Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Just a Quickie, Tonight

Hello all. :D

I am just doing a quick entry to document a good day. Food is nicely on track and we went and did two miles on Normal Trail. The walk was nice, but the evening wasn't as heavenly as last night. The bugs were back. And a tarantula popped out on the trail, right in front of Son as he walked along. Son freaked out, jumped back and flapped his hands. (It really is the funniest thing...lololol) and Husband stood there, staring at the thing as if it were about to eat him. With some remark about the two being a couple of pussies, I walked on around the thing and finally, my two big, strong men managed to make their way around the spider and quickly pass me, all fast and macho, once again.

The tarantula, smiling smugly, his job done, turned and headed back off the trail in the same direction he had come.

The sun is setting a lot earlier, now. The sky was a deep grey, with just a hint of yellow and gold and lavender in the West as we finished up our walk. The creatures who inhabit the lake were settling in for the night. Groups of water birds, extended in graceful flight were circling, looking for the perfect spot to crash until morning and frogs were ribbiting all around the shore.

I am tired, tonight. I think I might sleep really well, tonight.

Monday, August 30, 2010

This Chica is Going

I got in another two miles out at the lake, tonight, We decided to walk Kickass Trail instead of Normal Trail. Kickass has a long, steady, gradual climb on the way out, then a long, steep, windy downhill all the way to the bridge. We went nearly to the bridge and turned around. We wanted to go farther but it was getting dark and we had to skedaddle back to the Jeep.

I walked a fast pace, for me and I kept it up, even on the climbs. The climb out wasn't as difficult, since it is more gradual, but when we turned and went back up that long, steep, winding hill, I am ashamed to admit I had to stop for a moment. I started having trouble breathing and I was wheezing really bad. I slowed my pace slightly and made it to the top, then was able to recover as I humped it down the long downhill back to the car. I got a good workout on that walk and I felt great, when it was done. I think that we need to walk that trail more often. I really enjoy the challenge and I am a little cock a hoop that I can keep such a brisk pace while walking it.

The weather tonight was perfect for walking. Low seventies, a brisk breeze, low humidity and, blessing on top of blessings, no bugs!!!  :D No gnats, no mosquitoes, no tarantulas. Why can't it be like that every time we go out there? lol

We met up with a few people, a younger gal with her little boy and a dog. She had on black capris and across her generously rounded booty was the words "rock star". Now, I ask you, why do people run around in pants with lettering across their ass? lol We met up with Lance and Lancette Wannabe on their bicycles, riding far too fast on trails shared with foot traffic. We saw the gal with the long dark ponytail that always jogs and another walker. A man about our age, walking in the same direction we were. He must have been parked down at Heritage Park.

I am very nicely on track. In fact my calories are a little low. I have room for a snack, if I so desire.

Well, my little chickadees, I am out of stuff to talk abut, right now. So. I'll natter at you all later.

Have a great night. :D

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Damn! I Needed That!

A solid two miles out on the trails. It has been four days off from walking and I felt it, today. lol

It was really lovely today. A little windy... We had to push against the gusts. Gusts that were hard enough to blow up under my glasses and bend my eyelashes down so I couldn't see. How freaky is that? The wind did serve to keep us cooler, tho. Even though it is only in the seventies, the sun was high and shining directly down on us and the wind kept us cool and comfortable. No heat exhaustion, today.

It was so pretty out at the lake. The water level is up, the water was a dark steel blue, ruffled by the wind and reflecting the vault of sky above it. The sky was a great bowl of blue, nearly cobalt at the top, shading to cerulean and then to turquoise. Great rafts of huge, fluffy clouds in gradations of bright white to steel grey moved with matronly dignity across the sky, refusing to allow the brisk wind to hurry them on their way. All of the plant life was very green, fresh and deeply watered thanks to the recent storms.

The final quarter mile or so of Normal Trail was pretty chewed up. Shoulders washed away, the trail roughed, in lower spots much of the packed dirt carried right away, culvert pipes exposed to the light of day. Along the tail of the trail, the ground was still damp, attesting to the high water level. Fences were down, debris caught in long, filthy streamers in the barbed wire. And among the garbage and dead plant material, a green plastic Adirondack chair, upside down and coated with mud.

The trails, even in the chewed up areas were still in decent condition, attesting to the good quality work that goes into constructing and maintaining them. They were level, for the most part and easy and safe to walk on. The City has it's work cut out for it, tho to repair those areas.

After our walk we decided to pop down to Sonic for Happy Hour drinks. The males got fruit slushies and I had a small diet cherry limeade. My standard Sonic slurp. We sat in the car, slurped out drinks and listened to music and chatted for a bit. Sadly, our enjoyment was brought to an end when a woman pulled up next to us, rolled down her windows and lit up a cigarette and let the wind carry the smoke directly into our car. She didn't get the hint when we started hacking and coughing, so we split. Look, I know that she has every right to what she wants in her own car but it would have been nice if she had remembered or even cared that smoke travels on the wind and that not everyone enjoys breathing it.

Well, my little fingers are typed out, my friends. I think I will go read blogs and so forth. :D

A Little Organizing

Thanks to the kind help of Katie J. I have finally figured out how to do more pages at the top of my blog page. Yay! I love it! :D And it was so easy. Why did it confound me for so long? lol

It is a gorgeous day, here. Cooler, windy and dryer than it has been for a long time. I am liking it.

I need to run, right now. We are going to go pick up the Spawn and hit the trail. I hope it is dry enough out there. If not, we will just have to find another place to walk. I need the exercise!

Okay, later, gators. Hugs to everyone!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Should I or Shouldn't I?

Thank you all for your encouragement and congratulations. It makes me feel so good and really helps keep me going strong. You are all heroes on my odyssey. *muah*

Hints that I should run a challenge. Hmmm... I'll have to give that some thought. Honestly, I am a terrible event organizer but I might. We'll see how things shape up. If I do, it will have to be Fall and Winter themed. And a long run, too. Like from the first of Autumn to New Year, or something. Let me think about it a bit more, if I do this, I will need to get it together pretty quickly, since the first day of Fall is in about 24? days.

I think about Fall but it is still very much Summer, here. Ugh! Heat. Humidity. Gross. Seriously. I am so over the heat. I am longing for cool, brisk days, fresh breezes, crisp, red apples, pumpkins and sweaters. I want to put comforters on the beds and curl up by my fireplace with a good book and a big old mug of something hot. It would be lovely to walk on a cool day with a bright, clear sky and the soft scent of woodsmoke from fireplaces and wood stoves scenting the air.

We got a major rainstorm, yesterday and ti rained last night, again and the ground at the lake was moosh. Hopefully it will be walkable, tomorrow. Husband won't walk along Willow Creek on the sidewalk, for some reason. *rolling my eyes* My hips are getting a good rest, tho and are feeling a good deal better. Too bad I can't say the same for my frakking head. I brushed my teeth, using my battery powered sonic type brush and instantly my head started pounding. Bad. I wonder if vibration is a trigger for me? I'll have to take note, before i brush, tonight and see if I ramp up and really start banging, again.

