Thursday, July 15, 2010

Okay, I think I am Crazy

We finally got out to the lake to walk. Hips were okay, no real discomfort. I was able to stride out and really make tracks We walked a mile and a half tonight. By the time we got out there, it was already getting dark and we barely had enough time to get as far as we did before it got almost too dark to see where we were going. It felt good to move, again. I kept up with the boys, for the most part. We kept to the flatter parts of Normal and Kickass trails and it was easier on my poor old bod. :D

After our walk, I did something so totally out of character for me. I went right from the trail to the grocery store. No stopping at home for a shower, first. No putting on makeup, doing my hair all up, dressing, perfume and jewellery. Just me. No makeup, hair up in a bun, (where it lives 90% of the time) old knit capris showing the puff, layered tanks, complete with my big assed arms showing, starting to form bat wings included.

And ya know what?

I survived.

No one pointed or stared or ran screaming into the night. Children's faces weren't covered to shield them from the horror before them. I felt very daring and a little confident, too. I still have no plans to go everywhere bare faced and everything hanging out, that way. But I now know that it won't kill me if I have to on occasion.

Oh, Breyer's Smooth and Dreamy chocolate and caramel ice cream sandwiches? Yum! Not quite Skinny Cow, but respectable. I grabbed some at the store, tonight and had one after dinner. The ice cream was nice. Very smooth and creamy, decent chocolate flavour and there was some lovely caramel swirled through it. The "cookies" could be a little better. I found them to be too dry and a bit on the flimsy side. But they were nice and chocolaty. I'd buy them, again. :D

Bleargh! Husband is watching Planes, Trains and Automobiles. AGAIN!!!!!!

Oh and did I mention that he is now off for vacation? Until the 26th.

God is punishing me.

I don't know exactly why...

I just know that He is.


I owe Draz something I like about myself. For tonight, I like that I was fearless. Just for a little while. Maybe I am beginning to find a little of "me", again.

Good night, lovebugs. <3


  1. Rather freeing, isn't it? Personally, I find myself wondering if once you reach a certain age kids are inurred to the horrors of seeing an old women like me! LOLOL

  2. I so wish I could give you advice on how to deal with hubby being home. But I am at a total loss. I got nothing. When my hubby is home just on the weekend I feel like my territory is being invaded. I hate feeling that way and need to get over it but gosh, get outta my way dude.

  3. Erika, I don't think you're crazy, but I do think you're funny! Especially about the husband. I feel your pain. Maybe he will just watch movies all week and stay out of your way. Can he cook? Make him fix up a bunch of stuff for the freezer for later. Give him a paintbrush and make him paint...something.

  4. Love your post, too funny. Glad your survived the post workout outing. Always scary


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