Friday, July 30, 2010

Ring Around the Tarantula

So, there we were... The only living creatures on the entire Willow Lake trail system. Myself, my two big girlie men a few beetle bugs and, yep. You guessed it. A tarantula.

We had decided to do something a little different today, walk on Kickass Trail from the Jeep to the top of the first nasty, long hard hill. Then we were going to turn around and go back and walk Normal Trail to the next marker, around the big bend. That would net us about an hour of walking and approximately three miles or so in distance. So off we go. Booked it along, got to the turn around point, stopped for a quick breather and drinkies then headed back. As I walked along, rain softly falling, the damp, heavy, still air offering no cooling relief I looked up to see my two guys stopped dead, backs hunched, shoulders rounded and forward, arms in front of them in a defensive posture.

And dead in the middle of the trail a tarantula. I tell the scaredy cats to just go around it. "But, he has his butt in the air!" replied my husband. I rolled my eyes and told him to just go around it, that as long as he gave it some room, it wouldn't bother him. Husband and Son just stood there, quaking in their shoes. I had to push my way past and go around the tarantula first, letting my big, strong guys see that it wasn't going to do anything. After I passed the big spider, Husband followed and quickly passed me, walking up ahead as usual.

Where was Son?

Back the other side of the tarantula. Just standing there, unwilling to go around the thing. We finally convinced him to try and he made a wide path around it, running, jumping and shuddering and flapping his arms as he dashed past me to catch up with his dad.

What a couple of chickens. I am supposed to be the one who is all shuddery and scared and won't go round the big, hairy, scary spider. But no... I am the one who has to lead my two girlie men round the big, hairy, scary spider. lolol

I need a rest day, tomorrow. My hip started yapping at me while I was walking up the first big hill and it was hollering at me by the time our walk was done. Guess it wants to veg for a day. So, I'll let it. lol


Well, well... It's that time again. Time when I have to show all of you just how nutzo I really am. lol (Just in case you hadn't noticed, I tend to abridge the original questions a little. For some reason, copy and paste and Blogger and my puter don't get along so well and I have to sift back and forth and type out the questions, myself. So, while the wording may be a bit different, the spirit of the question remains the same.)

1. What's your favourite genre of movie?

I like comedy, romances and some action flicks. Horror... Not so much. Slasher/slicer flicks don't float my boat.

2. What do you order when you eat Chinese food?

What don't I order? lol But seriously, I adore Chinese food. Fried rice, sweet and sour, moo shoo, goo goo gai pan, chow mien, beef and broccoli, cashew chicken, egg rolls, won tons, shrimp... I would get a wide variety of yummies and just go insane. And have enough for the next day and go insane, again. Can't imagine why I am so frakking fat... ;)

3. What is your take on Swingers? For it? Against? Into it?

While it isn't for me, what consenting adults choose to do behind closed doors is their business.

4. Repeat question: What will you do next week for your physical/mental health?

For my physical health, I am going to try to do two three milers. For my mental health? I don't know... Kill my husband and hide his body in a septic tank?

5. Make someone a star: Whose blog or comment really got to you, this last week?

This sounds like a cop out but you all did. Every one of you. You are all my heroes, my teachers, my gurus and inspirations.

Fage rocks. I have become quite the Greek yoghurt whore. And I want to try every brand. :D

Oh, Draz, the little rattlesnake was really little and he was easy to get away from. He wasn't all that scary. I didn't worry about Mama Snake since baby snakes are on their own, once they are hatched. Every now and then we hear a full blown rattle, but normally it is a ways out in the grasses, not too close to the trails. I imagine that we walk by snakes all the time, they are a lot like the tarantulas, if you leave them be, they will usually return the favour.

Great... Now I am going to be wondering what is lurking in the grasses as I walk by... lol

Summer Challenge Weigh In

As I revealed yesterday, I weighed and it isn't pretty. Up .2 pound. I am firmly in the grips of The Puff Monster. Bleargh! I am so puffy, I didn't even bother to try a follow up, this morning. I am letting yesterday's number stand.

Not upset. (Not much, anyway...;)) I take a modicum of comfort from knowing that this is just fluid. Not fat. I know that the puff will recede and I will be on to smaller and better things. I guess I am going to have to accept a good weigh in or two, then get hit by this nonsense, then a good one or two, again.


As long as my overall numbers trend down, that is what I am working for.

Obligatory scale pic: *gag*

I am dragging serious ass, this morning. I don't know what the hell I did to offend my gallbladder last night, but offended it was. And let me know it. I had dinner a bit late, since we had to hit the trail, then run to the grocery store afterward. By the time we got home, put everything away and I took my shower, it was after eight. I tossed a Healthy Choice lemon pepper fish dinner in the microwave and steamed up the last of my broccoli (shit!!! I forgot to buy veggies... *sigh!* I'll have Husband grab some for me, later) and had that for dinner. I ate, shared my fish with Marley. A little while later Bam!

Pain in my right side. Then it spread across my abdomen just below my diaphragm and just lay there, like a huge rock almost all night long. I was miserable. I couldn't sleep, I couldn't get comfortable, no matter what. Only sitting, scrunched over gave me any relief of that awful discomfort. I felt that if I could just relieve the pressure, I would be okay. It finally eased up a bit around four, this morning and I fell into an exhausted sleep and was up by seven.

Thank God for coffee.

I am okay, this morning. A little residual discomfort but much better. I just need to limp this damned thing along a little longer, until I get some more weight off, then it can let it rip, I'll stagger into the ER and let them yank the miserable thing out.

We saw a little baby rattlesnake on the trail, last night. It was tiny! But definitely a rattlesnake. The colouring, markings and head shape were right. It also had that unmistakable rattlesnake 'tude. It was doubled back and coiled on it's self in perfect strike posture. It was near the end of the trail so we just turned around and left it in peace.

While we were in the store last night, I was reaching for 1% milk (with the exception of fat free half and half, I think that fat free dairy is nasty and I don't bother with the stuff) when my little eye spied Almond Breeze almond milk. I have considered buying it, before but was put off by not knowing if I would like it, as well as the price. The stuff is a tad spendy. But it was on sale and my curiosity got the better of me and I skipped the 1% and went for the almond milk. A cup is 90 calories. It does have some sugar, but since sugar in moderate amounts isn't really a problem for me, I don't mind that. I brought it home and poured a little in a glass to taste and, yum. Mama like. I am really going to enjoy it on my cereal. I tried it in my coffee, this morning but... No. It doesn't lighten and cream my coffee as I like it. I like my coffee very light and creamy, so I will stick to fat free 1/2 and 1/2 for that.

I was cruising for Greek yoghurt in the store and they had Chobani on sale, but of course, the only flavour I really like was all gone. So, I grabbed a couple of cartons of Fage. This brand is new to my area. It was also on sale and I thought it was worth giving it a try, since I have read such good thing about it on the blogs. It has two compartments, one with yoghurt and one with fruit to add. I appreciate the concept. I hope that I like it.