Food is on track, today. I had a can of Progresso Light clam chowder for lunch with some mini Saltines. 340 calories all together and worth every one! I am a chowder lover from way back and it is one thing I have really been missing. The Progresso is pretty good. Not stand a spoon in it thick, but it is fairly creamy. There are clams and potatoes and celery, too. I am a notorious soup doctoring fool, I never eat soup as it comes from the can. This chowder benefited from a little Tabasco, some buttery spray (oh, yeah... I was definitely a chowder and butter girl) and fresh cracked black pepper. These additions just jazzed it up and made me that much happier. You don't have to do these things... This soup actually is pretty nice, on it's own. And can hold over this chowder lover from diving into the too thick, rich, calorie bomb real stuff. :D

Well, I must run. I have towels to fold and darks to toss in my dryer and delicates to run through the wash. *sigh* Laundry day.  I don't really mind doing laundry, most days. It is making me a little nuts, today.

Okay... I'm going, now.

Later, gators! <3

Friday, August 27, 2010

Oopsie! Almost Forgot!

It is time for my Summer Challenge Weigh in post. 

335.2 pounds. Down 3.6 pounds.

Is anyone else still doing this challenge or has it morphed into my personal challenge? lol 

Either way is fine. I have decided to just keep on keeping on with it until the first day of Fall.

Remember That Storm I was Talking About?

Well, it finally broke. The clouds rolled in and the thunder is crashing, lightening is flashing, the wind is whipping and the rain is pounding down. My poor dog is freaked out. But I am loving it. I am sitting here, watching out the windows and listening to the sounds of a big Summer thunderstorm.

I love the sounds of thunder and rain. :D

Thank you all for your opinions on my last post. I think I am going to claim it. I lost it, after all.

I am thinking that a walk at the lake isn't going to happen, today. All the low areas are flooding like crazy and the trails are going to be too wet. Oh well.

I am going to grill some chicken for dinner. I also have rice and Summer squash to grill. (I'll grill if the weather allows, otherwise the chicken can go on the Foreman grill and I'll steam the squash.)

Wow! That storm is something else. And the rain is very welcome. A lot of it falls to fast that it tends to run off, causing flash flooding but some will soak in and saturate the parched ground.

Okay, I don't really have all that much to yap about, so I'll take off, for now. Later. :D

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mercurial Me

So, I decided it was time to lighten things up and brighten my blog a bit. I really liked the last look but it was getting pretty tough on my old eyeballs. Damn. I have old eyeballs...

I have a question. Back in 2008, at my heaviest, I weighed between 420 and 430 pounds. Huh? Between? How can you weigh between? Let me 'splain, Lucy. At that time, I owned an analog dial scale that had a 400 pound capacity and when I would torture step on it, it would whirl up, up, up, up and past 400 then come to a grinding halt at 420, 426, 430, 435, 424... You get the idea. It wasn't exactly fabulously accurate past it's stated capacity. So, in the interest of fairness I peg my top weight ever at 420 pounds. I suppose I could claim 430 tho why I would want to...

That year (2008) I lost about sixty pounds and then got off track, started spouting all of my old, stupid excuses to myself and gained almost all of it back, again. By this February, when I started this blog, I was back up to about 400, again. I didn't know for certain, since I had murdered my scale, stomping back on it by accident and killing it. But, from the way my bod looked and felt, my clothes "fit" and so forth, I knew I was about 400. And I also figured it by my average weight loss, after I got my fab digital scale.

Anyhoozle... Do I count total weight lost from my attempt in 2008 which, if I did I have lost a total of 85 pounds. Or, do I start figuring it from 400 pounds, the closest I can figure I weighed when I began this blog back in February, which would make my total lost so far 65 pounds (and change... I am not bothering with the .whatever at this moment). So, what do you think, oh, wise and wonderful ones? Do I get to claim the whole enchilada or just most of it?

My head is a little calmer. I am down to a Cat 2. Part of that could be the Aleve I took for my hip. We'll see how it is, in the morning. I am thinking of trying a combination of glucosamine and Omega 3 for my hips and see if they help. I know I need to get in and see a doc and I will... When I feel ready to face it. The doc and weight and so forth, you know. *rolling my eyes*

Want to hear something crazy? I am thinking about learning how to use the built in web cam in my laptop and trying to shoot a vlog, one day. Thinking about it... So not ready to go there, just yet. Posting still pictures is hard enough, right now. lol

Psycho is on again. That movie has been running a lot, lately. I know a few people I'd like to go off all Norman Bates on. Like the asshole who was behind Tammy in the supermarket the other day! Some people seriously don't need to be out in public among decent people. I mean, really!

That mosquito bite on my arm is making me insane! I feel like chewing my arm off above the bite.

On the Scale

This morning was 335.2, a loss of 3.6 pounds. I'll take it. :D

I am having trouble wrapping my brain around the fact that I weight less than 350 pounds. I know on one level that I weigh 335. But I keep transposing it in my head as 352. Then I will suddenly remember and feel this little surge of delight and surprise. I suppose one day I will get past this little mental block.

I do wonder if I am this freaked over being below 350, what will happen when I get below 300? Will my brain implode? lol

It is muggy and hot, today. Clouds are building. We really need a good, wild thunderstorm. There is way too much bottled up energy in the air and it needs to release. And let's face it, we desperately need the rain. It is as dry as a tinderbox, around here.

I am hoping to get out for a nice walk, later. I need the exercise. I know that I can lose not walking much but I enjoy it and it is good for my overall condition and endurance. I am getting around so much better since I started walking. I move faster, I don't huff and puff just doing housework, making my bed or walking from the parking lot to the store. Every now and then, I come to sudden attention after whisking from one room to another and realise that just a few months ago, I couldn't move like that. Haven't moved like that in years. And I get another little shock of delight.

I want more little shocks of delight. I am quite enjoying them.

My head is raging, again today. I think part of it is tied to the difference in the pressure. I notice a slight uptick in my headaches when the weather changes. This headache has lasted nearly a week and is at present down to a Cat 3.5 from a Cat 4, yesterday. I am ready for a break and less pain, thankyouverymuch.

I am also ready for my lunch. Hungry, now. Where the heck id Husband, anyway? He is supposed to be delivering my munchies. Thursday, Subway day. Om, nom, nom, nom. :D

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Need a Laugh?

What Was Today? Wednesday?

Great. I am unable to remember what day it is. What's next? Can't find my way to the toilet.

I need to get out of this house more often. Staring at these four walls is turning my brain into a pile of goo. lol

I am low on calories, today. Still under 1000. Not a biggie, since it isn't a pattern. Maybe I'll have a fudge pop, later. Or some popcorn. Mmmm... Popcorn.

We didn't walk, again today. Husband wasn't feeling well. He came home from work, this morning and went and lay down for a while. He feels better, now but he really needs to pay attention, change his eating habits and get his shit together or he is going to be in trouble. He is talking a lot about not buying so much junk and making a lot of changes in his eating. And ditching the Pepsi. We'll see... I've heard this before. But maybe this time, he really means it.

Hopeflly, we will get out to walk, tomorrow. My hip feels kind of okay and I am ready to rumble.

I might need to start using mosquito repellent. I have noticed that my reactions to mosquito bites are getting a little worse. I have one bite on my right arm that is housed in a painful lump. It was a lot bigger, earlier. I had little serum filled blisters in the pores in my skin over the bump and it hurt and itched so bad I wanted to chew my arm off for a while. I scraped at the biggest blister and there was a thread of darker material that came out. Weird. And yuk. And ow!

