Friday, July 2, 2010

Summer Challenge Weigh In

Okay, time to jump on the scale. Again.



1.4 pound.

In 2 weeks?!?!?!?!


Dude, I think I am being punked by my scale.

That is the only explanation I can give for the lousy, pitiful weigh ins I am recording these past few weeks. After all, I am on track with eats and exercise and I am getting plenty of fluids. Apparently I am retaining plenty of them too, with this Summer humidity bloaty thing I have going on. *rolling my eyes*


At least I didn't gain, this week. That will undoubtedly be my treat for next week. *rolling my eyes again like a snotty, exasperated teenager and huffing*

Geeze, Erika. Cranky much? lol


  1. *rolling my eyes again like a snotty, exasperated teenager"

    You described that teenage look exactly. LOL!


  2. Hang in there. The scale will come around eventually :)

  3. How frustrating! I feel your pain my dear!

    BTW, have you ever heard of Jim and his 50 best health blogs?

  4. It'll happen!! Chug that water, make sure you keep your calories up while doing so much extra exercise.....basically, keep on doing what you're doing :-) !!

  5. Jim, I raised a teenager. That look and I were old friends. lol

    Thanks, Joey, I know it will. This is just my Summer Puff playing games with me.

    Katie, Thanks and don't I know it! lol Yes, now I have and have added and am following, too. :D

    First Steps, I know it will. This is just puff. It will pass. Thanks. <3

  6. For real....the scale can screw itself. You are doing everything right and there is no shame in that - only pride. You are walking and eating right and taking control...the scale can take all the time it're on a roll and you can't deny that right?

  7. Just keep up the exercise, Erika, whatever you do! That and the positive attitude. The scale is not the only measure of our success or failure towards getting healthy. It doesn't matter how fast you walk, just that you are doing it! And, great job with the calories!

  8. Hang in there! At least you're going down.

  9. I understand your frustration; we all wish things would move more quickly, but you're on the right track, and moving in the right direction. I hope that you're taking into account that you might be gaining some muscle, and we all know that weighs more than fat does.

    You remain my hero. :D

  10. You see, this is why I love you all so much. *gathers everyone in a hug of gratitude*

  11. I say it is grand that you didn't gain, and I also say it is awesome that you are doing the weight loss plan properly and staying healthy!


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