Okay, I think I have bored on long enough and I am wanting another cup of coffee. No... Strike that. I need another cup of coffee. lol

Later, lovely ones.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Puff Strikes Again

On the scale this morning. I knew that the number wouldn't be what I wanted to see. I am puffy. I think that all that salt in the brine... Not such a good thing, after all. I will try it with a lot less salt. I also ate too many pretzels, yesterday. So, sodium and carb bloat, here I am. Oh, the number? Up .2 pound. Puff. *bleck!* I know it isn't fat gain... Besides the pretzels, I have been on track and I have been walking. I am just puffy.

How many times can I assert I am puffy in one paragraph? lol

The Storm Gods are rumbling around, right now. The sky is dark grey, thunder is rumbling and the wind is picking up, cool ahead of the rain that will be falling soon. I love storms. :D

It is laundry day, today. Four frakking loads. So. Much. Fun. I forgot to start up the dryer and my darks were just sitting there, wet and still. I need a new brain.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Defy the Storm Gods

And walk. At least, that is what I wanted to do. By the time we got out to the lake, today the sky over the Eastern sky was a deep, ominous grey-black. Lightening flashed and danced in the clouds and streaked to the ground, thunder rumbled quietly, powerfully in the distance. As we walked down Normal Trail, a rainbow moved at the fore of the storm, marking it's progress.

As we passed the first half mile post, the wind was cooling rapidly and had picked up to a brisk blow. Rain was on it's way and as we looked to the end of the trail where we normally turn around, it was dark down there. Husband decided that he really wanted to turn around. I wanted to go on. He was determined to avoid the storm and I wanted to walk into the teeth of it. I don't fear storms. I probably should. I know very well the power they hold and unleash upon the Earth. But I am not afraid of them. I never have been. I don't worry about being struck by lightening. Stupid, I know. But there it is. Had I been alone, I would have gone on. And I would have accepted and reveled in whatever came my way.

We turned around and got back to where the Jeep was parked and decided to walk a little way up Kickass Trail to get some more distance before the storm reached us. Thing is, that sucker was moving faster than we thought it was and just a few minutes later, we turned around and started back to the car as the sky turned suddenly black and the light went yellow. A few big, fat raindrops hit us on the way back to the car but we didn't get poured on.

I tried something today. I tried to jog a little. I just wanted to see if I was physically capable of it. I was. I walked faster and faster then suddenly just allowed my gait to lift to a jog of sorts. Granted, it wasn't pretty to look at, sad, shambling, flat footed, heavy parody that it was. And it didn't last very long. But I felt strangely pleased with myself, all the same.

 My hip isn't at all pleased with me, tonight. lol The increased force, just from that pathetic little attempt has it hollering at me, tonight. I won't attempt it again for a long time. I don't dare, if I want to be able to walk, at all.

I have heartburn... Too much Tabasco in my soup, perhaps?  *burp* Anyone have some Tums? lol

Brine... It Isn't Just For the Salty Old Sea, Anymore

Good morning, lovebugs. It is a cloudy, clammy Monsoon Morning, here. And while I am loving the occasional rain, this humidity is driving me absolutely batshit! On a stick.

Brining is a method of infusing meat that would ordinarily become very dry and chewy, like white meat chicken and turkey with flavour and moisture so that it cooks up much more tender and juicy. Now, a word of warning here, raindrops; (I stole that one from Draz ;)) brining does infuse a good bit of salt into the meat so if you are a lo sodium type of person, brining isn't for you. Brining works because salt, in suspension in water is able to actually pass through and penetrate the fibers of the muscle tissue, filling it with moisture. There is probably a scientific term for it but I am not familiar with it.

Anyhoozle, brining is easy as being pushed off your chair. And it doesn't take a lot of ingredients. Here is how I make mine. Oh, another word of warning: when I cook, I don't measure. Anything. Just about ever. I just throw shit together and hope for the best. Probably one reason why I am not much of a cook... ;) lol

In a largish mixing bowl, preferably glass, ceramic or enameled metal combine about a cup or so of very, very hot water, some regular table salt, a few tablespoons-ish, I toss in some seasoned salt, probably in the neighbourhood of a tablespoon or so and stir them to dissolve. Then I add the juice of a lemon or two, a few good shakes of soy sauce, a few good dashes of Tabasco and a handful of dried onion flakes or about a half a fresh onion, grated and grind in some fresh cracked black pepper. Add cold water and ice to cool the mixture and bring it to the level that it will completely cover the meat you are brining. It is essential that the brine be very cold and that all of the meat will be fully immersed.

Add the meat, making sure it is down in all the way and cover and toss it in the fridge. You will want to leave it in there for at least an hour. The longer, the better. I brined my latest chicken overnight and wow! The juiciness. Then, when you are ready to cook your meat in your manner of choice, just pick it out with tongs, let it drain a bit and fire it up. Throw the brine away, it is not reusable. If you don't want to brine in a bowl, you can also use gallon size zipper food bags. Just be sure to push out as much if the air as possible and flip the bag at least once, about halfway through the brining process. Oh! And don't forget to lay it in a large, high sided baking pan before putting it in your fridge. You don't want raw chicken juices dripping on your salad greens... *puke*

You can add any seasonings, herbs, spices, you like. I would put in a ton of garlic, if Husband weren't so anti garlic. You can add orange juice, lime, whatever. The sky and your imagination are the limit, here. Play with it and see what makes your taste buds go "Oh, yeah!" I mostly grill my chicken, but brining works for baking, broiling and frying, too. Done on a larger scale, brining transports your Thanksgiving turkey from just good to fabulous. :D

I hope that you will give brining a try.

Is that anything like giving peas a chance?

Are you thinking it is time to haul my ass off the stage with that big hook thingy?

Can I just say, "Thank God for spell check?"

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Can I get an Amen!?!?!

I really don't have a hell of a lot to yap about, right now. I have a few thoughts stewing but they aren't fork tender, yet.

My day is going pretty well. I did nosh on some pretzel sticks and mustard (200 calories worth... Yes, I did weigh them.) and then followed that up with a 100 calorie Klondike ice cream sandwich. I am snacking a bit more, lately. I think I need to make popcorn, rather than grabbing pretzels or lo cal ice cream. I am not blowing my calorie limit but I am blowing my calories... If you know what I mean.

My hips have spoken and I must obey. Today is a rest day.

Brining chicken overnight results in tender, juicy, moist and flavourful yum.

Husband just got home, I need to run.

Later, gators. :D

Monday, July 26, 2010

A Pretty Danged Decent Day

I ate fairly well. I am going to shimmy in just under 1500 for the day. We went out and did our two out at the lake this evening. We hit the trail later, after the sun was going down and there were clouds and a breeze and it was in the 70's. The rising humidity made it feel warmer than it was but it was still pretty nice.

There were a lot of people on the trails, tonight. We ran into a lot of the usual people and dogs we see and hellos and pats to canines were exchanged. There were two big, buff young guys running, coming toward us as we walked along. They were running abreast. Now, trail etiquette dictates that when you meet someone, you keep to the right and if in a pair or group, go single file and share the trail equally. Well, these two must think that these rules don't apply to them. They didn't move over one whit for Husband and Sun who were up ahead of me. They stayed abreast while Husband and Son went single file and moved over a bit to share room. I saw this and got irritated, indeed. Now, I am perfectly happy to move aside a bit for someone who shows some courtesy, but those two weren't going to get one frakking inch from me. I just kept on chugging my considerable space hogging self along and I didn't move over a bit. And, as they passed me, the one closest to me almost brushing against me, I snapped, "Nice way to share the trail, jerks!" I hope that they heard me and perhaps will do better in future. But I am not holding my breath. Some people just don't have a courteous bone in their body.