Stupid mosquitoes.

My cat is a nut. He is running all over the house, dashing from one room to the next at top speed. I guess he is getting his exercise. There is a little spot on the wall by my kitchen where a chair used to sit and every now and then, he will go running by, see the spot, come to a dead stop, jump up, tap the spot with his paw and then be off like a shot, once again.

Well, that is about all I have to yak about, right now. Sorry I don't have more interesting fare, for you.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I was putting a few dishes in my dishwasher and cleaning my counters, after lunch today when I remembered something that hurt me so deeply I couldn't believe it happened.

I was the subject of an "office pool". (I didn't work in an office, I worked in a casino.) The pool? Guess how much Erika weighs. The closest wins. The pool was pretty big. Over three hundred bucks, from what I understand. After all of the bets were in and the money collected, one person was selected to find out my weight. He actually walked right up to me and asked. Demanded, actually, to know. When I asked him why he wanted to know, He told me. The truth. As if it were no big deal. As if I should be happy to participate and humiliate myself so that someone could pocket a few hundred bucks.

Who the fuck ever thought that something like that was even the slightest bit okay? What sick sonofabitch was sitting on his ass, one day, dreaming up ways to utterly shatter another human being for sport, for fun and for profit.And why did he pass this along to others?

After I was asked how much I weighed and declined to supply the answer, I sat there, shaking all over, my hands pressed to my face, biting my lips so hard that they almost bled in an effort not to burst into tears. I was unsuccessful. And had to finish my shift with somewhat wrecked makeup and a heart and soul that was wounded just a bit more.

I doubt that the people who did that to me (and from what I heard later, many people on my shift, from the shift boss down were in on it) have any clue the injury done to me, that night. The pain they caused, the self loathing that became even worse. I doubt, if they did know that they would have cared.

All these years later, I remember it.

I wonder if they do?

As I muck the stall of my life, cleaning out the shit that has held me back, overwhelmed and distracted me, I stick my pitchfork in that memory. I pick it up and toss it where it belongs. On the shit pile. That memory no longer has any power over me. It can no longer mingle with others and cause me pain. It is no longer allowed to hold me hostage, keep me from moving forward and it will no longer keep me a prisoner in my past.

I win. I don't get the money. But I win.

Thank you, Midori!

Midori tagged me for an award and I am grateful. Thank you so much! <3<3

I need to share ten things about me, then tag a few people to receive this. 

Ten things about me:

I love Autumn. I mean seriously love it. If there were a place on Earth where it was Autumn all the time, I would be there. lol

I love to swim but I haven't been in a pool since the mid eighties.

I used to dream that I could fly. After I got involved with my husband, those dreams stopped. 

I can feel shifts in seasons and weather.
I know when my mother is going to call me. I start thinking about her like crazy and when the phone rings, I know that it is she.
I am a serious handbag ho and my one Dooney is my pride and joy. It's not really a status thing, with me. I just love really nice bags. If a bag is beautiful, made well and of good materials, I will covet it, "brand" or not. And the only thing that prevents me from having a closet full of them is my pathetically tight budget. lol

I am addicted to Ice Road Truckers on the History channel.

I think that Family Feud is about the most stupid waste of time bullshit TV show... EVAH!!!!!

I hate Westerns with a driving passion that can't be believed.
I think that coffee is the nectar of the gods. 

I am passing this along to:


Seriously, I could go on and on, because I think that you are all Sugar Dolls. *Muah*

Monday, August 23, 2010

Well, Finally

My hip felt halfway decent today and we got out to the lake and did two miles. I am keeping my distance at two miles, for the foreseeable future. It is still a respectable distance to walk, it is beneficial to me; it is helping me to shed fat and improve my overall conditioning and endurance and strength. I want to go farther. I really do. But I can only do so much, right now. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.

Food was good, today. Dinner was yummy. I pounded a boneless, skinless chicken breast half to make it more even thickness, seasoned it and tossed it on my grill along with some Summer squash. Yummy dinner. Mama is happy and full. Dessert was some watermelon and a fat free Fudgesicle. *burp* :D

Oh! In a comment, someone (Was it Lanie? Hope?) asked me what I am reading. I am rereading Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell. I am also gobbling up Harlequin Superromances. Yeah, yeah... I know.  lol I like to have two or three books going at a time. I never get bored, that way. :D

Sheesh! My shedding is really ramping up. I am losing a lot of hair, lately. If it keeps up like this, I fear that my hair will thin. Waaahhh... I don't want my hair to thin. I know that some hair loss while losing weight is inevitable but that doesn't mean I have to like it. *stamps foot and pouts*

I received a comment suggesting intuitive eating. Actually, it sounds interesting and might be something worth taking for a test drive when I am ready to transition into maintenance but as the old saying goes, "If it isn't broken, don't fix it!" Calorie counting is working very well for me, at this time and I hate to upset my very stable apple cart, just to try something else. :)

Okay... That seems to be all I have, tonight. I leave you with a picture of a lazy, drowsy cat on the back of my sofa.

Good night. :D

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Grey Day in the Grand Canyon State

Rest day 2. I am getting around a lot better and not hurting nearly as much. I am hoping that by tomorrow I can get back out there and rack up some more miles. I miss walking and I can feel myself rusting from the inside. If I have to, I will walk a day, rest a day. I just want to be able to go.

Food is even better today. I had a pretty good day yesterday but a little too much snacking. I find snacking easier on weekends. For some reason, having Husband and Son around seems to trigger my need to feed. I wonder why? Maybe they stress me. I am a stress eater. Hmmm...

It has been cloudy most of the day and the stinking humidity is way up, again. I was hoping for a good storm and plenty of rain. We might as well enjoy a nice storm, in payment for having to put up with all this sticky nonsense.

Aaaand... My mind has gone blank as a refrigerator door. lol

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Let's Give Them Some Love, Folks

PhatinPhx is a blogger who recently commented to one of my entries. I checked out her blog and methinks she could use some bloggy love and support. So, please pop over, follow and let's draw her into the community. :D

Also, Kristen at Kreating Kristen (formerly The Fat Chick Weigh) is having a really bad go of it. Please go and give her some support, hugs and uplift her?

Today is sucking ass for me. Not food wise. That is good. I find that recovery from a higher calorie day isn't the big, scary, hairy deal it used to be for me. It isn't my head. That is behaving fairly well. My headache is sticking to the background for the most part. No... It is my frakking hip. It is bad. I am trying to stay as quiet as I can, move slowly and genlty and try to keep my weight off it as much as I can and I am going to rest it, today. Hopefully these measures will get me back to somewhat normal, tomorrow. Bleargh! I am getting tired of this shit.

Thunderstorms are rolling in, the humidity is rapidly rising and a flash flood alert just came down from the NWS in Flagstaff. We might be in for a bit of rock and roll. This Monsoon Season has been a bit of a bust, so far. What storms we have had haven't been much to write home about. I would like to see us get at least one really good banger and crasher before the season ends. In preparation, I gave my grill a cleaning and tucked it in under it's plastic.

I have itchy spots all over, from my face to my feet. I am getting eaten alive by mosquitoes. The little bastards have decided that I am a tasty dactyl. The itching is driving me insane. I am trying not to scratch the bites on my face but sometimes I just can't stand not to. We don't normally have mosquitoes around here, some jackwagon must have some standing water around their house. And I know that some of them are from going out to the lake. Ugh! I haven't had mosquito bites in years and I am not enjoying them, one little bit.

