Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Little Organizing

Thanks to the kind help of Katie J. I have finally figured out how to do more pages at the top of my blog page. Yay! I love it! :D And it was so easy. Why did it confound me for so long? lol

It is a gorgeous day, here. Cooler, windy and dryer than it has been for a long time. I am liking it.

I need to run, right now. We are going to go pick up the Spawn and hit the trail. I hope it is dry enough out there. If not, we will just have to find another place to walk. I need the exercise!

Okay, later, gators. Hugs to everyone!


  1. I've noticed the ability to add pages and was thinking about doing that too. I'll have to play with it one of these days because I really like the way yours turned out!

  2. I did have fun, Ann. :D

    Lanie, it is as easy as falling off a log. :D


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