Saturday, July 3, 2010

One BYOC Challenge Promise Kept

I walked three miles today, Biotches! I can't believe it. When we got to the lake, we weren't able to pull in at our usual gate, so we went on down to another gate and started our walk. We went to the end of Normal Trail, up past the gate and along to the usual place where we start. If we had turned back at that point and returned to the Jeep, our walk would have been two miles. We went on past the path up and continued on up Kickass Trail to the next marker. At that point, I allowed myself to stop and have a little drink of water and put on some lip balm and breathe for a moment.

And my poor feet were on fire!

Seriously, as I stood still, they felt as if I was walking on hot lava. I had to keep moving just to keep my feet from hurting so much. Good incentive to just leg out the second half of the walk without stopping. When we got to the Jeep I kicked my shoes off before I got in. It helped. My feet stopped burning. Except for my feet, I felt great. And a sense of accomplishment.

The dogs are a little better, now. Still sore but they aren't barking and howling any more. lol

We are going to hit the trail early in the morning. (Feet permitting! lol) The lake and trails will be packed out at our usual time with people crowding out there to hang out and watch the fireworks. Besides, it will be nice to get our walk done early then we can just relax and enjoy the rest of the day and evening. :D

Dinner tonight was grilled brats for the men folk and another hunk of chicken for me. While everything was grilling, I mixed a tablespoon of bottled BBQ sauce, a large dollop of mustard, a splash of white vinegar and a few drops of Tabasco together. When my chicken was nearly done, I brushed some of the mixture on my chicken and finished cooking it. It turned out good. I liked the sauce better doctored up. It was tangy and not so sweet. I am not a big fan of very sweet BBQ sauce. I used about half the little bit of sauce and Son tasted it and liked it and wanted the rest on his brat.

I think I am going to get me some watermelon. I am way light on calories and am still feeling a little tummy-growly.

Okay, I have to pee and I want that watermelon so, I'll catch all you lovely people, later.


  1. WAY AWESOME on the 3 miles!!! You just basically walked a cool is that?!?

    I haven't been following your blog for very long but you really inspire me!

  2. OMG, way to go on three miles!! You should be proud of yourself! Yum on the watermelon, one of my favorite fruits....had me a big ole chunk of some, ice cold, myself last night.

  3. Fabulous fabulous!!! It will be good to get the walking out of the way early in the a.m. too. In fact, I think that would be my preferred time and for the reason you mentioned: having the rest of the day for yourselves! I personally have a preference for that sweeter bbq sauce. Then no surprise there; if it is sweet, I'm there. I find myself wondering if the "burning" feel to your feet has to do with too much friction between the socks and shoes? Are your shoes too big for you, by any chance?


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