Monday, July 26, 2010

Someone Needs a Hug

Dearest readers, if you haven't popped by Drazil's blog yet today, could you drop by, read her latest entry and give her a big hug? Methinks she could really use it, right about now.


  1. I will drop by and leave her a hug. It is so nice of you to think about her.

  2. Oh my dear friend....I read this right as I was leaving for the day - early - to go rip up carpet and rake woodchips and move all my daughter's things from her room and sop up more water and wash more towels...and I had to run from the building to hide my tears. To think you did this for me - to some it's a small gesture - but not to me. It's big - as big as your heart. And I thank you. I'm not sure if I can tell you what this meant to me. I don't want to clean up again, see the water again, remember again - I'm afraid I can't do it...until I see and hear from people like you....and then I know I can. Thank you.


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