I am certainly stronger than that shit. And my Dragon, (my inner strength and fire) is certainly far, far more powerful. Time to keep that power going and take the little bitch, Frost Princess down.

Today is going well, so far. I have to survive the stretch between two and five this afternoon and I will be fine as frog's hair. That afternoon slump has been kicking my ass hard, lately. And is the biggest reason for my slllooooooow weight loss, lately.

I should be at least fifty pounds lighter than I am, right now. Fifty.

I suck.

I am thinking of making mashed cauliflower to go with my dinner, tonight. Chicken is on the menu. :)

In other news, it is hotter and more humid than the devil's ass crack, today. The clouds are building up fast, towers are going up and the air feels as if it is vibrating. I have a tension inside that is waiting for something to break. Whether that will be a storm or my brain, I have yet to learn.

A good thunder boomer with lots and lots of slashing rain would suit me just fine, thankyouverymuch. :D

I am off to locate me lunch. I am not sure what I want... Soup? Salad? Tuna? I dunno... I'll figure it out when I hit my kitchen.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Time To Get My Crazy On

Yes, kiddies. It is Friday. Friday means one thing... BYOC! If you don't know what I am nattering on about, clickety-click to get your nutty self into the fray. It is fun. Try it. You'll love it. :D

1. Alright – forgive me – we’re gonna get a little personal here. I was flipping through my organizer and saw in big bright letters “ANNUAL PHYSICAL DUE” coming up soon. Then I remembered that last year my lady bits doc said that since I haven’t had a bad pap in so many years – that I don’t have to come back for another 3 years if I don’t want to. What the what? Did you guys know that? 

No speculum in the vaginulum? 

Anywhoozle – it sounds all good but really – do any of you follow this medical rule? Do you go every three years if you’ve never had a bad pap?

Yes, I did know that if a gal has had normal paps in the past, she doesn't need them yearly. Every three years seems to be good. 

Since I am no longer possessed of a uterus or cervix, (I had a total hysterectomy in 1998 to take care of severe endometrial hyperplaysia and abnormal, possibly precancerous cells) I don't need pap smears, any longer. However, my doc is of the opinion I need a vaginal to be sure I am not growing anything in there I shouldn't be. I'll probably let that happen. One day. Since I have no symptoms, I am keeping my vag to myself, for now. :p

2. If you read, what are you reading right now? Or how about what is your fave music right now?

I have several books going, at present. My taste in reading material could best be described as eclectic. I will read just about anything from sci-fi to Harlequin romances. I enjoy non fiction and chic lit and I adore Jane Austen. 

My taste in music is just as eclectic. I have recently fallen in love with Adele. Girl has some pipes. :D I can listen to Mozart one minute and Eminem the next. I especially like Eminem when I am walking. His cadence is perfect for my stride and speed.

The only genera I seem to have no patience for is gangsta rap and country/bluegrass.  Oh! And boy bands and pretty boy soloists. No. Thank. You!

3. Name some of your favorite smells.

Vanilla. It is so warm, soft, sweet. 

Ozone in the air after a lightening strike. The air when the rain begins to fall; that dusty, cool, wet scent.


The smell of coffee. When I walk into a Starbucks the scent intoxicates me, wraps around me and makes me never want to leave.

Horses. They smell so good. And tack. Have you ever walked into a tack room and just... Inhaled?

Cantaloupe. The scent of a perfectly ripened cantaloupe is so gorgeous. 

4. Showers or baths? Shampoo only or shampoo & conditioner? Shave daily or just when you start feeling and looking like an ape?

At present, showers only. Knees and difficulty getting down and up so low are still keeping me cleaning myself standing up. But I will be back in bubble baths, one day! I guarunfuckingtee it. 

Shampoo, conditioner, leave in, sometimes smoothing milk if I am doing a blowout and shine spray for additional gleam. I am kind of a smooth, shiny hair freak. 

Pits every couple of days. Why the hell does underarm hair grow so frakking fast? Is it on it's own steroids pump, or something? I swear, deforestation of the pits, one day and the next, I am hacking through the jungle, again. Gah! Face, hands, arms, legs all get done once a week. The hair in those areas is so fine and light, that is all that is necessary to stay nice and smooooth. 

