Friday, July 30, 2010

Ring Around the Tarantula

So, there we were... The only living creatures on the entire Willow Lake trail system. Myself, my two big girlie men a few beetle bugs and, yep. You guessed it. A tarantula.

We had decided to do something a little different today, walk on Kickass Trail from the Jeep to the top of the first nasty, long hard hill. Then we were going to turn around and go back and walk Normal Trail to the next marker, around the big bend. That would net us about an hour of walking and approximately three miles or so in distance. So off we go. Booked it along, got to the turn around point, stopped for a quick breather and drinkies then headed back. As I walked along, rain softly falling, the damp, heavy, still air offering no cooling relief I looked up to see my two guys stopped dead, backs hunched, shoulders rounded and forward, arms in front of them in a defensive posture.

And dead in the middle of the trail a tarantula. I tell the scaredy cats to just go around it. "But, he has his butt in the air!" replied my husband. I rolled my eyes and told him to just go around it, that as long as he gave it some room, it wouldn't bother him. Husband and Son just stood there, quaking in their shoes. I had to push my way past and go around the tarantula first, letting my big, strong guys see that it wasn't going to do anything. After I passed the big spider, Husband followed and quickly passed me, walking up ahead as usual.

Where was Son?

Back the other side of the tarantula. Just standing there, unwilling to go around the thing. We finally convinced him to try and he made a wide path around it, running, jumping and shuddering and flapping his arms as he dashed past me to catch up with his dad.

What a couple of chickens. I am supposed to be the one who is all shuddery and scared and won't go round the big, hairy, scary spider. But no... I am the one who has to lead my two girlie men round the big, hairy, scary spider. lolol

I need a rest day, tomorrow. My hip started yapping at me while I was walking up the first big hill and it was hollering at me by the time our walk was done. Guess it wants to veg for a day. So, I'll let it. lol


  1. I would have run screaming out of there faster than - well, as fast as a woman of my size can go! LOL I have a major phobia of spiders - even the little ones have me shaking! I'd much rather cross paths with a (non poisonous) snake than a spider any day!


  2. Its a good thing you were there to get them through the frightening insect incident!

  3. I'm less afraid of a tarantula than I am of a regular spider, but a T. seems more like a small animal than a spider. It's big and furry, like a small mammal. Does that make sense? But I would have given it WIDE berth, thank you. You're very brave.

    I never commented on your gallbladder. Hollow organ pain is some of the worst pain a person can feel, right up there with kidney stones and nerve pain, if it's a bad attack. It doesn't sound as though there was any fat in your dinner, so I'm at a loss as to what caused the experience.

    I'm sorry about your hip again. Holy F**K, when will it leave you alone?

  4. LOL @ son 'running, jumping and shuddering and flapping his arms'....I would've done the same!!! we dont have tarantulas in NY that Im aware of, at least not outside pet stores!!!
    Hope u have a good weekend and get some good rest today.

  5. OMG!! That would have sent me "running, jumping, shuddering, flapping", and screaming, the opposite direction and outta there!! I absolutely hate spiders, any size, any shape. Give me a big ole nasty, coiled up, rattlin', poisonous snake any day. You are very brave!

  6. Okay - I'm dying here. This "Ice Queen almost dies daily" has got to stop. My heart drops out and my BP goes up and I can't read fast enough to figure out how it ends. Jesus. Let's just say if we ever meet - I won't be walking those trails with you - unless I have on some full on body nuclear waste suit that covers me from head to toe so I'm safe from the critters. Oh...I need a beer and it's only 9am.

  7. OMG, I would have run screaming away. Good for you. Also, love the updated photos, good for you!!!

  8. It's the girlie men who do the things they do that get me every time! LMFAO!

  9. I would be the one having a fit and my DH would be fascinated by the spider.

  10. OMG-You can just add me to the Girlie Men catagory. I would have peed my pants and ran the other way. Yes, RAN as fast as the chub legs could carry me. Spiders, especially large hairy ones that would probably cuss at you if you dare try to kill them, are my numero UNO phobia. I shudder at just the thought.

  11. I would have been right behind your son, I just can't do snakes and spiders.

    Draz sent me over to ya, hope you don't mind a blog crasher!

  12. You reminded me of the scary Brady Bunch episode with the spider! Or maybe it was the Partridge Family. Who knows. Just scary spiders!


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