Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Good Morning, Blogland

I hope that everyone is having a good morning. I am waiting for my kettle to boil so that I can have my first cup of coffee. It is sunny and chilly, this AM but it is supposed to warm up to 80 or so this afternoon. Should be a pretty day.

Mmm... Coffee. :D Marley just had his morning pile of Party Mix. He expects his treat every day. He sits up on my washer, meowing, staring at me and licking his lips until he gets his goodies. lol Oh! I have to watch Anderson, today. It's about germy stuff. Should be fun. Pardon me while I set my DVR...

Cripes I need to wake up. I hate mornings.

Okay, I am going to have my java and watch The Biggest Loser. I'll see all of you later. :D

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Holy shit! It's warm, tonight. The windows are open (I am breathing skunk stank, a-fucking-gain!) the fans are going and I am toasty. WTF? We had to run the air for a bit, late this afternoon. It just got too hot in here.

Did someone say it was Fall?

Did they lie? lol

In other news, I don't know if I mentioned that we got a new neighbour. She is nice enough... Not too noisy, her rat dog doesn't bark too much. I can hang with her there. But her SO who is there more and more, he is another story. You see, he is a smoker. *sigh* Another cigarette sucking outside smoking person next door. We got rid of the last ones and now the smoke is once again drifting into my house and choking me. And I can't keep my windows closed because it is too warm and besides, why should I have to?!?! These are non smoking units, damnit!

Technically, he isn't smoking inside, so he isn't breaking the rule of the building but still... Keeping the smoke out of his girlfriend's place is clogging my air with the stuff and I beyond don't appreciate it. It stinks, it triggers my asthma, it can also trigger my migraines, it stinks and I just don't want to breathe it. If I wanted to breathe smoke, I'd go buy a pack and go to it.

Look, I get that he has every right to smoke. He is an adult and can make his own choices. If he chooses to blow out his lungs with cigarettes, that is his deal. But I firmly believe that I have rights, too. And one of those rights is to not have my health and well being jeopardized by his bad habit. One of the reasons we chose to move in her, in the first place was because smoking isn't allowed. We assumed that meant that there was no smoking. At all. Wrong. Apparently, it is perfectly okay for smokers in other units to enjoy their cancer sticks outdoors and send their nasty, noxious, dangerous second hand smoke my way. Blech!

Anywhoozle, we are sick of this condo, sick of sharing a wall, sick of sharing a driveway, sick of neighbours who smoke, sick of three adults cramped into a two bedroom unit... It is just getting to all of us. So, we hashed over the old budget and as long as we don't go too much higher than what we pay now, we figure we can go up about... $200.00 a month or so, we can move. Find a house. A real, honest-to-goodness house. With no connecting walls, no noise from next door, no smoke wafting through my domicile.

We are now in official house hunt mode and the instant we find something, we are out of here. :D Oh, to have a house, again. I am soooo over condo living, I can't even tell you.

I have already begun preliminary preparations. I like an organized, smooth move and I will start a long way out, gathering boxes, packing materials, making lists, sorting, discarding stuff that doesn't matter and I don't want to move, packing up stuff not used on a daily basis and so forth. I am a moving machine, I have done it so many times. lol And I can't wait to move, again.

That is one of the many things we love about being renters. If we get shitty for any reason neighbours or we just get tired of the place we are, we pack up and go. See ya! Wouldn't want to be ya!

I had another good day. White knuckled it in a couple of spots but did right well, overall. Spending time in my sanctuary, swatching and photographing polishes took up time I would have otherwise spent having thoughts I don't need to be having. Keeping busy really does help! A lot! :D

Okay, I think I am yapped out, now. I have to pee and you know what? I am not so much in the mood for the fudge pop, after all. Think I'll just hit the hay.

So, goodnight. :D

Have I Mantioned That I Hate Skunks?

Seriously. They spray around here almost every night. This morning, I was sleeping so nice. Cuddled up with my cat under m blankets, the fresh, chilly air coming in through my bedroom window and Blam! Skunk stank. I had to get up and close my window and come upstairs and do the same. Now my house reeks and I just want to gag.

Fucking skunks. When we first moved into this condo, there were no skunks. We never smelled them. Then it was as is, after some time they managed to follow us down from Highland Pines, found us and are now spraying joyfully. Blech! Go back to the woods where you belong, you little stinly bastards. There is plenty of fresh air out there for you to befoul.