Yes, I shave my face. It gets rid of that pale blonde peach fuzz that shows up if the light is behind me, my face looks and feels smoother and my makeup slides on better and looks better, too. And no, the hair doesn't get darker, thicker, coarser. If it did, I would have a thick, black 5:00 shadow, by now. Who the hell came up with that idiotic old wives tale, anyway? Oh! And shaving exfoliates, too. It is actually good for my skin. :)

Okay... What's next?

5. Repeat question: Summarize your week in real life and in blogland.

In real life, I am stupid and boring.

In blogland, I am stupid and boring. 

Summarized. :D

Fun BYOC. I liked the questions. 

Laundry day. Yay.  laundry is fun. Laundry is life affirming. Laundry is a goodness. 

I am so full of shit. 

Leafy One, I doctor my egg whites with a Tablespoon of fat free half and half, salt, pepper, Tabasco, mustard and a little garlic powder. They taste good that way, and they are yellow, so it kind of fools you into thinking that you are nomming on whole eggs. :)

Tostada night, tonight.  The boyz are eating them with hamburger and corn shells. Mine will be made with veggie crumbles (love those things!!!) and served up to me on a bed of lettuce. I will probably break up one flat shell for a little crunch. Yum. I need to call William and have him get me some lo cal cheese. I can't do tostada night without cheese. Well, I suppose I could... But I am unwilling to do so. 

Geeze! I have to pee! Again! 

Stupid water, anyway.

What the fuck is with my font size? It is all over the place. Weird. And annoying in the extreme.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Good Morning

Blech! It is hot, already! I am sweating and sorely tempted to fire up the A/C but I am determined to wait a while. It is just too early! I refuse to be a pussy and cave in until it gets hotter. Part of the problem is the humidity. Yuk! I am over Summer, now. I am beginning to think longingly of Autumn. No humidity. Cooler days, crisp nights... Mmmm... :D

I am currently gulping coffee and about to shag off into the kitchen to obtain another cup. I am also debating between eggs and oatmeal for brekkie. Methinks oatmeal. I am not really in the mood to screw with separating eggs (I eat the whites and give the yolks to my dog), chopping and sauteing onion, mixing additions into my egg whites and cooking it all together. Dumping some boiling water into a bowl of instant oatmeal sounds more my speed, this morning. The eggs is just too much like cooking.

Okay. I am off to get that second cup and read blogs. I'll talk to you all, later.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Just Pretend It's Friday, Mmmkay?

I am catching up on blogs and when I saw one of the questions on Draz's latest BYOC I knew I had to do BYOC, right now! even tho it is Wednesday of the next week.

Yes, I know I suck! I am not blogging as I want to... I have serious writer's block and everything I think about writing just ends up sounding lame and stupid to me so I just don't click my link to even come here. I am so weird. :P

But anyway, I am chewing over a post... I think I have something to say. It is stuff I have been giving a lot of thought and it is inspired by our BYOC Mistress of Ceremonies. Yes, Draz strikes, again. Sometimes I wonder if we were sisters in another lifetime. Tho we have some fundamental differences, obviously, we seem to kinda grok one another. Kindred spirits, maybe.

Okay, now that I have spouted this bit of crazy, here is the rest of it:

1. Let’s do something crazy….I’m going to list the rainbow colors and you type the first FOOD item that pops into your head that symbolizes that color for you…’s mine:

Red: Apple
Orange: Clementine
Yellow: Summer Squash
Green: Baby Peas
Blue: Frosting 
Purple: Blackberries
Brown: Caramel
Black: Steak (After being grilled by me.)

2. What is on your kitchen table right now?

A large doily hand crocheted by a friend of mine and a cut crystal bowl filled with apples.

3. What movie do you watch again and again and again? Not like what movie have you seen 5 times…but like what movie have you seen 30 times or more?

Mmm... I have a few of these. But if I have to name one? Always. I love that movie. 

4. If Satan had a last name – what would it be?


(In case you didn't guess, that is the question that hooked me!)

