Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Thank You!!!!!

Thank you all for your love and prayers and wiggles for my FIL. He goes in for his final pre op tomorrow ans his surgery is on Thursday. Providing that all goes well, he should be rocking a new eye and watching TV and reading and walking freely again by the weekend. :D

Katie J, I will be shooting you an e-mail, soon. And thank you so much! :D

I am sorry I was away. I am a little busy. Today was three big loads of laundry and other assorted household duties. I'll have more time, tomorrow. The guys are gone, tomorrow and I don't have a whole lot to do so I can hang. :D

I rested again, yesterday. I am raring to go out and walk, tonight. I am sick of sitting around this house and I feel as if I am rusting. lol I am eating well. Calories and water on are nicely on track. And I seem to have lost some of the bloaty-bloat-bloat. Being not so puffy is lovely. lol

Okay, I don't have a whole lot to yap about, right this second and I really want to go read and catch up with everyone. So, I will be back, later. *hugs!*


  1. Coooool!! Looking forward to getting it.

  2. Rocking a new eye...lol. too funny.
    Here's to a good outcome tomorrow.
    Have fun with laundry.

  3. I so enjoy watching you blossom through your blog. You are so cool, truly!


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