Sunday, June 30, 2013

It's Like Thunder... Lightening...

The first good Monsoon storm is in progress as I type this. It has been hotter than Satan's ball sack the last few days. Hot, hot, hot. Sunny. Heat wave hot.

Then the clouds built up, the thunder began to boom, the lightening began to flash and then... Miracle of miracles! Rain! Beautiful rain! Drenching, life giving, air cooling, sweet smelling, pattering on every surface, rain. It's still raining, right now. I am reveling in it as long as it lasts. All too soon, it will end, the sun will come back out and it will be boiling hot, again.

My neighbor. I am going to fucking kill him if his cigarettes don't, I swear I will. I had my windows open, enjoying the rain, the cool, the wind. Then my house was flooded. Fucking flooded with his fucking cigarette smoke. I started bitching about it, William the Wimp Asses Pussy Boy closed the windows and turned the A/C back on.

I am pissed. I was enjoying my storm but thanks to my nasty, yukky, cigarette addicted neighbor, apparently I am not allowed to have my windows open and have fresh air. HE gets to fucking smoke, smoke, smoke and pollute the air, stink it up and flood my house with his gross smoke but I can't say anything about it. I just want to:



I think that this storm pretty much did in the Doce fire. I doubt that bad boy is still burning or if it is, the hotshots should be able to snuff it, now.

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