Shit! I think that one of those little fuckers got me on my ear lobe! Waaahhh!

It looks like a pretty day in Chicago. The Cubbies are beating the Braves. For now. Go, Cubs, Go!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Bullet Points

Hey, all the cool kids are doing it, so I might as well, too.

* I had a high calorie day, today. Don't know why... Just needed to, I guess. It wasn't outrageous, less than what I would require to maintain my present weight so no harm done.

* I have decided that the occasional high calorie day is no longer a "Bad Day". Bad day infers that I am bad, that I have done something wrong, that I deserve punishment. None of those things are true. And I don't deserve to be so harsh and mean to myself.

* We walked two miles out at the lake, today. I really wanted to go to the trails at the park but Husband insisted on the lake. Uh... gnats, remember? Well, we went earlier. It was hot and clear and sunny. We finished up just as the sun was going down and the gnats were beginning to rise and swirl.

* I wanted to walk three miles, but thanks to Husband's rhoids and my hip, two was all we could do, today. Actually at the end of a mile, my hip was hollering at me . By the time I got back to the Jeep, it was screaming. I am moving around like a busted down old cart horse, tonight. lol

* Grilled chicken rules.

* You know that guy who yells GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOALLLLLLLLL!!!!! During soccer matches? Someone needs to invite his ass to the Grand Canyon. Then push him in.

* Speaking of the grand Canyon... I have lived in Arizona for almost twenty-seven years and I have never seen the Grand Canyon.

* My head has stopped raging. It is down to a dull roar and I am incredibly thankful. I think that some of my headaches are rebounds from taking Aleve for my hip.

* I am craving chocolate. I think I will round out my day with a sugar free dark chocolate pudding cup. Yum. :D

* I am loving this dry air. Sadly, the humidity is supposed to come back in in a couple of days. Blech!

Summer Challenge Weigh In

Down 3.6. Extremely acceptable result. :D

I think that this Summer Challenge has become a personal challenge. lolol I am going to carry on with it until Autumn. I am in the groove.

Thursday, August 19, 2010



Weight this fine, sunny Summer morn:


Down 3.6 pounds.

Yesssss! :D :D

No more 340's.

Now to hit the 320's... :D

Scale pic to be posted tomorrow when I check in for my Summer Challenge Weigh In.

Coffee time. Later, gators.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I Think That My Lungs Are Full of Gnats

Blech! Yuk! Cough! Gag!

We went to walk and it was nice, for the first three quarters of the walk. Warm but not hot, humidity rapidly going down, a slight breeze and cool spots here and there. We planned to walk two miles of Normal Trail then do an additional half mile up plus back on Kickass for a total of three.

You know what they say about the best laid plans...

As we rounded the corner at Big Rocks about a quarter of a mile from the Jeep, we neared the lakeside and all of a sudden, the air was thick with gnats. Everywhere. Clouds of the nasty little bastards. It was disgusting. We were breathing them in, spitting them out, the guys had them going in their eyes. My glasses saved me from that one. Horrible. Needless to say, we hustled as fast as we could to the Jeep and got the hell out of there. No way was I going to do an additional mile in gnat hell.

Ew. I knoe that I don't have any left in my throat but it still feels as if I do. By the time we got home, I was itching all over and I couldn't wait to get into the shower and scrub myself clean of the feeling of those horrible little insects. *shudder* *shudder*

Methinks that tomorrow would be a nice time to explore the trails out at Pioneer Park. I think that the lake is out until the gnats go buh-bye. I am not willing to breathe in gnats for miles at a time. Nosiree.



I am still grossed out.

I hope that you weren't eating anything while reading that.

If so... I am sorry. :)

I Hate That Kid

I. Seriously. Hate. Him. You see, he isn't mine. He belongs to a neighbour. A neighbour who thinks that it is perfectly all right for their son to sit at a drum set out on their porch and play it at top volume for hours. Often beginning before eight fucking A.M. On a Sunday. After school. In the evenings when we are trying to enjoy a nice breeze and a quiet evening. It is drums. Drums. Drums.

And you know... If the kid were even halfway decent it might not be so bad. But I am sorry to be the one that has to say this... The kid. Sucks.

Big, green donkey dicks.


And every time he goes out there to pound and pound and crash and pound, I want to go out there and pound him.

Into the ground.

He doesn't get any better. He practices until my walls and windows rattle and I am contemplating burning that house down and he isn't getting any better. He learns new rhythms, new riffs, new cymbal crashes but his overall playing quality...

Sucks. And it never improves, no matter how much he practices.

And he plays so loud that with all of my double paned windows closed tight, my air and fans on, it still sounds as if he is practically inside my house.

When I start feeling as if I want to shout really rude, nasty things out my window at him, I have to remind myself to consider the source. These are people who think nothing of making so much noise that no one within a mile radius can hear themselves think. Kids running around all over the place, shouting and screaming, the Little Drummer Boy pounding, pounding, pounding and crashing, a chain saw going, going, going, country music at a decibel level that would make a 777 sound quiet all at once. (I am not inferring that country music fans are terrible, loud, unkind neighbours. Just these particular country music fans. There are plenty of rock fans who are just as horridly obnoxious...lol)

So, I am assuming that these people don't give a flying fuck that little Timmy (not his name, as far as I know) is driving their neighbours utterly batshit insane with his drums.

Well, I feel a little better. Guess I just needed to get that out. lol

Food is going well, today. And I am hydrating well. Good old Crystal Light. Gotta love it. And I think it is helping my puff. I have some puff but it isn't as bad as I think it otherwise would be. Of course, I could just be nuts. We didn't walk last night because Husband got home from work so late. Hopefully he will get his ass home a little earlier, tonight. He knows that this is important.

BRB, dog has to go out...

There. She went out to do all of her doodies. She will be having her dinner, soon.

I have a piece of chicken out for mine. And some Summer squash hanging out in my crisper. If it isn't raining, later I will fire up my grill and grill them. Nom, nom, nom.

Weigh in tomorrow. I wonder what awaits me? I can feel changes in my bod, so regardless of the number, I know that things are going well. But it would be nice to see that reflected in the number on my scale.

Head is bad, today. Banging and stabbing and making me wish that I could just pass out and make it go away.

Giveaway Alert!!

The World According to Eggface is having a giveaway to celebrate her new blog layout. Now, I like this lady's style. Anyone who will celebrate anything is all right in my book. :D And I think that she has chosen a fabulous prize. A large selection of sugar free Torani syrups. *gasping, fanning face, fainting* I love that stuff. Seriously, like love it so much I would sell my soul, my husband, my son, my cat and my dog to the devil for a bottle of the stuff.lol

If you love Torani as much as I, clickity-click the link provided in pink above and check out her blog and enter. But don't get your hopes up too high, I plan to become a superhacker and figure out how to make sure I win. ;) lol

Monday, August 16, 2010

Back In the Groove

We got out to the lake and pounded out two and a half miles this evening. Last night it was two. We had taken three nights off... I needed one and we just got lazy and flaked for two. Not good. After three, I had to really push myself to get going, again. Tonight was easier.

