Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Have I Mantioned That I Hate Skunks?

Seriously. They spray around here almost every night. This morning, I was sleeping so nice. Cuddled up with my cat under m blankets, the fresh, chilly air coming in through my bedroom window and Blam! Skunk stank. I had to get up and close my window and come upstairs and do the same. Now my house reeks and I just want to gag.

Fucking skunks. When we first moved into this condo, there were no skunks. We never smelled them. Then it was as is, after some time they managed to follow us down from Highland Pines, found us and are now spraying joyfully. Blech! Go back to the woods where you belong, you little stinly bastards. There is plenty of fresh air out there for you to befoul.

Coffee. It is nectar of the gods. :D

I have laundry to do. The towels are all used up and hubbie needs undies. I also need to finish swatching that new Wet-N-Wild polish collection I picked up, the other day. I still can't believe that I found a LE collection in my Podunk town. You bet I snapped up one of every colour.  :D

Yesterday was another good day. I think? I am on a roll. :)

It is clear and the high is supposed to be 81, today. Just gorgeous. Of course, this time of year I prefer dark, grey cloudy skies and wind and slashing rains. But if I can't have that, I suppose no humidity and 81 degrees and a nice little breeze. That is just about weather that comes from a dream.

Okay, so I think that I have nattered enough, for right now. I'll talk to you all, later. :D

Oh! I think that oatmeal is on the menu for brekkie, this morning.


  1. Oh my goodness - 81 sounds divine! Enjoy. Stupid skunks. They are one of those animals that seriously serve no purpose.

  2. Sorry about your skunk problem, Erika. We live in the woods and they are always in the road when we leave the neighborhood.

  3. well, at least it didn't spray you! lol. Think I am going to pop on by your nail blog....looks neat.

  4. Draz, I totally agree. They don't do anything but befoul the air I breathe! Gag!

  5. Karen, the nasty little creeps are everywhere. I hate seeing them on the road because that means that we could hit them. Do you know what a direct skunk hit does to a car? Girl, it isn't pretty! lol

  6. Chris, you have point! lol Thank you for popping by my nail blog. :)


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