Assholes aside, tho it was a nice walk. I think that my condition is improving. I am breathing more easily as I go along, only puffing when I hit inclines. This is good, methinks. :D I was ready to go a bit farther, today but Husband was done after two. *shrugs*

I may need a rest day, tomorrow. My hip is hollering at me a bit, tonight. We'll see how I feel, tomorrow. :)

Oh, I was putting on my bra, earlier while getting ready (I don't wear a bra around the house, I have such heavy breasts that a bra is torture for me and I only wear one if We have company over or I go out) and as I got the girls settled in their cups, I looked down and noticed that I now have loose, rippled, empty skin when my breasts are up in position. Which means that my boobs are shrinking. Woo Hoo!!!!!!! I hope to be in a smaller bra in a couple of months or so. I have two fairly pretty ones in very nice condition put away just waiting for further shrinkage to occur. :D I can't wait to throw this current over the shoulder boulder holder away.

Okay, I need to wrap this yak fest up, now. My brain is on empty. Have a great night. Stay cool, stay on your track. *hugs!*

Someone Needs a Hug

Dearest readers, if you haven't popped by Drazil's blog yet today, could you drop by, read her latest entry and give her a big hug? Methinks she could really use it, right about now.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Oh. My. Gawsh! I have 100 followers!

*happy dance*

Thank you all for being willing to come around, follow and read my natterings. I appreciate all of you so much.

So... Today was a pretty good day. Better for knowing that it was Husband's last day of vacation. He goes back, tomorrow! At last.

Son is off tomorrow. I think that if it is not storming, I may ask him if he would be kind enough to give the dog a quick bath. I would do it, but if I can get someone else to... ^^

We walked at the lake, today. Two miles on Normal Trail. We went a little earlier than I really wanted to go. But it was a little cooler, a tad less humid and there was a breeze. And the sun hid behind thick clouds, part of the time so it wasn't all unrelentingly miserable.

No more cans of olives for me. I opened a can, earlier and had a few with lunch. Then this afternoon, I ended up eating the rest of them. *sigh* One of those things I can't leave alone. If I am going to get olives, I need to get the little tiny cans of slices. That way, if I eat all of them, it is fewer calories. *oink*

Busy day, today. I did a ton of laundry. Finally got my final load (towels) in and was giving a sigh of relief when Husband went in and took a shower and asked if it was too late to get his sweats washed. I almost strangled him. Of frakking course it was too late! But I just smiled (through gritted teeth) and put his sweats, towel and underwear along with the hand towel out of the bathroom and the dishcloth and dish towel in the kitchen in the washer and ran yet another little load. Why couldn't he have taken his shower just a little earlier. It isn't as if he didn't know that the towels were supposedly my last load.

I have chicken for tomorrow for dinner. I think it will go on my gas grill, provided it isn't raining. Grilled bird sounds good.

Okay, I have absolutely nothing else to talk about, right now so I think I will close this entry and go read your blogs. :D

Saturday, July 24, 2010

How To Get Heat Exhaustion

1. Be really heavy and in not so good shape.

2. Decide to go walk the hardest stretch of the Willow Lake Trail System ~~ three+ miles ~~ (what I call Kickass Trail) in 90 degree heat and 40% humidity in late afternoon with the sun beating relentlessly down on you almost every step of the way.

By the time we got back to the Jeep, I was nearly staggering, my head was spinning a little bit and I was running sweat, boiling hot and yet had brief chills. By the time we got home, I was nauseated, dizzy and my eyeballs were twitching. Husband sat me down on my little sofa under my air vent, put a fan on me full blast and pressed a bottle of cold water into my hand. I sat there, sweaty and hot for over half an hour, unable to move. I knew I was normalizing when my eyes stopped twitching, my head stopped spinning and I started feeling cold with the air and fan blowing on me.

A shower has never felt so good in my life! I was covered in dried sweat and itchy as hell. I almost cried with delight when that cool water hit my skin! lol I have since had dinner and recovered further and I feel much better, now.

Lesson learned. No more hard walks too early in the day when it is hot and the sun is beating down. At least not until I have lost a lot more poundage and am in better condition. Walking will continue to be done as the sun is setting or when it is cloudy and cooler. lol

Even Husband and Son had a tougher time, today. We all took a few brief breath catchers and drinkies breaks both out and back. We ran into a gal with a dog who was just getting going on our way back. She wasn't familiar with the trail system and I was happy to answer her questions. When she learned that the trail didn't loop all the way round the lake, but went out and back, she decided to return to her car, stating that she wanted to be lazy. I really wanted to ask her to walk with us a ways. I think that she wanted to walk, but was intimidated by the mileage. I really wanted to share with her that if I can walk two or three miles, at my size, she could do it, too! She was plump, but certainly nowhere near as large as I. She could have done it easily. I kind of regret not asking her along. I really feel as if I should pay it forward a bit, you know? Maybe she will decide that a couple of miles are totally doable, after all and we will see her out there. :D

So, anyway, as we were finally nearing the end of our walk, about a half mile from the Jeep, there is a bench by the side of the trail that overlooks a pretty view. As I topped the last rise and rounded the corner, I looked up (I was staring at my feet, by that point, I so didn't want to see how far I had to go, I just had to keep one foot going in front of the other) to see my two pussy girlie men sitting on that fucking bench!!!!! Had I had the energy, I would have gone thermonuclear on their asses! How dare they? lolol

Methinks tomorrow, we will go much later and just do Normal Trail.

My ass is tired. lol

But I also feel good, since I did a hard workout, too.

Funny how that works, huh? :D

Okay, so for dinner, I had a Boca burger with 2% cheese, on a thin bagel with a little light mayo and lettuce, onion and tomato. Nom nom nom. I had some cantaloupe to go with it. Husband and Son ate beef burgers with big piles of mac and cheese form the blue box. I think I had the better dinner. And I still have plenty of calories for something chocolaty and sweet. A fudge pop or a sugar free pudding with a little Redi-Whip... Mmmm... Decisions, decisions.

Yawn! I should sleep well, tonight. :)

Friday, July 23, 2010


I was mindlessly surfing around the interwebz the other day and happened upon a bloggish type of site about health/nutrition. I don't remember which one it was... Must not ave been that great, since it made so little an impression on me. I do remember one thing I read there, tho. That calorie counting is now "the hot thing" in weight loss and dieting. So, does that mean that those of us who count calories are now "in"? Are we the "it girls/guys" of dieting and weight loss? Is carb counting now "soooo last season"? Is it okay to eat bread, pasta and potatoes, again? Providing we count the calories, of course... ;) lol

I have been at this game, on and off for the better part of my life. I have seen a lot of weight loss methods come raging into vogue and then die fast and quiet as the newest thing hits the airwaves. I can recall carb counting having two major heydays. Calorie counting, several. There was the whole Low Fat Movement (in which calories were never mentioned!) that helped result in America becoming one of the fattest countries on the face fo the planet. Different forms of weight loss surgery seem to cycle on and off our radar. From what I am seeing here on the blogs, bands are hot and much loved. But will they remain the fair haired child of weight loss surgery? Or will something innovative, sexy and oh, so effective bump them out of favour and out of the hearts of those who love and have them?