5. Repeat question: Summarize your week in blogland and in real life.

In Blogland I have sucked major ducks. I am not reading or blogging as I want to. And I am about out of stupid, lame ass reasons. I think about coming here and I peruse online shopping sites or watch YouTube videos or lose myself in senseless fluff. I think I am looking for escapism. In fact, I kind of know that I am. 

In real life, I have finally stepped on the scale. I was honestly afraid that I was up a few pounds. Nope! I hit the scale late in the day yesterday and even full of water and puffed up like a poisoned dog, I am down two pounds so, yeah. Not the disaster I was expecting. Not stellar. I am not impressed but hey, at least I am not on the fast track to re gaining everything. :D I am still trying to eat well and it seems, even with my idiotic slippage, I am just squeaking in under maintenance calories. So I am not a total loser dumbass fuckup.  

Okay, so I wat to talk more but I need another cup of java and I want to go finish catching up with Drazziepoo, so I will see you all later. <3333

Sorry about the font size... I didn't do that. It just... Happened. Honestly! lol

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

An Infrequent Visitor

Not by design. I blogged fast and hard here for a long time and I am just hanging back a little. I am not off the rails I am not tired of my blog. I am just... Still boring. Seriously. There isn't anything really worth writing about going on right now and I am tired as you are of the same old whining. lol

I am eating well. Having more good days than bad and I am gaining some of my old momentum back. I am feeling more enthusiasm for losing more of this flab and I think I am beginning to see some results, again. Which is good. Heaven knows I stalled myself long enough. I feel a little smaller, I look a little smaller. I still haven't stepped on my scale. I am afraid that if I do and I don't see what I need to see I am going to lose it and do something stupid as hell. And I don't want to do that to myself. So, avoidance is my watchword as far as my scale is concerned, for now.

I might weigh soon. Or I might wait until my appointment with my Doc in August. We'll see.

My ankles are puffy as hell. *sigh* yesterday, they looked almost perfectly normal. In fact, last night, I looked down at my right leg and was stunned at how skinny (in comparison) it looked. Shock moment! :D But a good shock, if you know what I mean.

My head has been bad. Really bad. The last two weeks has been torture. The pain and stabbing in the left side of my head is about to drive me over the edge. I hope I will get some relief, soon. Maybe I need to start taking Aleve on a regular basis, again. When I take it daily, my head seems to be a little less awful. I don't know. I just know it is a bad, bad spell and I am weary of it. Ugh!

It is warm here. Not hothothot, like other parts of the country. It's humid, tho. Really humid. Clouds are building and I am hoping it will storm, later. I could use some thunder and lightening and rain. :D

Okay, I have to run. I need to pee... Water, you know. And I am hongry and in need of a little lunchipoo.

I'll be back in a bit to read up on all of you.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I'm Melting! Melting! What a World! What a World!

It is hot. Humid. Sticky. Nasty. I think I am going to melt into a little puddle of goo before the day is over. When I do, just get out the hose and wash me away. lol

I stayed at 1200 calories, yesterday. Go me! I am doing well today, too. I am so sick of this stall I put myself in. Only I can pull out if it. If there is any comfort, it is that I haven't gained anything. Small comfort but comfort, none the less.

I am so swollen. Even with the Lasix, my legs feel puffed and heavy. My hands feel swollen, too. Heat and humidity does this to me. I need to talk to my doc when I see her next month and see if there is any more relief she can offer. 'Cause I gotta tell ya, it is damned uncomfortable.

Let's see.. What else? I am doing laundry. Yay. I didn't make my bed and I am unlikely to do so. Did the other stuff I needed to, tho so I am not a total lazy slag, today. lol

Heh! Heh!  Reminds me I need salad stuff. 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

So Begins the Dog Days

Well, the fun part of Summer is over. Now it is just left to trudge through the rest of the Dog Days until Autumn comes a calling. Wow. That was cheerful. :P

The Fourth was nice. Quiet around here. We just chilled, did dogs on the Foreman and then watched the tube until it was time for fireworks. The city of Prescott put on a halfway decent display for a yukky podunk town. There were some pretty rockets and the show lasted twenty five minutes. The man made display was enhanced by great streaks of vertical and horizontal lightening. The sight of the huge balls of multicoloured sparkle back lit by the artistry of Mother Nature was a sight I have never seen before.

