Thursday, August 5, 2010

Welcome to the Dollhouse

That title is apropos of nothing. I just wanted to say it. lol

Happily, my big bad bloat is vanquished for now. I jumped on my scale for my normal Thursday weigh and I am down to 343. Down 6.4. Yes, I know that some of that is fluid loss but I know that a good portion is fat, as well. It feels good to be seeing the number go down, again. Having it stall or go up is frustrating and a bit demoralising. I am holding out hope that next Thursday I will be out of the 340's. That would be acceptable. :)

It is hot today. I had to fire up my A/C a while ago. It was getting hothothot in my house.

And, I got nothing else, right now. I am sleepy my brain is a bit numb as I was up too early. *yawn*


  1. My weight has not gone down much lately, I just finished my period over the weekend...ugh. I am trying to stay on track more with my eating and I exercise every day. But I get frustrated when the scale does not move much.

  2. Congrats on the weight lost. 6 lbs is wonderful..

  3. Congrats on the WL!! Awesome results.

  4. Congrats on the loss, dear. You are doing great! You should go to the and create a ticker for your weight loss. It was very encouraging for me to see that little symbol moving downward to my goal. :)

  5. Holy Crow!! 6.4 lbs. that is AWESOME!!

  6. that's WONDERFUL!

    Shoot me an e-mail if you need me to ship you my size 28W and down because you'll be there in a minute! Would rather give them to you than donate them anonymously.

  7. That's a fabulous loss and I'm rooting for you next Thursday too :)

  8. You're melting! Must be the heat?? lol. How about all the work and effort you're putting into this?

    Your power is like nitro--just a drop is all you need.


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