We got going a little later and the sun is going down earlier and so we really had to hustle to get in two and a half. We wanted to go for three but it was just too dark. I pushed and made myself walk faster, tonight. I really want to extend to three miles, every night. I think I am ready for that, now. Two just feels too easy, a little as if I am slacking.

I remember when two miles wore me out so much I could hardly drag myself into the shower when I got home.

Food is good, today. I am under 1200, right now. I might round out my night with a fudge pop in a bit.

I started re reading Gone With the Wind yesterday. It has been years since I read it and I am really enjoying it. This is one of those big, long, rich books that I love to take my time with. Read slowly, digest and savour as I go along. I normally compete with myself when I read. Try to get this book done in so many hours, a day... What have you. But not this book. And a few others I have read.

I had the weirdest dream, this morning. I was in the shower and the water kept filling the tub. I think the drain was clogged from my hair. When I was finished taking my shower, I went to step out but I couldn't get out of the tub. And rather than standing, I was sitting and couldn't, no matter how hard I tried get up and out of the water. And the funny thing was, in my dream I was no longer fat and I kept asking myself why I couldn't get out of the water since I wasn't fat and should be able to easily stand and get out.

Wonder what that nonsense was all about? lol

I am conducting an informal experiment. Call me crazy, but when I drink a lot of Crystal Light peach tea, I lose a lot of puff. Week before last when I lost the puff for days and felt better and wasn't swollen, I was chugging a lot of Crystal Light peach tea. I have been drinking it for the last couple of days and the puff seems to be leaving, again. I will keep slurping it and see what happens. I wonder if there is something in that mix that works for me? We'll see.

Okay, 'nuff nattering. :D

The Rumbly in the Tumbly

The Thunder from Down Under.


It has turned me into a one woman methane production station.

It isn't cows and cars that cause global warming, my friends. It is all of us healthy eaters chowing down on massive amounts of broccoli and then releasing our gaseous emanations into the atmosphere.

After a three day hiatus, we finally got our asses out to the lake and walked. Boy, did that ever feel good. I needed it. There is a storm rolling in, right now. Thunder is rumbling across the sky and there is lightening. Hopefully, by the time we are ready to hit it, this will be blowing over. Husband doesn't like walking in storms. And right now, I am dependent on him taking me everywhere, so I have to go along with whatever he decides.

That pisses me off, you know. I am tired of it. Getting this weight off so that I can safely drive will make a big difference, to me. I hope. Because I have to tell you, isolation sucks and I have done this long enough.

The Weather Channel is talking about a flash flood advisory. Hmmm... This had better not mess with my walk. Right now, going out to walk is the only way, aside from an occasional trip to a store that I get out of the house.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

And... The Winner Is...

Drum roll, please!

The Prickly Pinecone!!! 

Congratulations! You will be hearing from the team at CSN Stores.

Thank you, again for entering and for becoming a follower of my blog.

Thank you, everyone for participating in this giveaway. I enjoyed it so much and I hope that you all had fun with it, too.

My Giveaway is Now Closed

Thank you everyone who entered. I will be announcing the winner, shortly. :D

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Have You Ever Grilled a Peach?

If not, dude! You absolutely must. (That is... If you like peaches...) I was grilling my chicken and Summer squash for dinner and wishing I had some pineapple to grill for dessert when I remembered I had some peaches ripening in a paper bag on my counter. I cut one in half, removed the pit and sprayed it cut side and back with a little Pam and put it on my grill, cut side down. I let it cook for a while, then turned it and then flipped it, again until it was cooked through, soft bt not mushy. I put it on a plate, spritzed it lightly with a little buttery spray and sprinkled it with a little Splenda and let it sit until I was finished with dinner. Oh. My. Stars. It was sublime. Sweet but not sickeningly so. Soft and slightly gooey with a delightful natural syrupy juice.

Yes, I will grill just about anything. lol

I thought I had other stuff to talk about but apparently my brain has drained like the Tempe Town Lake.

Husband found The Hangover. Funny movie. But I don't really need to see it over and over.

Had to Hide

I'm sorry I wasn't very present, yesterday. I had to hide. It was one of those down, shitty, weepy, stupid days I get. And when they hit me all I can do is draw my blinds and pull into my shell and hide from the world. I ate too much, yesterday. Not seriously. Happily, I only had healthy food in the house so I didn't do any damage but the fact that I was allowing myself to comfort eat... Well I took a bit of a step back, yesterday. Time to pull up and out of that right quick. Funny thing, I was hyper aware of what I was doing, while I did it. And a big part of me didn't even want to. Knew it was wrong for me, that I was allowing a bad pattern to, if only temporarily, reassert it's self.

In this case, the calories weren't my issue. The behaviour was. And I derived less comfort and less good feeling from it than I used to. In fact I think it is safe to say that I derived none. I was just on auto pilot. And it felt all kinds of weird and wrong. So... I think I learned something. And I think that slowly, steadily, a lot of my old reasons for my old eating habits and patterns are leaving my life.


Weird way to see it, I suppose. But it is a good thing that I do.

I think... :D

I am feeling a bit more "back", today. I still feel a bit dark and twisty but okay to function. My blinds are open and my outlook a little brighter. And my eating back on track, thankyouverymuch. :D

Thank you all for your comments, yesterday. Honestly, I don't know what the hell I would do if not for all of you. You help to keep me centred, grounded, remind me of my purpose here and give me strength. And I am more grateful than I could ever properly express. <3<3<3

That is about all I have to yap about, at the mo. Oh! If you haven't entered my giveaway, today is the last day. I have linkage in my previous post.

Okay, off to read and catch up with all of you lovely people. Later, gators. :D

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You have until ten, MST, tonight. :D

Friday, August 13, 2010

Just In Case

Down .6

Better than a gain, I suppose.

Feet cropped out because I forgot my footie socks and no one needs to see my big, fat, ugly, unpedicured paws.

May I please go back to bed, now?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

This Guy Was Too Cool for


Oh, will you


I wanna drive like


Ya know those terrible bathroom dreams? Well, this might just be the worst one of all...

Now you know why wearing jammies is a good idea.

How would you like to be that fire fighter? :p

Bwahahahaha! Cheaters never prosper. Or get away with their clothes, for that matter.

I have no words.

How many ways can you think of to torture this sick sonofabitch?

Guess someone was in a real hurry.

Proof positive that global warming is real.

One could also say this is the progression of undies of weight warriors as we travel on our journey. :D

*All of these pics were sent to me in e-mails. I didn't take them and I don't own them.*

Calories are acceptable. I slid in under 1800, today. Not too shabby, since it was Subway Day. I just had a Fage with honey. So. Good. But it is making a tooth zing. Great. Add the dentist to health care professionals I am ignoring and avoiding, right now. No more honey for me for now.

The tooth is a good way to avoid sweets, tho. As long as I stay away from sugar, I am fine.

I didn't walk. My hip was hollering and Husband's back is still giving him misery. I might just haul out early in the morning and walk on Willow Creek.

One bad thing about the humidity drying up. My allergies are back. They are mad and they are loaded for bear! Aaaahhh! Chooooo! *sniff*


Ya Know What I just Realised?

If I ever encounter a flock of zombies and have to get away from them, I am toast.

Do zombies run in flocks?




Ooo! I like that. A murder of zombies.