We are a strange and fascinating species. We want the best. The newest. That which is perceived to be better and desired.

But who makes these determinations? Who sets the fashions of weight loss? Who are the unseen designers strutting this year's method down the runway before our ever seeking eyes and desperate, sobbing hearts?

I am endlessly entertained by weight loss methods waxing and waning in popularity. Coming in and going out. Netting the architects of these methods untold billions of dollars and driving us all crazier than a belfry full of bats.

The bottom line is, whether you have surgery or not, count calories, carbs, fat grams or points; if you take in less food energy than you need to fuel your bod, if you add a little exercise and work to get your head and your shit straight, you will lose weight. It is that simple.


It is that maddeningly complicated.

*I just want to make it clear that I am just ruminating and rambling, here. I am not, in any way, shape or form laying criticism on anyone for any method she/he decides to use to lose weight. I follow and support people who, like me have not had surgery and are counting calories. I follow and support those who have had surgery. Or count carbs. Or do Weight Watchers. Or Medifast. I am very much a live and let live kinda girl. And if it is working for you, if it is enhancing your health and getting you to your goal, even if it isn't my personal choice, you are going to have me in your corner, cheering you every step of the way.*


Those Boca burgers I have? I forgot to mention that they have cheese in them. If you have never tried a veggie burger, fear it not, Grasshopper. I thought that they were going to be nasty. They actually remind me a lot of a turkey burger. But a little softer. A bit less "chewy". And amazingly tasty. I have the black bean Morningstar Farms on my list to try, too. I also would like to pick up the veggie crumbles, some taco mix, lo cal cheese, sour cream, tortillas. Yes... Mama is jonesing for tacos. And I think I know how to make them yummy and healthy, too. :D

I didn't do BYOC, this week. I am in a weird mood. (When am I not? ;)) I am also trying to come up with enough material to do my award tell alls.

I didn't walk, today. I had to rest, again. Gah!!! I should be out and pounding the trail, tomorrow. As long as it isn't storming... We had a good storm, today. Lots of thunder, lightening and rain today.

Okay. 'Nuff of this shit. I have to pee and move around a little my hip is yelling at me. lol

Oh! I think I got everyone who follows me, whose blogs links I could find faved, followed and added to my blogroll. If I have missed you, it is because I couldn't find a link to your blog, if you have one. If you would like me to pop in, follow and add you, please drop me a comment or e-mail at the addy in my profile with a url and I will be there and you will be added. :D


Bye! <3<3

Summer Challenge Weigh In

Hello! *looks around, dusts away cobwebs and hears echoes* Is anyone still doing this challenge? Or am I an idiot swimming out here on my own? lol

Well, just in case, here is my scale shot for this week.

Down another 3 pounds. And below the big 350. That is a big bite out of my overall needed to be lost. And a big confidence booster. If I can get fifty off, I can get the next fifty off. I just have to keep it all in perspective, stay on track and not allow myself to get overwhelmed.

Don't sweat the petty stuff.

And don't pet the sweaty stuff. ;)

If this challenge has gone by the wayside, I can live with that. But I would like to know, so that I don't continue being an idiot, posting challenge updates that are no longer necessary. lol

One good thing has come from this challenge, whether it lives or not... I am no longer afraid to get on my scale each week. That was a big hurdle for me to get over. It was my six foot triple oxer. And I have cleared it handily. :D

I have also overcome my fear of non meat burgers. Boca burgers are tasty. I grilled one on my Foreman grill for dinner, last night. Had it on a thin bagel with some light mayo, a little mustard, lettuce, tomato and onion. I also had a little 2% cheddar cheese. I have come to the conclusion that fat free cheese is nasty and I don't like it. Like mayo or sour cream or cream cheese, if I am going to eat these things, I am going to enjoy them, not choke them down. Which means that I choose the light, rather than the fat free versions. I just have to carefully watch my portions and accept the slightly higher calories that go with them. Something I am perfectly willing to do, for the yumminess.

My veggie burger last night was a direct response to an insane craving for a cheeseburger. After our walk, yesterday I had the biggest, craziest craving for a big, juicy, greasy, hot, glorious cheeseburger. I could see it, smell it, taste it in my brain. And I wanted it. I didn't want 800 to 1200 calories, tho. My veggie cheeseburger was tasty and all for only 365 calories. And it really calmed that wild want swirling within.

It is cool, cloudy, rainy and humid as hell, this morning. Yesterday we drove around for almost an hour waiting for the lightening to stop hitting and the downpour to lighten up so that we could walk. I don't mind rain, but lightening? No thank you. That shit can do some serious damage to your bod. I do not want to get struck.

Okay, so I am nattering.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

So... Pictures

I did pictures. I am not sure why, now. I don't see any difference. I know that there is a difference. I can see it in my mirror and feel it but in photos, I look largely the same.

4/6/10 Approximately 390-something pounds. (Before I had a scale.)

7/22/10 349.2 pounds. Fifty pound down since February.

Dang it! I can't move pics around in my post to save my fraakking life. Guess that is something else I need to work on. lol

Okay, so anyway, there they are. Before and currents. *sigh* I hate taking and posting pics of myself. Hopefully that will become less distasteful as I progress. Right now, it is torture. lol

Yes. I am aware that I am neglecting my duties as a good recipient of blog awards. I will do my trivia and pass them along. I promise. I am just trying to come up with enough useless facts about me. ;) lol

A Decidedly Unpuffy Day


I jumped on my scale. I'll re-post my weight tomorrow for the Summer Challenge. (Is that challenge still going or has it faded away and I am the only idiot out here still doing it? lolol)


That's right, kiddies. Your Queen is now below 350. It feels good to get under that number. I feel as if I am on a downhill slide, now. Getting to 350 felt like a long, hard uphill slog but now I know that progress is being made and I am starting to cruise.

Yes, I remember that I owe a photo shoot. And I will get to it. I need batteries for my camera. I had just enough juice to take and upload my scale pic, this morning. *stupid batteries*

I might take a new face pic, too. I see a bit of a difference and I want to see if it translates to a photograph. :D

I want to give thank yous and hugs for your support in my recent post. I don't normally talk about such things but I just needed to blow a bit. Better here than screaming at someone who doesn't deserve my wrath. I don't hate my husband. He is a good man who tries hard to be a good husband. I just don't feel for him as a wife should feel for her husband. And I grow very weary of living in a marriage I don't want. When this does implode, I want it to happen in such a way that we both come out relatively unscathed and able to move on as friends, not enemies. I just need to hang in a while longer. Anyway, I appreciate your support and sharing. It really does help and lends me strength to keep on keeping on.

Okay, time to get me some brekky. Methinks oatmeal, this morning. Maybe a little cantaloupe, too.

Later. :D

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Twenty-Nine Minutes

That is how long it took me to pound out two miles, today. I felt great and was actually kind of raring to go farther. I think it may be time to start extending my distance, again. Maybe for a while I can alternate longer and regular distances and see how my poor old bod holds up.

