Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Falling... Falling...

My hair is falling.


I was aware that this was going to happen. When you change your diet (I am not using "diet" as in "I am on a diet", I am using "diet" to reference my overall food plan.) and start losing weight, you force your body to put more nutrients into vital functions, such as organ, blood and muscle function and protection. Sadly, vanities, such as hair, nails and even skin, to a certain extent get short shrift and suffer for it. My skin is okay and my nails aren't that badly affected but my hair... My hair is shedding quite a bit.

I am someone to whom her hair is important and to have it falling out this way is distressing. Mind, I have thick hair, but it isn't in unlimited supply. lol If it keeps falling out as it is, one of these days, it is going to start looking thinner. Bleargh! Hopefully it won't thin too much.

Hair does grow back. I get that. And I would rather have a thinner, healthier body and thinner hair that has to thicken back up than a very obese body and crazy thick hair. It is a trade off that I am willing (sorta) to make.

Okay, I must motor. It is time to hit the trails. I'll check back in, later, gators.:D


  1. How alarming. Now I have something new to worry about. Isn't it bad enough that my boobs are the fastest shrinking part of my body, I have to lose my hair too???

    Ah well, I was thinking of getting it cut b4 I go to the doctor next week anyway - yes, it's mainly because hair has weight and I want as impressive a weight loss as I can get for her. I'll prolly shave my legs, too. Some hippie I turned out to be.

  2. Lanie, you are a hoot! Actually, hair doesn't really weigh all that much. But, if a cut will make you happy, I say go for it. :D

    Losing hair is an individual thing... Some lose hair, some don't. those who do, some get alarming thinning, some don't. So please, don't freak out. You might not lose much hair, at all.

    I have lost quite a bit but my overall volume doesn't seem much affected, yet. So I am remaining hopeful. :D

  3. When I was on low carb my hair and nails got stronger. However Weight Watchers wants us to get a certain amount of healthy fat in a day and when I asked on the boards "Why add fat?" The answer I got was that your hair would fall out if you weren't eating enough of it.

    Not that this pertains to your situation at all (I don't know it intimately!) Just thought if it might come in handy. :)

  4. I feel your pain. I am dieting (i Know we shouldn't use that term but still) and my daughter is now three months so when you add post baby, breastfeeding hair loss to dieting weight loss its a good thing I have super thick hair otherwise I would be bald. I do already have two thin patches from pulling my hair back (it happened last baby too). My son comes up to me at least four times a day (he is three) going "Momma your hair is everywhere" and he is usually holding some in his hand. Ugh

  5. There's a certain vitamin you can take...and it's killin me that I can't remember right now. Try a health food store maybe...they might be able to help you. You might just need a little extra boost in something. Also, if you are exercising you may be using extra protein for muscle growth perhaps so maybe taking in some extra protein might help your hair?? I dunno. I have some of the same trouble but mine is due to PCOS--hormone issues. I'm the same way about my hair too. I really began freaking out when I started losing some of mine. Big ((hugs)) and I hope it gets better. :)

  6. I think the vitamin Kim might be thinking of is actually a mineral called Silica. It is great for the skin, hair and nails. Horsetail (a herb)is known as a beauty herb as it is really high in silica. Silica helps with all connective tissue. It helps to organise calcium in the body and is used for falling hair alot. Also you might need just a general multivitamin to help maintain your vitamin levels.
    Hope this helps!

  7. Course, it could be separate from the weigh loss issues, my friend. Hair has a cyclical life (one stylist from an expensive fancy salon told me seven years), or so I am told. I also have read on LHC that sometimes it can be a seasonal thing (like a dog shedding?)...Hopefully it won't continue for long.


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