If I ever run into a murder of zombies I am toast. Unless they walk less than three or four miles and hour and stop for water breaks.

What was my point?

I don't have one, really. I am just sitting here, procrastinating. I need to get my arse in the shower and get some makeup on and get ready to go out for a while when Husband gets home. And I am test driving Google Chrome because IE is driving me seriously in. Sane. Chrome is nice but Blogger pages take an eternity to load. Just as bad as IE, actually . Anyone else have that problem?

I'm not walking, tonight. My frakking hip is hollering at me. Bah!

Okay, time to get up and at 'em.

Later, dudettes. :D

Scale Insanity And an Answer to a Question

So... I jumped on my scale this morning and it registered 343.0. No change. Then I tried it again and 342.4. I then got 342.4 three more times. Le Sigh. I am being driven insane by this stupid scale. I have a great weigh in then a terrible one or two then another great one and it is frustrating.

I know for a fact that I am losing fat. I can feel it. I can see it in the fit of my clothes. So I am not worried. I just have to keep reminding myself that the scale is merely a tool, not my be all or end all. There are a lot of factors that can cause variations in scale numbers. I need to not let it make me nutzy.

Last night, we pounded out a fast two miles and it felt to get out there and go. Husband is starting to burn out on walking. Each time we go, he tries to get me to shorten distance and seems more and more reluctant to go. Whatever. I really don't give a flying shit what he thinks or what he wants and he is going. He no longer dictates everything. And if he doesn't like it, he can suck it.

Has anyone seen It's Complicated yet? Funny movie. I happened across it the other day when I was channel surfing through all the PPV channels. (One perk of Husband working for our local cable company is free TV including a full boat open box and DVR, and free high speed Internet and free phone, including long distance. Maybe that is why I am sticking around? lol) I caught the movie part way in. I need to watch it from the beginning. Should record it, shouldn't I?

Okay, I have a banner on my sidebar that stated that if someone asks you to cut your long hair off just say no. I was recently asked why. I have that banner because I am damned sick and tired of running up against the assumption that everyone who is growing their hair is doing so in order to donate it to Locks of Love. And that if we aren't growing our hair for the sole purpose of donating it, we are somehow uncaring, selfish, horrible, monsters who don't want to help kids with cancer.

Here are a few little things for the Locks of Love army to chew over. Locks of Love is a charity whose mission statement is to make human hair wigs to be sold to children with alopecia or another medical condition that results in permanent hair loss. Locks of Love does not give human hair wigs to children with cancer who will one day re grow their hair. Locks of Love doesn't give wigs to anyone. The wigs are sold to the parents of the child on a sliding scale after a lengthy application process that involves submitting financial records, tax returns, essays and photos. Applying to get a hair piece for a child from that organization is about as intrusive as registering to run for the office of President of this country. lol

Locks of Love has benefited from the massive media push that mistakenly started hyping that the organization gives wigs to children with cancer and that every hair donation will make a child happy and feel good about themselves. And Locks of Love has done nothing to correct this massive misunderstanding. People line up to have their hair chopped off. Schools hold hair donation drives and little girls and boys with long hair are expected to step up and do their part and if they refuse, they are hounded by students and teachers, even principals as being selfish brats who don't care about other kids with cancer. How fucked up is that? How would you like your child to be harassed because he or she wants to keep their hair? How about your workplace holding a chop drive and pressuring you into donating, even if you really love your hair and it is a part of you and you don't want to cut it.

Locks of Love doesn't make wigs of very much of the hair they collect. The vast majority of the hair donated doesn't meet their stringent standards. Hair to be used in wigs must be perfect, virgin hair. It can't be coloured, bleached, highlighted or treated with natural henna. It can't have a lot of split ends, any breakage or even a strand of grey. Very fine or coarse or very curly hair is also excluded. All hair that doesn't fit the criteria is either sold or thrown away. Hair that is sold goes in to extensions, is used to make cores for golf balls and so forth. Locks of Love has an immense cash war chest, thanks to all the money they make selling so much of the hair they collect from donations.

Locks of Love outsources the majority of the wig making work. And the majority of the hair used in the wigs they sell to children is sourced from India, China, Eastern Europe. Very little hair donated here in America is actually used.

Locks of Love will supply a synthetic wig (at a cost, of course) to a child with cancer who has lost their hair due to treatments and will one day grow it back. I ask what is the point? If a child with cancer really wants a wig, they are easily obtained. Locks of Love isn't the only place to get them. People, adults and children who are undergoing cancer treatment are often immunosuppressed and human hair wigs aren't always a good choice for them. Synthetic is better. BUT more important than a wig to anyone fighting cancer that I have ever spoken to is a cure. Beating the disease and getting well. I have yet to meet anyone with cancer who sighed, "I wish someone would give me a wig!"

I understand that there are a lot of people who will shave their hair off in support of a friend or loved one fighting cancer. Sometimes they donate the hair to be sold or sell the hair themselves, to raise money for a cancer hospital or for a person's medical bills. Or they will decide to cut it and donate it to a hair collecting wig making charity. I think that this is a beautiful thing to do. To give a piece of yourself this way, if done freely is a wonderful gesture. And I would never judge a person for making that choice. It is their hair and they are free to do with it as they choose!

And please don't judge me or anyone else who chooses to keep our hair.

There it is. My reason for my banner.

One might get the impression from the above that I am anti short hair, or something. Nothing could be further from the truth. I am very much pro do your own thing. Whether you rock a chrome dome or tresses that flow to the floor or beyond, or anything in between, it is all good. I do like and appreciate the beauty of long hair. But I also appreciate the beauty of a fabulous short cut. And I would never impose my personal hair philosophy on anyone else. I like to grow my hair out. It is super short (to me, anyway) right now because I damaged it horribly and am growing out and cutting away that damage. Otherwise, it would be hanging somewhere around my mid thigh in length. To me, my hair is a part of me, part of my identity and it causes me physical and spiritual pain to cut it. I debate and waffle for weeks, sometimes months just to decide to trim it. When I have had to cut it short, I cried for days and days. I guess I am a freak... lolol

Bleargh! The humidity went away for a while and the heat is on. It is only eleven and I am already considering closing my windows and firing up my A/C. This heat is making me swell up. And sweat. Which is always fun.

Laundry day, today.

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I dare ya!


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

For Drazil

When I saw this, I thought of you and your difficulties with your workplace bathroom.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Just a Quickie

Hello all. I hope that you are all able to stay cool and comfortable in this heat. It is the Dog Days and it is hot, hot, hot.

Today is a day of rest. My right hip was pinging bad, yesterday when I got back from the lake, so I needed to rest. today. Also, Husband wasn't in the mood to go. I need to get more weight off so that I am safely and comfortably drive, again. It sucks being too fat to get behind the wheel. I miss driving and I am sick of being dependent on Husband to take me everywhere. Seriously sick of it. *Down, girl.*

This isn't the time or place for a major rant. lol

Food is okay. I did manage to eat a few (three) of the fried zucchini sticks that Husband brought home for Son. I know that I shouldn't have and I regretted it even as I munched them down. I mean, really. So many calories for so little if any real food value. And now my gallbladder is squeezing it's self a little. Guess it didn't like my snack, either. lol

At least I stopped at three. On the old days, I would have eaten all of the fried sticks, the wings and all of the pizza that he brought home. And no way in hell would I have shared, either. Honesty. It isn't pretty, is it? But, there it is.