Coffee. It is nectar of the gods. :D

I have laundry to do. The towels are all used up and hubbie needs undies. I also need to finish swatching that new Wet-N-Wild polish collection I picked up, the other day. I still can't believe that I found a LE collection in my Podunk town. You bet I snapped up one of every colour.  :D

Yesterday was another good day. I think? I am on a roll. :)

It is clear and the high is supposed to be 81, today. Just gorgeous. Of course, this time of year I prefer dark, grey cloudy skies and wind and slashing rains. But if I can't have that, I suppose no humidity and 81 degrees and a nice little breeze. That is just about weather that comes from a dream.

Okay, so I think that I have nattered enough, for right now. I'll talk to you all, later. :D

Oh! I think that oatmeal is on the menu for brekkie, this morning.

Monday, October 17, 2011

I'm Still Alive

Really, I am. :p I am a dorkface and I thought that I didn't deserve to blog here because I have still been struggling and wasn't inspirational and blah, blah, blah. Yeah. I am a weird-o. But that is how I roll.

Life here is chugging along as normal. Boring. Stupid. Or I should say, I am boring and stupid, since I have strange ideas about deserving my blog and posting in it. lol I also feel stupid about posting all about my exciting days dusting and doing laundry and taking my dog out to pee. I am not "busy" and interesting and have things to talk about. So I don't.

But I miss my blog and my bloggy buddies and I want to write here.

See? Stupid.

It has been unseasonably warm, here. Like a second Summer. Highs in the eighties, tho it is supposed to gradually cool into the seventies through this week. Nights are gorgeous, cool. Perfect sleeping weather and cat under the covers to be my personal furry little hot water bottle.

So, I had a good day yesterday. I am planning to make today the same. I don't know where my weight is, exactly... My scale battery needs to be changed and I am in no hurry to acquire a new one at the moment. I am afraid of what I will see and that it will shatter me. I know that I am up a few pounds but my jeans still fit so it isn't terrible but still... I am so mad at myself. And I am not giving up! Ever!

Okay so, 'Nuff boring on and on and on. I am going to try to get over this silliness and blog more.

Anyway, hi! :D

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Dear Biggest Loser,

Is it really necessary to torture us with NFL kiss ass episodes?



Laundry day, today. Joy. #eatmysarcasm

Maybe I should e-mail this to my husband. ^^

We finally got some rain! It got windy, yesterday. Huge gusts tore through and ripped the cover off of my grill. It flew away, never to be seen again. When William came home for lunch, I had him move my grill down to the garage. And he got it down there just in time as shortly after he went back to work, the heavens opened up and rain dumped down in buckets. It actually rained for quite a while. If we get some more storms like this, the moisture deficit might just be rectified and the tinder dry land be refreshed. 

Oh shit! I forgot to turn on my dryer. Fucking brilliant. Jeeze!

 New brain, perhaps? 

I think, perhaps, yes. I can't think of another thing to write about.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

October First

 For your viewing and listening pleasure. :D I love this version. And the video is sooo Eighties-licious! :D

Good grief! October first! Already! When did that happen? And why is the year flying by so damned fast? lol I do love October, tho. This is the month when the temps begin to fall. At least... They are supposed to! I mean, it is still unseasonably warm and I had my A/C running, yesterday. It is humid, today and we are expecting thunderstorms, later. I thought that the Monsoon was over?!?!

The guys are off work today but William had to go in to the office and route his crew for today and Monday. Stupid, but that is how they do it. Then William and Patrick with take the in laws or, as Patrick calls them, The Goon Squad out to do all of their weekly shopping.

I skipped walking, yesterday. I had the Migraine from the Bowels of Hell and didn't want to breathe, much try to pound out miles on my feet. No, I haven't gotten new shoes and I won't, for a while. I am just going to make the ones I have work, for now. I think that asking for more shoes right now... Not a great idea. *sigh* Whatever.

Yeah... The sugar free chocs. If I watch how many I nom, I am okay. Overdoing it is a mistake, tho. I only go for the sugar free because the ones with sugar hurt my teeth. I really need to get in to see a dentist. But I hate going to the dentist so. much. that I keep putting it off. And putting it off. I suck! lol I'll go. Probably when driven by pain to do so.

I suppose I should go take a shower and get myself pulled together for the day. I'll talk to you all. later. :)