Sunday, August 8, 2010

"Let's Go Walk Early,"

he said.

"It's partly cloudy and there is a nice breeze," he said.

"It isn't hot, at all," he said

Ya know that sound bacon makes on a griddle when it it frying?

That is what I was hearing while I was walking along in the high, hot sun.

It all started out okay, a nice breeze that actually felt cool. Clouds to block the sun. That didn't last. The clouds cleared away and the breeze died and it got hot.

When will I learn? lol

I didn't get heat exhaustion or anything but... It was still pretty warm. I really prefer to go when it is a little later as the sun is going down and I am not going to let that idiot talk me into going earlier, anymore. It is nice to have my walk done for the day, tho. :D


  1. well if you SMELL bacon, then you know I'm on the trail behind you sizzling my butt off!

  2. I'm glad that you survived the heat.

  3. Probably exactly why I would want to go and do the walk early in the a.m. Like 5-ish. Beats the heat and you are done for the day. Not to mention starting your day with the invigoration exercise always seems to bring. Yeah...listen to the couch potato talking...

  4. Bwahahaha! Lanie and Sherry. :D

    Thanks, SM. <3


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