As the show ended and the traffic on Willow Creek Road swelled from near dead to a solid line of cars a man was walking up and down the road frantically calling for Bear. I assume his dog. It probably ran during the fireworks. I guess that he doesn't know that dogs should be indoors during fireworks. Well, most dogs should.

Sabryna was out on the deck with us during the display and she lay peacefully at my feet through the entire thing. Marley, who spent last Fourth of July hiding under the bed was up on the back of my sofa in the open window to the deck, separated from us by a mere screen. He stayed in place through the fireworks. They didn't bother either animal.

The thunder later at night, tho? Ha! It had them curled up together down the hall against the bathroom door. Like a couple of chickens. lol The thunder earlier in the day must have been what had Marley hiding under the bed during the day.

The man who lost Bear wasn't finished searching for him. At one thirty in the morning, he was back out, walking around screaming for the dog at the top of his lungs, over and over and over. Whistling and clapping and calling. At onefuckingthirtyinthemorning!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good golly! He finally left Willow Creek and faded off into the neighbourhoods down over the way. I hope that someone shut the idiot up. I get that he was frantic to find his dog. My dog is a member of my family and if she disappeared, I would be frantic to find her. But I wouldn't be walking through residential areas screaming for her at the top of my lungs at one thirty in the morning. He needs to give the dog a chance to calm down and maybe find his way home, then start checking the animal shelters and Animal Control. If he is diligent, he should find his dog. And I should be able to sleep.

So, Casey Anthony is found not guilty of killing her daughter. What. The. Fuck? I am unable to comprehend how anyone could believe that that baby died accidentally. And her body was disposed of in a fit of panic. No! When a child dies accidentally, parents panic by calling 911. Or they scream until someone comes to their aid. Or they try to give CPR or artificial respiration or they pick up the child, run for the nearest car and take the little one to the ER. They don't just throw the child's body away in the weeds, go party, get tattoos, get laid, participate in sexy body contests and lie about the child's whereabouts.

She was convicted on charges of lying to police. She could walk after sentencing. How long after she goes free until she births and kills another child? Anyone feel like taking bets?

Okay, I am going to go get a few things done. And I should make dinner.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth of July, everyone! I hope that all of my fellow Americans are having a safe and fun holiday.

Boy, did time fly, from last year to this! Wasn't last Fourth just the other day? Or is it just me?

I have been up since six, this morning. I woke at that time and couldn't go back to sleep. I lounged in the sack for a while, petting Marley and reading then I finally got up, had my coffee, brekkie, did some housework and so forth. I am just waiting for my top coat to finish drying and then I can get into the shower and make myself presentable for the day.

We don't really have any plans for today. We aren't going anywhere or anything. Just hanging around the house, chilling and I get to sit here while William does his dance with the remote. Thank God I have my computer or someone would meet his end in a very bad way. :p lol

I am going to grill dogs for dinner, tonight. Regular Hebrew National for the guyz and the fat free version (40 calories per) for me. I have fresh watermelon to go with them.

Oh geeze! I just read back over this dreck. I should just shut up, now. I suck that bad. lol

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Okay, Because I Know That Draz (My Fellow Purse Ho) is Curious...

Yes, I did get my new purse, yesterday. It was still there, on the rack at Ross when I went in to buy it. I looked around the store and carried it around for a little while, to be sure that I really liked the purse before I took it up and paid for it. I decided I did. :D

It is a Bebe Fashionista Mini Bowler. The outside is fabric and faux leather. The fabric is quilted in a pretty floral pattern. The liner is a soft, silky smooth synthetic satin. The hardware is all gold tone. Do you know how hard it is to find a pretty handbag with gold tone hardware? Especially at an affordable price point? It is not easy. Everything is silver. I know that silver is "the metal colour" but I am a gold girl. All of my jewellery is gold and I wanted a bag with gold, as well. I finally found one. :D I also like the shorter handles. They are perfect for hand carrying my bag or putting it over my arm at my elbow.

