Saturday, July 10, 2010

But, It's a Dry Heat!


Today we walked three miles n Kickass Trail and waded through hot, humid air the whole way. Urgh! I hate humidity! Have I mentioned that?

A few times?

Well, let me say it again.

I frakking hate humidity!

Today the air was so heavy and damp that I was having a little trouble with my breathing and needed a few little rests. But I got through it. And worked up a royal good sweat, too. No, I did not photograph my sweaty boobs. My boobs aren't nearly as photogenic as Draz's. lol

While we were walking, Son did some running. I think that he is considering starting running for real. I think it would be good for him and he might really enjoy it and starting now will get him into the habit and help him stay fit and trim and healthy for many, many years to come. Husband is beginning to lose a little weight and is also taking about running, when he gets a few more pounds off. I hope he does it, too.

I am planning to stick to my walking for the foreseeable future. I might try running, one day but to be perfectly honest I am content to walk for now. Not only am I too heavy to run at present, I would end up knocking myself out with my boobs.

Tomorrow is Sunday. Rest day! Yay! I need a day off. I am a bit tired and feeling a little beat up. I think a quiet day is just what I need and then I will be ready to hit the trail, once again.

I grilled dinner, tonight. Brats for the boys, a turkey burger with a little fat free cheese "melted" on it and all done up on a whole grain bagel thin. It was of yum. Then I had some watermelon, then I ate some pretzel sticks and mustard. I have just enough calories for a fudge pop and will finish out just below 1500. I can live with that.

I am craving french fries something fierce. Mc Donalds fries... All hot and salty. Bleargh! Maybe I'll have a baked potato with my grilled chicken for dinner, tomorrow. A baked potato with some buttery spray and a little light sour cream will be fewer calories and a lot less fat. And just as satisfying and yummy. :D

Sometimes I just needs me a little spud.

Get your minds out of the gutter! Yes, I saw every danged one of you go diving in there. And don't you even try to deny it. ^^ :D

I wonder if my grill is cool, yet. I need to go clean it and get it all covered up, in case it rains, tonight. Thirty percent chance of rain overnight.

Today, I like my eyes. They are large, well shaped and grey. And I have decent lashes to go with them.


  1. I swear I thought when we moved to TX it would be a dry heat.

    and yes.
    I agree with your last 3 sentences.
    and YES I beg to differ.
    "decent" notsomuch.
    the pic to the right as I type shows them as LONG AND LOVELY.


  2. I covet your eyelashes!

    I e-hat sweating, so I'm so grateful for the pond!

  3. Heat is tough whether it's dry or humid. Hope you get rested up today.

  4. Ugh, I HATE humidity too! I'm in south Florida so I know humidity. Talk about chub rub. Bleeeech.

    If you're really craving fries, try this instead of a baked potato: Preheat your oven to 400. Don't even THINK about putting the food in before it gets all the way hot. Slice your potato into thin wedges or "chips" or whatever shape you want - just not too thick or they won't get done right. Spray a pan with nonstick spray and put the potato pieces in a single layer. Spritz with nonstick spray and sprinkle with salt (and pepper or other seasonings if desired). Bake until browned and crispy, flipping once halfway through. You won't miss the fries. Hint: this is even better with sweet potatoes. SO GOOD.

  5. Now I'm dying to know what "spud" is a euphemism for. I've been out of the working with guys world too long, methinks. LOL I cannot tell you how awed I am that your guys do this walking with you every night. I can only imagine how good this is for your family as a whole. Email me if you want to talk more, ok? But know that I am so proud of all of you!


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