Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Puff Strikes Again

On the scale this morning. I knew that the number wouldn't be what I wanted to see. I am puffy. I think that all that salt in the brine... Not such a good thing, after all. I will try it with a lot less salt. I also ate too many pretzels, yesterday. So, sodium and carb bloat, here I am. Oh, the number? Up .2 pound. Puff. *bleck!* I know it isn't fat gain... Besides the pretzels, I have been on track and I have been walking. I am just puffy.

How many times can I assert I am puffy in one paragraph? lol

The Storm Gods are rumbling around, right now. The sky is dark grey, thunder is rumbling and the wind is picking up, cool ahead of the rain that will be falling soon. I love storms. :D

It is laundry day, today. Four frakking loads. So. Much. Fun. I forgot to start up the dryer and my darks were just sitting there, wet and still. I need a new brain.


  1. The puff is in the air this week! Don't sweat the .2 lbs. - I was up 6 whole pounds! ACK

    Have fun with that laundry - I don't want to do mine either - why can't we just go buy new instead of washing? That's what my single sister does. lol

  2. Better than what mine said. Ugh.

  3. I know where you are coming from. I only lost 1 lb this week and I work so hard.

    I also have 3 loads of laundry so far. My laundry day is Saturday or Sunday depending on what I am doing.

  4. The Puff. A nice word for a nasty feeling.

    Laundry. Yes, Cat has had an upset stomach, so I decided to wash all Cat's and Dog's towels and such. So the house will be fresh for a couple of days, anyway. ;-D

  5. Laundry, that reminds me, I need to iron a few things.

  6. I've got the puff too. *sigh* I weigh in Sat morning - hopefully it will be gone by then!

    Doing laundry too.....


  7. I do that all the time! I think it might be whenever I empty the lint trap... My poor little brain suffers from distraction I guess..

    Hope the puff will vanish soon and the scale will reveal a nice loss :)

  8. That's a wonderful term, "the puff." You're always great with words.

    We all agree that your tiny gain of 0.2 lbs. is from sodium. But it's a downer to get on the scale and see a gain, no matter what the cause is. Here's to the day you piss it out!

  9. At least it is a .2 lb gain that will go away on its own! Slow down on the salt, darlin'. Not that I can follow my own advice or anything... Oh I so loved monsoon season when I lived in Tucson!

  10. Hey, we all have those weeks. This is just one of those. Just keep on plugging away


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