The sun has gone down and it is cooling a bit and I think I can go ahead and turn off the A/C for the rest of the night. I am kind of freezing under this vent.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Return of the Puff Monster

The Puff Monster sucks.

I hate the Puff Monster.

I am trying to kill the Puff Monster.

With pretzels?

Seriously? WTF was I thinking? Salty pretzels don't banish the bloaty bloat bloat. They kind of make it happen. Pretzels are Puff Monster food. I didn't touch pretzels for over a week and no puff. Eat a small bowl of pretzel sticks and I am sucking down waaaay too much water to make me happy, keeping my feet up and watching my stupid ankles and feet slowly, steadily expand.


Of course.

I can't wait to get on my scale, on Thursday, if this keeps up.

Okay, somebody call the Waaahmbulance. I feel a serious pity party coming on. "Whiny, complaining biotch, party of one, your table is ready!"

I have been feeling increasing rumblings from my old self. My old, confident, fearless, outspoken self. She is beginning to chip away at the thick wall of reinforced concrete that has held her back for so very long. Sometimes, Former/Future Me overtakes Current Me and the most astonishing things happen for a brief, shining moment. Then I manage to stuff her back behind her wall. I need her to remain quiet for a while longer. I need to remain Current Me; keep the peace, keep everything on an even keel. I need time. I need to prep for her arrival. Because when I do cut that bitch loose, all hell is going to erupt everywhere and I will need to be fully her to deal with it.

And I have to tell ya... Hell or not, I am looking forward to the fireworks. I think it is going to be fun. It will certainly be entertaining.

Have you entered my CSN Stores sponsored $40.00 gift certificate giveaway, yet? If not, please click the link, travel to my giveaway post and enter in comments. The giveaway is open to public followers in the US and Canada.

Okay... That is about all I have to yap about, at the moment. I have thoughts swirling but can't seem to make them come together and flow through my fingertips to my keyboard. I suck so hard at writing. lol

Sunday, August 8, 2010

"Let's Go Walk Early,"

he said.

"It's partly cloudy and there is a nice breeze," he said.

"It isn't hot, at all," he said

Ya know that sound bacon makes on a griddle when it it frying?

That is what I was hearing while I was walking along in the high, hot sun.

It all started out okay, a nice breeze that actually felt cool. Clouds to block the sun. That didn't last. The clouds cleared away and the breeze died and it got hot.

When will I learn? lol

I didn't get heat exhaustion or anything but... It was still pretty warm. I really prefer to go when it is a little later as the sun is going down and I am not going to let that idiot talk me into going earlier, anymore. It is nice to have my walk done for the day, tho. :D

Saturday, August 7, 2010

S A T U R D A Y Night!

Another week draws to a close.

Son goes back to work tomorrow and Husband on Monday. Thank. God. Too much togetherness is just...

Too much. lol

It has been a pretty good week for me, food wise. I did have a rough Day or two but nothing too tragic and I seem to not be suffering any ill effects from them. Not even puffy. Imagine that. :D

I am walking, again. I kinda chose to slack a bit, this week since the guys were running to the Valley so many days. Bad to make excuses. I should have laced up and hit the bricks out on Willow Creek. Slacker. But we have walked the last two days and barring any unforeseen problems, should for a while, now.

I am in the process of laundry. Whee! So. Much. Fun. I am washing sleeveless tops that didn't come near fitting me just a short time ago. I wore one out on the trail, today. It fit. I almost fell over. Now I have more top options while slogging on the trails out at the lake. A little NSV. :D

I need to order a couple of pair of leggings for walking once it is cooler. And I think I am going to refashion one of my fleece jackets into a vest for that purpose, too. With long sleeved tees, gloves for my hands and a calorimetry, I should be cozy and happy when it gets cold.

We had a thunderstorm roar in at 4:30 this morning and it rained on and off for almost the whole day. Walking out at the lake was a trip. The trails were pretty wet. Not ankle deep in nasty mud, but pretty wet. And walking along was a bit more work than usual. Parking on the side of the road was a nightmare, it was all goopy where we normally park. And I almost ended up going ass over teacup going from the trail up to the Jeep. Now, that would have been a lovely sight. Ten tons of fat broad eating it in the mud by the side of Willow Lake Road. lol

Okay, that is about all I have to jabber about, at the moment.

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Friday, August 6, 2010


Woo Hoo! It is time for BYOC! Line up and get sprayed by my insanity.

1. Which one would you rather?

Tom Cruise or Tom Brady?

Mr. Big or Tony Little?

Whoopie Goldberg or Making Whoopie?

Well, I do not know who Tom Brady is. (Did I just hear every reader of my blog gasp, simultaneously? lol) So I will be a rebel and say Tom Cruise. I think that given a little one on one time, I could get that boy on the right track. And off the sofa.

Mr. Big. Chris Noth has always appealed to me. Not conventionally handsome, but so striking and interesting and who can resist those big, beautiful, sensitive looking eyes of his? Besides, I am sorry to say this but... Tony Little is a freak. And not the good kind of freak.

Definitely making whoopie. And that is all I have to say about that. (My Forrest Gump moment for today.)

2. How do you feel about plastic surgery and to what lengths would you go to achieve it?

I am all for it. And, I am plotting how I can get my insurance company to pay for some of it and what banks to rob to pay for the rest. I definitely want to have a "normal" bod, when this whole thing draws to it's finish line. I know that my bod will never look like an 18 year old aerobics addicted little miss perfect but not all flappy and floppy would be nice. :D

3. What is your favourite website?

I have a few. But I suppose my all time fave, my second Internet home is The Long Hair Community. I have met some very lovely people on that site. Plus everyone is as hair obsessed as I am. It is a match made in heaven. :D

4. What is your favourite tip for having a great vacation?

Lots of alcohol.

No... Seriously... I don't know. really. We don't go on vacation. And I wish we did. I wish we could because I am about ready to torch this dump.

5. Repeat question... Whose blog or comment really got to you, this week?

Without a doubt it was our lovely Draz. Her honesty and appeal for comfort and reassurance touched me, as a mother myself very deeply. Hang in there, sweetie. You and yours will be fine. I have no doubt. *hug*

Okay there is my BYOC for this week.

Did you enter my giveaway? Just scroll down a couple of entries and enter.

What are you waiting for? :D

Okay, I need to spell check this and run to the loo before I pee all over myself.

Summer Challenge Weigh In

I swear... If my head wasn't attached I would walk off and leave it somewhere. lol

Here is my official Summer Challenge post and scale pic.

Down 6.4 pounds.

I know... Some of that is puffy bloaty fluid loss but some of it is also fat and since it shouldn't have really been there, in the first place I am still taking credit for the big drop. lol I just hope this doesn't wreck me, next week...

Anyhoozle, there it is.

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Very First Giveaway!

Hi everyone! I hope that you are all well and staying cool.

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Welcome to the Dollhouse

That title is apropos of nothing. I just wanted to say it. lol

Happily, my big bad bloat is vanquished for now. I jumped on my scale for my normal Thursday weigh and I am down to 343. Down 6.4. Yes, I know that some of that is fluid loss but I know that a good portion is fat, as well. It feels good to be seeing the number go down, again. Having it stall or go up is frustrating and a bit demoralising. I am holding out hope that next Thursday I will be out of the 340's. That would be acceptable. :)

It is hot today. I had to fire up my A/C a while ago. It was getting hothothot in my house.

