Sunday, July 25, 2010


Oh. My. Gawsh! I have 100 followers!

*happy dance*

Thank you all for being willing to come around, follow and read my natterings. I appreciate all of you so much.

So... Today was a pretty good day. Better for knowing that it was Husband's last day of vacation. He goes back, tomorrow! At last.

Son is off tomorrow. I think that if it is not storming, I may ask him if he would be kind enough to give the dog a quick bath. I would do it, but if I can get someone else to... ^^

We walked at the lake, today. Two miles on Normal Trail. We went a little earlier than I really wanted to go. But it was a little cooler, a tad less humid and there was a breeze. And the sun hid behind thick clouds, part of the time so it wasn't all unrelentingly miserable.

No more cans of olives for me. I opened a can, earlier and had a few with lunch. Then this afternoon, I ended up eating the rest of them. *sigh* One of those things I can't leave alone. If I am going to get olives, I need to get the little tiny cans of slices. That way, if I eat all of them, it is fewer calories. *oink*

Busy day, today. I did a ton of laundry. Finally got my final load (towels) in and was giving a sigh of relief when Husband went in and took a shower and asked if it was too late to get his sweats washed. I almost strangled him. Of frakking course it was too late! But I just smiled (through gritted teeth) and put his sweats, towel and underwear along with the hand towel out of the bathroom and the dishcloth and dish towel in the kitchen in the washer and ran yet another little load. Why couldn't he have taken his shower just a little earlier. It isn't as if he didn't know that the towels were supposedly my last load.

I have chicken for tomorrow for dinner. I think it will go on my gas grill, provided it isn't raining. Grilled bird sounds good.

Okay, I have absolutely nothing else to talk about, right now so I think I will close this entry and go read your blogs. :D


  1. Yeah on your followers! You totally deserve them. Great job on your walk.
    And yeah, You get all the laundry done, and someone changes clothes. That's the chore that is truly never done.

  2. Congratulations on your 100 followers! You certainly earn them. You are so motivational, supportive and down to earth. I for one really look forward to your posts and get excited when I see you have a new post on my dashboard.

    Have a great Monday!

  3. I'm your 100th follower!

    Did you eat black or green olives? I'm more tempted by the green ones - probably from the salt!

    Glad your walk was better than yesterday!


  4. Ooohhh...olives. I can't stop eating 'em either. Probably why I never buy them.

  5. Olives, yick!

    Congrats on the centinnial of followers, that'as pretty awesome, but then - so are you!

    I can't believe you keep going out in the oppressive heat and walking. You're so good. Not me. I'll sweat in the a/c!

  6. I love olives too! Especially the green stuffed ones (garlic & almonds are my fave).

    Congrats on reaching 100 :)

  7. My favorite olives are the black ones. I love stuffing them with humus. The problem is I can't stop either. So I buy the little tiny cans (at least I think I do, but I can't find them!) and sprinkle them on my humus. Mmmmm, maybe I can get hubby to make humus tomorrow. Maybe I will!

    We bow to you, your Majesty!

  8. Congrats, Erika, on the 100 followers! You inspire a lot of us!

    Olives? I like the green ones with the little pimentos. And I like to put them in everything because they're so colorful.

  9. Thank you everyone. :D

    I like to nom on black olives. I like the green ones, as long as they don't have those nasty little red guts in them.

    Lanie Panie, I think olives are definitely a love them or hate them thing. lol

  10. Here's to 100 more - doesn't surprise me at all - your heart and spirit attract people!

  11. In Spain, they often stuff olives with anchovies, so if you like the briny olives, you'll love those.

    Aren't olives one of the basic food groups?


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