After my last near week of higher calorie days, I think I finally got my shit together. I am nicely back on track and under my target range a tad. I'll get back to where I am supposed to be. Just adjusting.

Okay. Where the heck is the rain? We get humid, nasty mornings, a few towers go up, then fizz... The air dries out and the wannabe storms die fast and quiet. And meanwhile it is raining like crazy up in Flagstaff.

No fair!

I want rain!!!

And thunder and lightening and wind!

And rain!!!

*stamps foot and flounces into the kitchen to get a fudge pop*

Good night, Lovebugs. <3 <3

Um... Yeah...

This has kinda been me, the last few days. I have been a bit... "Snacky" for want of a better word. Except for the day before yesterday, my calories have been brushing the 1800 range. Yikes. Seriously... Yikes! I feel a little as if I am teetering on the edge, here and I am not liking the sensation.

Yes, I totally get the choice is mine. That no one is holding a gun to my head when I decide to get a bowl of pretzels or snack out of the BBQ potato chip bag. At least I measure what I am noshing on and I log the food and calories. So... What does that make me? An honest binger? lol What the fuck?

I think I am trying to drug a little. In fact I know I am. Husband and I are at cross purposes a good deal of the time. We snipe and snap at one another. Everything he does annoys me to the point that when I see/hear him I want to either throw up or pull a weapon on him. I think that he is getting to the point where he is feeling much the same about me, too. I just don't think that he is willing to admit it, yet. Yes, I think our marriage is nearing meltdown phase and will one day go into critical mass. I honestly don't see us together five years from now. In fact, once I am able to get out in the world, again, get a decent job and have a little of myself back... I don't see it surviving much past that point. I have been done for a long time. But I have hung on for different reasons. Our son was a kid and needed both parents. I made a commitment and I had to honour it. We are embroiled in a Chapter 13, right now. I can't go anywhere or work while we are still in the plan without seriously mucking up the delicate balance that is a 13. But we only have a year and half to go on that... I can do anything I have to do as long as I have to do it. I am strong and stubborn, that way. lol

So. Anyhoodle. I am feeling a little stronger in the gourd, today. And I am renewed in my purpose to stay better on track. My snacking doesn't seem to have hurt anything. In fact, if anything I seem to be seeing more shrinkage. When I bend over, I am seeing a bit of saggy stuff forming on my stomach. And my thighs feel looser and "squishier". My body felt smaller when I showered, this morning. But I don't want to allow myself to fall back into that destructive pattern of using food for purposes for which it was never really meant to be used. Food is fuel. Not my daily happy pill. Happiness comes from within me. Not from something I take out of a bag or box, shove in my mouth, chew and swallow.

I have had two much needed days of rest and my hips feel better. I am raring to hit the trails, tonight. :D

It is hot and humid and we should be getting a thunderstorm, today. Maybe it will rain while we are on the trail. I love walking in the rain. <3

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Busted Down Old Cart Horse

Or so I thought...

My hip was singing tonight out on the trail and I thought for sure that I was seriously dragging ass. Turns out, my walk was done in 37 minutes. Not too shabby. Not too shabby at all. :D

It was hot and humid, tonight but the humidity is beginning to dry up a bit, the sun was behind clouds and only peeked out after we were almost done and there was a nice breeze so it wasn't too bad. Still got a sweaty ass, tho.

Today I saw the first evidence that horse riders use the trails too. A big pile of road apples in the middle of the trail. Dude! When your horse takes a dump in the middle of the trail, jump down and kick it out of the way, can't you? Geesh!

So yeah... My hips. I need a couple of days off. So I am going to take them. This next week is going to be a little spotty in regards to walk opportunities I'll get as many miles as I can, starting Wednesday.

Lordy! I am tired. Hopefully I will get a nice, uninterrupted, centipede in my smoke detector free night of sleep. *yawn*

Wet Pet

Sabryna had a nice bath, today then spent some time out on the deckony, getting dry. She has such a thick, heavy coat that it takes her a long time to dry completely after her bath. She is in now (yes, when she was out to dry she had shade, water and she was wet and there was a breeze, she was just fine :)) and still very damp in spots. She looks much better, smells good and is madder than a wet hen. She will wake up from her nap, turn to me and give me the hairy eyeball. Even tho Husband was the one who drenched her smelly ass. lol

Here she is, all wet.

Answers To Comments

And so forth. :D

Amey, I was up until about midnight. We ate a little later and I don't like to hit the sack on a freshly filled tummy. :D I cope with the AZ heat by using A/C. It is a necessity, here. Not a luxury. And don't let anyone tell you that just because we live at higher elevation (Prescott is at 5000 feet) it doesn't get stupid hot. Not as hot as The Valley, but it gets hot. lol

I am wearing Reebok walking shoes that I bought back in 1999. They are good quality shoes and have served me well but have been wearing out for a while. Now that I am putting some serious miles on them, that wear is increasing exponentially.

Sherrypoppet, Tee hee. Thanks, sweetie! <3

Dayumn, Lanie! Bees?!?! In your dryer vent? Yikes!!! Those little monsters will nest just about anywhere, won't they? We have the Africanized bees, here and they love to use houses, attics, vents and other openings for their homes. *shudder* "Allergic to discomfort"... I like that! I'll have to remember that one. I have no doubt that you will earn those new shoes in no time. :D

Mandy, I am looking at Easy Tones. I like Reebok shoes. I have always had good luck with that brand. Comfortable, long lasting, good support. When I worked in a job that kept me on my feet all day, I depended on my Reeboks to keep me working. :D I am also looking at the Sketchers version or I might just get another pair of regular old walking shoes. There is a pair of Ryka shoes (on I really like the look of. I have time... My shoe money went into my dryer. lol And I totally agree, Sears sucks! Sadly, they have really gone downhill in recent years. I remember the days when they had wonderful customer service. (Why yes, I am a dinosaur. Why do you ask?lolol) For the price and quality and level of service you might as well go to WalMart. *shrugs*

Jo, I am happy I could amuse you. :D :D

Draz, Ten hours on a motorcycle in this heat? You must be extra crispy. I hope that you had a good time, tho. :D

Don't think I will do that all the time. I am a sloth blogger. Sad and tragic. But true. *hangs head*

I have two point two pounds to go until I have to do a new photo shoot. I am thinking about doing it in my walk gear. We'll see how crazy/daring I am feeling when the time comes.

Well chickens, it is hotter than the hinges here again today. We finally turned the air off and threw open the windows about two this morning and had to fire it back up by nine, when it was already 85 degrees here in our little condo. Blech! I like not the Dog Days.

And why, you might ask were we up at two in the morning? *Open gutter, insert mind.* No, not so much. It was our smoke alarm. Beeping madly. Husband and I got up and carefully searched and sniffed and looked and felt walls. No smoke. No burning smells. No flames or indication of flames. No hot walls. But the stupid thing kept going off. Husband ran downstairs to Son's area. No problems down there. What the hell was it? Finally, Husband took the smoke detector down as much as he could (it is hard wired) and we see this icky thing wiggling around, poking in and out of the detector. It was a little centepede in there, crawling around, goofing with the sensors and setting the damn thing off. Husband caught and flushed the little miscreant and we had blessed silence, again.