And, I got nothing else, right now. I am sleepy my brain is a bit numb as I was up too early. *yawn*

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Forgive Me, Bloggy Friends, for I have Sinned

It has been many, many, many months since my last Doritos session. Then today, I killed the bag. I knew it was going to happen. Doritos are a huge trigger food for me and I don't have what it takes to leave them alone, yet. Thankfully, Husband and Son had already eaten the majority of the chips, there was probably just shy of a third of a bag. Still not great but not the disaster that a full bag would have been.

Bottom line? I can not have Doritos in this house under any circumstances. There is a lot I can leave be. Doritos isn't one of those things. I know that and am not going to allow them to come here, again. If Husband and Son want Doritos, they will have to have them off site.

My stomach feels yuk, I can taste the grease and strong flavourings in the back of my throat, still. I have been lethargic and tired since I ate them. My bod doesn't like that crap so much, any more. Maybe eating them was good in one way. I now know that large amounts of junk really flatten me and I don't like feeling flattened. I didn't even want to go for my walk, today.

Earlier, as I sat here in a near junk coma I went back over my written log and it has been a long time since I had a really bad food day. So, maybe I was due for one? I don't know. I am certainly not making excuses. Eating those chips was a choice. It wasn't forced on me and it wasn't done to me. I decided. I did it and I take full responsibility for my actions. And I will live with the consequences. Which no doubt will result in at least a good puff session. I didn't ingest enough calories for fat gain but I certainly had enough sodium to make me swell up like a swollen dog. lol

I am concerned at my near binge behaviour. I won't be heavy enough to absorb that kind of calorie intake forever. I need to get smarter about this whole thing and get it through my head and that of my family that my trigger foods must not come across our threshold.

So, FIL had is final pre op appointment, today. His surgery is tomorrow morning. He goes into the OR at ten and should be done by noon. Then he will be in recovery for a bit, then have to go over to his surgeon's office for a check and to change his bandage to something he will be able to see through. Then he goes in Friday for another follow up then back in two weeks then he should be good to go.

Urgh! Head is bad, today. I think that something in the chips triggered my head because it started banging like a jackhammer shortly after I finished munching and it is steadily getting worse. Would someone please shoot me, now? lol

It was hot, today. I had to fire up my A/C fairly early, today. That is the only problem with the humidity going down. It heats back up very nicely. But, Summer is over. I felt the shift, today. Yes, according to the calendar, we still have a lot of The Dog Days to go but the season is dying and we are sliding into Fall. I always get excited when I feel the seasonal shifts. Changing seasons are a delight to me. :D

Hmmm... I am beginning to get hungry. Methinks a nice, light dinner is in order, tonight. lol

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tuesday Night

Boy, did I ever need that!

It felt fabulous.

Left me breathless and sweating.

And so satisfied.


Nothing like a good...

Walk on the trail out at the lake. We finally got out there tonight and did a brisk two miles. I had another walk victory. Little Hell Hill no longer feels like hell, to me. When I first started walking, that little but steep climb was almost the death of me. I had to stop several times and rest just to get to the top. Then when I got there, I had to stop again and recover so that I could move on.

Fast forward to today. I powered up that hill at the same brisk pace as I walk the rest of the trail. No stops. No slowing, no shortening of my stride. Just flew up that bad boy. Yes, I was breathing a little hard at the top but I carried on and recovered quickly as I walked. The hill up to the Jeep was the same. I just flew up to the car. No stops, no slowing, no dragging myself along.

When I got home, I went right in, showered then hit the kitchen where I prepped veggies, made my dinner and bustled around. Just a short time ago, by the time I got home I was wiped and had to drag myself into the shower and to make dinner and so forth.

I think back to less than two months ago and how much progress I have made. And I am happy and delighted and incredibly grateful at how much better I feel and how much easier and more pleasant my life is, already. I can't wait until I get even more weight off and get in even better condition.

I was thinking about it last night. How much weight I have lost since February and how much better I feel and then I thought about how much worse off I would be if not for this blog, the support of everyone here and my determination to do this thing. How much heavier would I be? Would I weigh 450 pounds, by now? Would I be able to walk? Clean my house? Take basic care of myself? Because I have to tell you, I was beginning to have some real trouble with those things at about 400. I can't imagine what it would be like, fifty pounds heavier than that. Would I even still be alive?

The Monsoon is taking a little break. It is drying out and the clouds have cleared away. It is warm but not uncomfortable. I am so happy to get a break from the crushing humidity.

Oh, may I just say that Doritos are crack straight from the ass of the devil, himself. Husband brought home a bag of Doritos, today. Tacos at Midnight. Yeah. I ate two. They were sooooooooo tasty. I want to take the bag and dive into it. I want to eat all of those chips with a big, icy Pepsi. Hell, I want to spread them all over my bed and roll in them.

But I won't. Because 400 is still frighteningly close enough. And it isn't somewhere I ever want to go again. I have been there twice that I know of. Twice was enough. Doritos helped get me there. And they just aren't worth it.

No. Frakking. Way.

Thank You!!!!!

Thank you all for your love and prayers and wiggles for my FIL. He goes in for his final pre op tomorrow ans his surgery is on Thursday. Providing that all goes well, he should be rocking a new eye and watching TV and reading and walking freely again by the weekend. :D

Katie J, I will be shooting you an e-mail, soon. And thank you so much! :D

I am sorry I was away. I am a little busy. Today was three big loads of laundry and other assorted household duties. I'll have more time, tomorrow. The guys are gone, tomorrow and I don't have a whole lot to do so I can hang. :D

I rested again, yesterday. I am raring to go out and walk, tonight. I am sick of sitting around this house and I feel as if I am rusting. lol I am eating well. Calories and water on are nicely on track. And I seem to have lost some of the bloaty-bloat-bloat. Being not so puffy is lovely. lol

Okay, I don't have a whole lot to yap about, right this second and I really want to go read and catch up with everyone. So, I will be back, later. *hugs!*

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Happy August

The last full month of Summer. The Dog Days. I am looking forward to Fall.

Not a terrible lot going on, here. Husband's rhoids were raging and I needed another day of rest so we didn't walk. Hopefully we can go, tomorrow. This is, if Husband gets home from the Valley, in time. FIL has his pre op, tomorrow. He is going in for cataract surgery on Wednesday. This is a dicey proposition for him as he lost the sight in his left eye several years ago to venous (or something like that) glaucoma. And he has fused vertebra in his neck due to a car accident decades ago. He has to go to this super duper hot shot ophthalmic surgeon who treats just about anybody who is anybody from everywhere and has the chops, the balls and the special operating table to accommodate FIL's needs. He is basically blind, at present, can't see the TV or read. This surgery will drastically improve the quality of his life. And let him watch the tube and read his papers, again. I hope that all goes well for him. If you could please spare him a prayer, good thought a candle, some healing vibes, I know that they would be much appreciated. :D

I think I am finally losing the bloaty hell puff monster from my body. For a while, anyway. It is always interesting to feel yourself deflate as you pee and pee and pee and pee. All. Day. Long. lol


That's all I have, tonight.

Sleep well.