You know what else I like about this purse? It isn't practical, made of sturdy materials or made to wear for years. It is cute and frivolous and I bought it simply because I wanted it. I didn't need it. I already had a beautiful handbag. I just wanted something different and new.

If you like this bag and want to try to track one down, I found mine at Ross and it was $29.99.

Sunday, Muggy Sunday

So... How is your Sunday?

Mine is fine. I am trying to stay cool and survive the humidity. Blech! Thank the Lord for air conditioning.

I have had my coffee, brekkie and I am slurping water like a mad woman. My dishwasher is running, Patrick is at work, William is on the sofa drowsing and hogging the remote, Sabryna is sprawled all over the floor trying to stay cool and Marley is somewhere around here, probably downstairs on my bed snoozing. And here I sit. I have to shower and get myself pulled together. I want to do a Fourth of July manicure. I should make my bed. After I shag the cat off of it.

But here I sit.

I think I'd rather read blogs and hang out. I can do all that other stuff later. It isn't as if I have to be anywhere. And it isn't as if anyone gives a hot shit if I don't make my bed, right this moment. So, I am going to sit here, slurp water and read blogs for a while. Then I will get to the rest of it. Hell, maybe I'll skip makeup, today. William doesn't look at me and my pets could care less whether or not my face is all painted up.

Let's see. What else is going on?


See? Boring. :p

Saturday, July 2, 2011

BYOC: A Day Late and a Dollar Short

Hey kids! Howz your holiday weekend shaping up? Mine? Okay, I guess. William is off for four days. He is underfoot until he goes back to work on Tuesday. Lord grant me patience. lol

I have been doing much better with the food, lately. I am also drinking plenty. Of water. I need it! It is hotter than the hinges of Hades around here. And it is a little humid today making it even worse. Blech! I don't mind the heat as much as I do humidity.

So, what else? I am doing laundry. Four loads. Good times. Did a little running around, yesterday. I am still mentally obsessing over a purse I saw in Ross. It was so pretty. And only thirty dollars. I am dying for a new purse. I really, really want to go get that one. If it isn't gone, already. In fact, I am going to head up there, later and see if it is still there. I have most of the asking price in cash, William has agreed to contribute the rest. So, new purse coming up. If it isn't gone.

I just want something new. Horrid and selfish, when the budget is so tight. When we have to buy a new battery for the other car. And I am already beginning to feel really bad and guilty about it.

I don't know.

Okay, so on to BYOC, I suppose.

1.  Let's stick with the pictures/exercise and shoe topic and post a picture of (or describe) your work out shoes.

BRB. I need to go grab my camera and fire off a shot of my shoes. 

Okay. I'm back. Here you go:

Yes. I have huge ass feet. :p

New Balance 580 running shoes.  Love these. They are sooo comfy and light and have a wonderful spring.

2.  Again with the summer/hot theme of the week....what does your current swimsuit look like?

You hear that noise? That is everyfuckingbody on the face of the planet laughing like a pack of hyenas at the very notion of me in a swimsuit.

3.  Do you lay out, fake bake, sunless spray tan or use tanning lotion?

I get a little sun when I go walking and I get a little golden. If I want to amp up the glow, I use sunless tanning lotion. My current fave is Jergen's Natural Glow in Medium/Tan. It gives really nice colour, is moisturizing and it doesn't smell as fonky as a lot of sunless tanners I have used. There is still that "tanner smell" but not nearly as bad as some. My batwings don't look nearly as obnoxious when they are nice and tanned. 

4.  Describe your week in blogland and in real life.

Already covered real life, above. In blogland, I am still being a neglectful ass of this blog. Not because I want to. I just don't feel as if I have anything substantive to say. I try to post, freak out and run. *sigh* I am such a weirdo. 

So, there you have it kiddies. BYOC. And what I am up to. Not a hell of a lot of anything, really. lol 

It is Fourth of July Weekend. I am really looking forward to the fireworks on Monday night. It is fun to sit out on our front deckony and relax, watch all the crazy ass traffic and ooooh! and aaaah! over the fireworks. 

Okay, I should run along. I need to get dressed.