Sunday, July 29, 2012

Lazy Sunday

I need to get my ass in gear. I want to go out later and do a little running around. I need to get out of this house or kill someone. Either option would work for me, at this point.

I am over this humidity. Seriously. If it is going to be humid and stupid, can we at least get some fucking rain out if it? Please?

My head is pounding again.

I want more coffee but if I drink any more I will start vibrating and that might not be good.

William said that he was going to get up and take the dog out. Then he went back to sleep so I guess I had better do it before she pisses all over herself. 

I am so pissed that Loreal put chemical sunscreen in their new Magic Lumi True Match foundation. I have read so many great reviews of that foundation and I am dying to try it but I can't. Octinoxate: Just Say No! *sigh*

Bitch, bitch, bitch.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Witching Hour

IIt is quiet, right now. Except for the TV on in the background, that is. I just took Sabryna out for what I hope is the last time tonight and I am finally taking a little time to natter here.

I came in under 1800 calories for the day. I am calling it a victory.

It is quiet and I am still up because William and Patrick are doing a two time up and back to Bullhead City. Patrick recently bought a new (to him) car and he offered his Mustang to his uncle. My BIL jumped on it, he is having a tough time, right now, his job pays for shit and his wife works but isn't making bank, either and they need a dependable car. Their vehicles are in bad shape and they don't have much much money for repairs and so forth. If I had known what an asshole the person we sold the Jeep to would turn out to be (what a story that turned out to be...) I would have happily given it to BIL. Seriously. I would have rather gifted it to him than have had the thousand dollars form that asshole.

So, BIL is going to pay my son $50.00 a month for twenty month for the Mustang, which will bring Patrick's car payment down to just under a hundred dollars a month for that duration. Lucky brat, got a 2004 Chevy Trailblazer for $143.00 a month. It is a very nice vehicle, clean, runs great and he is thrilled with it. The payment is perfect for him, easy for him to afford and he loves his new SUV. A lot.

So anyway, BIL and the Mustang and why I am home alone... William and Patrick went up to Bullhead to get BIL, brought him here, did the necessary, went to the DMV to take care of the legalities and so forth, the guys went over to MIL's for dinner, then they all took off; BIL driving his "new" car home and William, being William decided too follow him home to be sure that the Mustang makes it safely all the way back. It should. The engine is in good shape and we put a bunch of money into it, made a lot of other repairs... Brakes, shocks, door locks, window motors, cylinoid, fan... A couple of tires... I know that I am forgetting something. I hope that the car runs beautifully for him for a long time. BIL could use a break. I wish that we could do more for him, but this is one thing we can do.

I enjoyed the opening ceremony of the Olympics. I fast forwarded through a little of it. The part about the teenagers and cell phones and shit... Bored me. Thank heaven for my DVR. lol The rest of it was really fun to watch, tho. The Olympic cauldron was genius. So creative and beautiful. And bravo to the director of the ceremony for the high energy, fast paced Parade of Nations. It was nice to see it go so swiftly and not drag on and on and on and on. Well done, overall. It was pretty and creative and yet had a restraint that is so very British.

Sabryna... She is getting worse. She is having increased trouble walking and keeps falling and hurting herself. We had to build a ramp for her to get in and out of the back door as she lost the ability to negotiate the steps to go out and go potty. But she is looking more gaunt and her appetite is on and off and today... Ugh. This morning, I took her out to go potty, then she went back too sleep and I high tailed it downstairs to take a shower, do my makeup and hair. I took a little extra time, played with some different eyeshadow colours and then stripped my bed, as I had decided to wash my sheets. I brought them upstairs and headed for the laundry room and found piles of barf. One on the floor by the water dish, half of it in my flopper. Ick. A pile, puddle, really, in front of my dishwasher and a big one in my laundry room in front of my dryer.

Gah!!!! I am a sympathetic barfer. You barf, I barf. Cleaning all of that up was a treat, let me tell you. It wasn't all her fault. She knows better than to throw up in the house and if she feels sick, she asks to go outside to throw up. She is really good about that. I was downstairs, so she had no choice. Luckily, when she got sick again around five, I was upstairs with her so I was able to take her out and let her do her gross business outside. Poor baby girl. She didn't eat, all day. She finally had a few bites of food, a little while ago and she is sleeping, now.

I want to ge to bed but I can't sleep with everyone gone. and I am afraid that if I go downstairs and go to bed, Sabryna will get sick and I won't be up here to help her. I probably will go soon, tho. I am tired.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dusting off the Cobwebs

So, I woke up this morning, came upstairs and was greeted by dog shit. On. My. Floor.

Bitch. She couldn't wait? Hello!!! Heaven forbid I sleep until nine because I might be tired and need the rest. No, I have to be up very early every morning and upstairs and on the alert to any signal that that fucking mutt might have to go out and take a shit. The older that dog gets, the more high maintenance she becomes. I love her, don't get me wrong but I am frustrated by her.


So I am mad at my dog, I am wanting to blog, again but I don't have all that much to talk about, really.

Oh yeah. I had a bad gallbladder attack Friday night/Saturday morning. I ended up in the ER getting fluids and pain meds to cool it down so I could go home. I am feeling better and being careful about what I eat. Not a bad thing, as I have been eating like an asshole. I weighed at 316, last time I dared my scale.

I hate myself and I keep trying to get back on track. Maybe this episode will help.

I don't know.

I just suck.

I am going to remove my blogroll. Some asshole hacked the widget a while back and a bunch of blogs got malware alerts. Most of those who have active blogs have taken care of it but some older, inactive blogs haven't and my blogrolls on both blogs still alert me so bye-bye blogroll. I still read in Google Reader and I have actually gotten used to it and don't use my blogrolls, anyway so I am getting rid of this one, too.

And that is about it, for the moment.