While I was up, I folded and hung up and put away a load of laundry, put the dog out to pee and do her doodies and hit the bathroom, myself. Then I had to lie in bed and read for a while before I could get back to sleep. Stupid centepede.

It is buggy, this year. More so than last year. We have seen two tarantulas on the trails, so far. And should be seeing more as the season progresses. It is almost Tarantula Season of Love. That time when they all come out, looking for a mate and getting squashed on the roads. We also saw a dead chipper on the trail yesterday. Rigor mortis, stiff as a board. Poor little thing. Don't know what got it.

I need to clip and file my toenails. My feet have lengthened a little since I bought my shoes and they hit the ends as I walk. I have to kind of curl my toes a little and hit the heels on the ground to set my feet back a bit. I need a half size larger. Nice. As if my big old land yaught feet weren't big enough, already.

Well, I need to get the filler part of the dog's bed into the dryer with some dryer sheets to freshen it up. I already washed and dried the removable cover. Husband is going to give her a good bath. Dirty old mutt needs one. lol She is going to be pissed. She hates taking a bath. Sabryna is a lot like a cat, in that respect. lol

Okay... Off my arse. I'll see all you loverly people, later.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Nothing Like a River of Sweat

Soaking your ass cheeks inside your beginning to bag cotton granny panties to really make you appreciate just how frakking hot, humid and nasty the evening really is.

When we headed out to the lake, tonight it was still in the nineties and so humid I swear I wanted to wring my hair out. No lovely, cooling rain and wind today. Just sun, heat and heavy, oppressive air. Rather than letting it bother me and make me miserable, I remembered something I read in Draz's blog and I invited the heat and humidity to walk with me. To warm me and make me sweat. It did as invited. lol

I am beginning to feel a little beat up and I am going to need a rest day, pretty soon. I'll take one when I need it. I am not going to let my calendar dictate what my bod needs. :D

I was almost halfway tempted to shine on tonight's walk but I knew I had to go. I needed to burn off the 200 calories worth of BBQ chips I decided to nosh on then the extra handful of almonds that followed the chips. I paid for the almonds. I keep forgetting that with my gallbladder, nuts don't make me insides happy. Need to remember that and lay off the nuts.

After a great deal of frustration and repeated attempts to get through to a living human being on the convoluted, frustrating sucking void that is Sears automated phone system thingy, I finally called a local appliance dealer and repair place (a Maytag place) that has a rep for carrying parts for a wide variety of brands and angel choirs singing in the background as the very friendly and helpful lady on the line (yes!!! An actual, live person!!!) informed me that they do, indeed carry the heating element that my dryer needed and even better, had it in stock. Husband ran down and picked it up. The gal that worked there had already gone and brought it up tot he front so it was all ready to go when he got there. So, after spending $62.00 and a little time with Husband huddled behind my dryer, I am happily fluffing and folding, once again. :D

I will never attempt to get a part for anything from Sears, again. They make it too fucking difficult and don't seem to give a rat's ass about their customers. Well, fine, I no longer give a rat's ass about contributing to their bottom line. I am not boycotting Sears but I will choose to shop elsewhere unless they are running a screaming sale. And I have coupons. And whatever I buy will never, ever, ever require any service of any kind.

It is amazing how much crud accumulates behind a dryer. When Husband pulled it out, under and behind the dryer was lint, dirt, dust, dog food, cat litter and a spider. All of the crud got swept up and the spider got sent to his final reward. I am happy to have it all cleaned up back there. Now to get him to pull out and clean behind and under my washer... :p

I was kind of hoping that a new pair of walking shoes would become mine, this week. Oh well. My old ones still have a few miles left in them. And I really needed that heating element. I can't have a clothes line, here so I depend on my dryer.

I grilled chicken and summer squash for dinner. It was of nom, nom, nom. I a snacking on ripe, red, sweet cherries, right now.

Stupid bugs, anyway! We have more bugs, this Summer than last year. Blech!

Thank you, Sherry!

I just caught up with your blog and I saw this and I am so touched and thankful that you wanted to give this to me. :D

I'll get to the sharing of ten things, soon. I have to run, right now.

But... Squeee!

Friday, July 16, 2010

A Walk and a Shower

At the same time. :D

We went out to the lake and did our usual two miles on Normal Trail. As we walked a light, steady rain and a light, steady wind helped to freshen what would have otherwise been very oppressive air and kept us cooler and more comfortable. The sky was a deep black/grey to the South shading to a lighter grey to the North. There were a few breaks and small slices of pale blue showed through the overcast. It was a lovely afternoon for a nice walk.

Because it was cloudy and a little cooler, we were able to go a little earlier. We were done and home by seven. A nice change of pace. We have been going later to avoid the worst of the heat.

I had tossed a load of towels into my dryer earlier and when I went to check on them they were still wet and cold. I guess that the damned heating element has gone out on my dryer. *sigh* As if I need that, right now. I am hoping that a heating element isn't going to cost much. I shouldn't need to pay a repair guy, BIL is handy and if I remember correctly has replaced heating elements in my SIL's dryer. Shit. Damn thing would crap out on me in the middle of a major laundry session. Husband has to tote everything over to MIL's and toss it in her dryer. What a pain.


I am hungry and I think I am going to search out some dinner. I'll see you later, poppets.


It's time for another BYOC.

1. What is the oddest diet you have ever tried or which one has been successful for you?

For me, low carb. It actually worked, for the few months I was on it. The problem with low carb is that it isn't sustainable for me. I  like it for a while but I am not happy on it long term.

2. Do you prefer baths or showers?

Baths. But getting up and down in a tub right now.. Not happening. I can't wait until I can, again. I miss my long, hot baths.

3. What is your favourite breakfast food?

Damn... What isn't? lol I think if pressed I would have to say toast. I looove toast!

4. What is your least favourite word?

Rape. I doubt any explanation is necessary.

5. Which blog or comment touched you this week?

This week, it is all about my lovely peeps who read and follow my blog. The wonderful, supportive words you take the time to share with me overwhelm me with gratitude and lift me up and keep me moving forward. Every one of you are a superstar, in my book! <3<3<3 :D

Crazy enough for you? :D

Summer Challenge Weigh In

Weigh in time!

And the verdict is...

Down another 2.2 pounds.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Okay, I think I am Crazy

We finally got out to the lake to walk. Hips were okay, no real discomfort. I was able to stride out and really make tracks We walked a mile and a half tonight. By the time we got out there, it was already getting dark and we barely had enough time to get as far as we did before it got almost too dark to see where we were going. It felt good to move, again. I kept up with the boys, for the most part. We kept to the flatter parts of Normal and Kickass trails and it was easier on my poor old bod. :D

After our walk, I did something so totally out of character for me. I went right from the trail to the grocery store. No stopping at home for a shower, first. No putting on makeup, doing my hair all up, dressing, perfume and jewellery. Just me. No makeup, hair up in a bun, (where it lives 90% of the time) old knit capris showing the puff, layered tanks, complete with my big assed arms showing, starting to form bat wings included.

And ya know what?

I survived.

No one pointed or stared or ran screaming into the night. Children's faces weren't covered to shield them from the horror before them. I felt very daring and a little confident, too. I still have no plans to go everywhere bare faced and everything hanging out, that way. But I now know that it won't kill me if I have to on occasion.

Oh, Breyer's Smooth and Dreamy chocolate and caramel ice cream sandwiches? Yum! Not quite Skinny Cow, but respectable. I grabbed some at the store, tonight and had one after dinner. The ice cream was nice. Very smooth and creamy, decent chocolate flavour and there was some lovely caramel swirled through it. The "cookies" could be a little better. I found them to be too dry and a bit on the flimsy side. But they were nice and chocolaty. I'd buy them, again. :D

Bleargh! Husband is watching Planes, Trains and Automobiles. AGAIN!!!!!!

Oh and did I mention that he is now off for vacation? Until the 26th.

God is punishing me.

I don't know exactly why...

I just know that He is.


I owe Draz something I like about myself. For tonight, I like that I was fearless. Just for a little while. Maybe I am beginning to find a little of "me", again.

Good night, lovebugs. <3

Thank You!

I received an award for this blog! Thank you so much to First Steps. I am honoured and deeply appreciative.

The rules are as follows:

1. Thank the person giving the award.

2. Share seven things about yourself.

3. Nominate 15 blogs.

4. Let your nominees now about the award.


Seven things about myself:

1. I am the second eldest of seven children.

2. I worked as a casino dealer and pit floor person.

3. I am a TV junkie. And I loooove reality TV. The Amazing Race is one of my all time favourite shows and I never miss The Real Housewives of... Wherever.

4. I am a bit of a neat freak.

5. I love to read and often have two or three books going at the same time. 

6. I am a multitasker extraordinaire.

7. I held a man at gunpoint when I was a teenager.


Nominations will take a little time. Please bear with me. :D


Another hot, humid day. Blech! I am so over Summer, now. I am ready for Autumn. I enjoy a new season for a little while, then I am ready for it to change. Except for Autumn. It is my favourite season and could last half the year, as far as I am concerned. Summer is fun until it gets nasty hot and humid. We are there now and it makes me long for cooler days, crisp nights, changing leaves.

I am feeling a little better and it is time to hit the trail. I took an Aleve today and wow! That stuff made me feel much more comfortable. Naproxin Sodium is especially effective for joint pain and discomfort and I don't know why I didn't try it a long time ago.

Shit! I just broke my headband. It was a cheap-aloo bit of plastic nonsense but I wore it a lot and now it is trash. *sigh* You get what you pay for.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Oh, HELL No!

First of all, thank you for your well wishes for my MIL. The ER doc confirmed that it was indeed sciatica. He wrote her a couple of scripts and sent her home. She is doing much better tonight. The swelling is way down and she has a lot less pain.

Okay, so last night, Husband went to the store to pick up a few things and one of the things he bought was a package of cookies. I saw that package of cookies and flipped my lid. Seriously. Why, you ask?

Well, take a look:

They look like regular little old chocolate/caramel chunk cookies, right?



They are huge chocolate/caramel chunk cookies. Huge, heavy cookies.

Look at the size of that thing. 0.0

Yes, that is a busted nail... *sigh* I killed it on plastic tumblers, of all things. Now I have to let it grow out and reshape it.

Anyhoodle, check out the nutrition facts. This is for one cookie!

You can click to enlarge, if you need to. :D

503 calories and 25.9 grams of fat with 8.1 grams of saturated fat.

For one cookie.

Do we, as a race of beings need these huge ass calorie bombs? I really don't think so. And I have asked Husband not to bring those into this house, again.

For the record, I did not eat that cookie. Funny thing? I wasn't even tempted. Seriously. Now, anyone who knows me well knows that I can't leave caramel alone. Or should I say I couldn't leave caramel alone. Seems I can, now.

I can remember a day, not too long ago when I would have piled two or three of those monsters on a salad plate, grabbed a big mug of sweetened, heavily creamed coffee and sat down to have a little before breakfast appetizer. Buzzing on the sugar high and feeling fine, indeed, I would have decided that I needed to cut the sweetness and got to cooking. Three eggs, lots and lots of freshly grated Cheddar, at least a half cup of grated cheese. With any breakfast type meat I might have on hand and mushrooms and onions. All cooked in way too much butter. Or drippings, if I did bacon or sausage. I would have put that monster on my plate and arranged around it four slices of toast, all soaked in and dripping melted butter. And another big cup of sweetened, heavily creamed coffee. And that would have killed the too sweet feeling in my mouth.

Then it would be time for something sweet, again. To cut the fat and the salt. Enter Pepsi and another cookie or two.

And so it would go...

To be at or just tipping past 400 pounds, I would have had to be ingesting a good 4000 calories+ a day. No wonder I was so sick all day, every day, had heartburn, couldn't sleep well and felt as if I could hardly function. I was killing myself with food. Slowly, steadily killing myself. I can see it so clearly, now. Why couldn't I, then?

I think it is because I was, like so many, so deep in disordered thinking that I couldn't see past the fog of the food high. I was so dependent on the drug that food had become that I couldn't see, couldn't feel just how sick I really was. I see it, now. And I am happy to have my feet on the road to recovery.

I won't lie... Things are a bit stressful around here, right now. And I am feeling that old, insane urge to make it go away. To make myself numb so that I don't have to feel. To deal. To be present. But the urge isn't too strong. And I have it well in hand. I am still not tempted by the cookies. To be honest, just the thought of ingesting one makes me sick. May it continue to do so. :D

Please don't hate me... I kinda hate myself for this, but I didn't walk, tonight. I couldn't. My hip is bugging me pretty bad. Not quite as bad as yesterday but I decided to give myself a day to rest it. And my stupid knee, too. I feel guilty. Especially after all of my big mouth action about how walking is mandatory and I will do it six days a week and yadda, yadda, yadda. Yeah, big talker. That's me. Hopefully a day of rest will do me and I can get out there, tomorrow. I really missed it, tonight.

Son goes back to work tomorrow after three days off. Thank heaven! Having him underfoot for three days was the outside of enough! He spends his time in his own area of the house and doing his own thing but still... He was off and around. Gah! I love him and am happy to have him living with us but he needs to be at work. lol

Husband is on vacation, next week. Somebody shoot me now.



I'll pay you.

In huge, calorie bomb cookies.


I'll do your nails.


I'll grill you a turkey burger or some chicken...

If you will just come put me out of my misery. lol

By the end of the week, I will be like this:


And to close, here is a pic of my own kitteh. Marley. Is he not fabulous?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tuesday Evening

Thank you for your thoughtful responses to my last entry. I know that I need to seek medical attention but I am not going there, right now. I have my reasons. One day, I will. Just not now. I think that my problem is bursitis. I fired up my Google fu and did a lot of reading on it. It matches my symptoms. This has been coming on for a long time. It is just fairly recently that it has become so uncomfortable. I imagine that one day I am going to require shots in my joints and lovely stuff like that. Good times.

Until then, I am just going to take it low and slow. I am determined to keep walking (my foot was fine, today) and I have decided that even if it does take me forty five minutes, at least I am moving and it doesn't hurt so much. Some walking is better than none.

Yoga isn't an option. I can't get down on the floor or be on my knees. Stupid fat on my stupid legs won't allow it. I don't have access to a pool I can't afford a gym. I am dying for new walking shoes but they aren't in the budget, right now either. I am hoping they will be someday, soonish. :D I just need to do what I can do.

We went and walked tonight. I took it at a gentler pace, my foot was fine tonight and my hips were okay, too.

I just need to keep moving and I need to lose more weight. The less I weigh, the less stress on my joints. And when I feel as if I have lost enough, I can go get a doc and get some treatment.

Husband had to take MIL to the ER. She is having some issues. She had extreme hip pain and went to the Urgent Care and the doc there told her it was sciatica. He gave her meds and sent her home. Tonight, she couldn't walk, her leg is all swollen up and she is in a lot of pain. Husband is home, right now waiting for her to call him and let him know what is going on then he will go back down there. I hope that it isn't anything too serious and that they can help her and she feels better.

Have you ever been nattering along in your blog and suddenly had your mind go completely blank?

Or is that just me? lol

That Was Damned Pathetic!

My walk, last night. I had planned a hard three miles on Kickass Trail. Plans foiled by Husband who wasn't into that long a walk and wanted to do two on Normal Trail, instead. I'm glad that he did because physically I was in trouble, last night. My hips were hurting me so much, in spite of my pre walk dose of Advil. The top of my left foot was screaming at me. I tottered along like a busted down old cart horse on it's last legs, last night. It took me almost forty-five minutes to do that two miles.

We were down by the other gate near the end of Normal Trail and Husband asked me if I wanted him to hike back and get the Jeep and come pick me up, there. I am ashamed to admit that I actually seriously considered it. But I pressed on and finished my walk. And when we got home, I barely made it up the stairs.

What the fuck is the matter with me? I am so frustrated. I want to go, go, go and my body is betraying me. I hate this. I am finally getting my shit together and making serious, positive changes in my body, head and heart and I am breaking down. I think that the Kickass Trail done at a fast pace may be a little too much for me, right now. Maybe I need to dial back, slow down a little and not punish myself over a lot of hills. So, I am going to stick to Normal Trail for a while and when I feel ready for additional distance again I will get it in the flatter part of the beginning of Kickass. I need to press but I don't need to nearly debilitate myself to the point that I can't get up my stairs. lol

I am watching Design Star on HGTV. When are they going to kick Nina's bossy, one note ass out of that competition?

Well, I have laundry to finish, I need to make my bed and run my vacuum.

I'll see you all, later. :D

Monday, July 12, 2010

Ready to Roll

I needed that day of rest. It is amazing how one day and night can really make such a big difference in how I feel. Yesterday, I was feeling stiff, sore and pretty beat up. My back ached, my hips were killing me and my feet? Bleargh! Poor things were ready to fall off.

Today, I feel much better. Rested, little discomfort and my hips and back are much better. My feet are even happier. I am ready to get back out on the trail, tonight. Yepper. A day off once a week. Who knew? It really is a wonderfully healing thing.

If you aren't taking a rest day, I encourage you to start doing so. Your body, mind and spirit all need it!

Food has been very nicely on track. I ended the day at 1195 yesterday. Just a tad under my target range. Needless to say, I am not stressing over it... I figure a lighter calorie day on a non walk day can't be a bad thing.

Okay, I need to go get my second cup of coffee and some breakfast. I think I am going to do Egg Beaters and a toasted whole grain bagel thin. With some cheese... Nom nom nom.

Okay. Later, gators.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fit Point: Intensity and Recovery

Following along with Lanie Painie to answer the Fit Point of the Week.

This week's topic:

Intensity and recovery.

We all work out at different intensities and vary how often. How hard do you work out? Do you fatigue yourself or do you work out just hard enough to get a little burn? If you do go all out, how do you deal with this or recover? What is your routine after you work out?

My work outs are primarily walking at this point and time. I also try to add in a few workouts a week with light weights. I walk six days a week; two to three miles a day. I vary the intensity of my walks from mildly to moderately challenging. My two mile walk route is a lot of flat with some gentle inclines and downhills and one good hard, if short uphill pull. My three mile route is a bit of an ass kicker. It is long, intense uphills and downhills, turns and a few switchbacks and a little level walking at both ends. Both trails get me to puffing pretty good. Hey, I'm still well over 300 pounds, I figure that is going to be the case for a while. lol But, I am usually able to talk a little, except on the really tough climbs. I actually recover amazingly quickly. After a few minutes, my breathing and heart rate are at normal and I feel fantastic.

When I work with weights, I use one pound weights, right now. I do three sets of thirty reps of each  exercise like unilateral and bilateral bicep curls, flys, shrugs, rows, triceps work, both to the back and overhead. It doesn't take me long to recover from my weights work out, yet. In time, when I start adding more exercises and weight and reps and so forth, I expect that to change. I am only mildly sore after these sessions, so far.

My routine when I get home from a walk is a nice, lukewarm shower. Then I make dinner, sometimes clean up the kitchen (Son is a sweetie and if he is home, does that for me :D) and kick back for the rest of the evening. I love my walks and look forward to them. My one day of rest a week is necessary to let my bod recover and get ready to go again but my mind is champing at the bit and wants to go! Go! Go! That kinda freaks me out... I have never felt that way about exercise, before. :D :D

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Saturday, July 10, 2010

But, It's a Dry Heat!


Today we walked three miles n Kickass Trail and waded through hot, humid air the whole way. Urgh! I hate humidity! Have I mentioned that?

A few times?

Well, let me say it again.

I frakking hate humidity!

Today the air was so heavy and damp that I was having a little trouble with my breathing and needed a few little rests. But I got through it. And worked up a royal good sweat, too. No, I did not photograph my sweaty boobs. My boobs aren't nearly as photogenic as Draz's. lol

While we were walking, Son did some running. I think that he is considering starting running for real. I think it would be good for him and he might really enjoy it and starting now will get him into the habit and help him stay fit and trim and healthy for many, many years to come. Husband is beginning to lose a little weight and is also taking about running, when he gets a few more pounds off. I hope he does it, too.

I am planning to stick to my walking for the foreseeable future. I might try running, one day but to be perfectly honest I am content to walk for now. Not only am I too heavy to run at present, I would end up knocking myself out with my boobs.

Tomorrow is Sunday. Rest day! Yay! I need a day off. I am a bit tired and feeling a little beat up. I think a quiet day is just what I need and then I will be ready to hit the trail, once again.

I grilled dinner, tonight. Brats for the boys, a turkey burger with a little fat free cheese "melted" on it and all done up on a whole grain bagel thin. It was of yum. Then I had some watermelon, then I ate some pretzel sticks and mustard. I have just enough calories for a fudge pop and will finish out just below 1500. I can live with that.

I am craving french fries something fierce. Mc Donalds fries... All hot and salty. Bleargh! Maybe I'll have a baked potato with my grilled chicken for dinner, tomorrow. A baked potato with some buttery spray and a little light sour cream will be fewer calories and a lot less fat. And just as satisfying and yummy. :D

Sometimes I just needs me a little spud.

Get your minds out of the gutter! Yes, I saw every danged one of you go diving in there. And don't you even try to deny it. ^^ :D

I wonder if my grill is cool, yet. I need to go clean it and get it all covered up, in case it rains, tonight. Thirty percent chance of rain overnight.

Today, I like my eyes. They are large, well shaped and grey. And I have decent lashes to go with them.