Saturday, December 17, 2011

Yeah. I'm Lame

Forgot my frakking password to sign into this blog. I hadn't written it down, thinking that I'd remember it. I finally worked it out and wrote it down. Old age is encroaching faster than I would like lol The funny thing is, this password is a variation on another password and sickeningly easy for me to remember. I think that I have been so distracted, lately that it just slipped my mind. It's hell getting old. But getting old is better than the alternative.

I'm all dressed and cozy and just about to run out and do a little shopping. We aren't doing up Christmas like crazy, it's not easy, right now with out current budget. But I am buying all of us a few things that we need or want. William wants to buy me a new camera. He knows how much I want one but I am conflicted about it. On the one hand, I want to jump on it and get it and on the other, I feel incredibly guilty because a decent quality camera isn't cheap and that money can do a lot of other things. Look, the camera I have my eyeballs on isn't horribly priced... It isn't a thousand dollar SLR or something. But I am still struggling with letting go and just doing it.

I will most likely not buy it, right now. Maybe a tripod would stabilize my old camera enough to get me better shots. And fifteen dollars for a tripod is smarter than a couple of hundred for a camera and memory card. There was a bundle I was drooling over in Best Buy, last night. A Nikon with a memory card, tripod and case for $288.00. And I tried out a Fuji at HellMart. Less money. But I wasn't as impressed with it, overall and a lot of the reviews I read on that camera, last night weren't great. A lot of complaints about focusing issues and grainy photographs. Not something I need, with the work I do with my camera. If I am going to have to sharpen photos, I might as well just keep using my current camera.

The guys just got back from taking the Inlaws to HellMart and we are going to head out, in a few. It is cloudy and cold and perfect for this time of year. Feels Wintery. :D

I had a great day, yesterday and today is going well, too.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Just a Quickie

I am alive. I am still fighting. Having a few more good days than bad and battling to get back into my form.

It's snowing, again.

I have a ton of shit to do and have to get to it.

That is all I have to yap about, right at the moment.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Keep Shoveling, Bitches

Snow. More of it fell, last night and on and off, all day today. Patrick and later, William, too kept it cleared pretty nicely. The snow finally stopped just before sunset and the clouds parted, the sun came out and the temperature started dropping. Rapidly. By the time it was dusk, it was in the mid twenties, out there. Brrr! It shoudl be well and truly frozen solid out there, in the morning.

It is supposed to be clear and sunny and warm into the forties, so the ice that is everywhere, right now should melt in pretty short order.

You know... I wouldn't bitch so much about the snow so much if we didn't live on the side of a hill. Seriously, what I woldn't give to have a short, level driveway on a well plowed street.

Patrick is shoveling, looking as if he is about to go sliding down our steep drive on all that ice while William leans on his shovel, goofing around on his BlackBerry.  (That's our neighbour's car. The obnoxious smoker on the balcony one.)

The view off of my front balcony, looking off to the right. The sun was just beginning to set and gold and pink and coral light were beginning to flood the landscape.

This is looking off to the left, you can see Willow Creek Road, snaking along in the distance.  I loved how everything was overwhelmed with gold from the rapidly sinking sun, here.

Patrick, shoveling madly. He really wanted to get done and come in and warm up. lol

This one looks much better, enlarged, as yu can actually see more detail. Shooting right into the sun is never a good idea, but I still had to try it. It just makes me crazy that my camera doesn't capture what my eyes see.

I love the colours of the setting sun on snow.

Patrick, surveying his hard work as the sun gets ready to sink below the hill below it. It was already in the twenties when this photograph was taken and in spite of all of the snow clearing activities, the drive was slicked with ice. Landlord needs to provide that snow melter stuff. It would make the drive so much safer. 

Did you know that Washington Irving was the first author to describe Santa as fat and jolly? I imagine that he would describe me as fat and bitchy.

I am tired, tense and my head hurts and I think I am going to make it an early-ish night. I am looking forward to hitting the sack, tonight.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Snow. Blech.

Snowed yesterday. Snowed last night. Snowed, today. Not large amounts, Just dustings, each time. Thank the heavens above. I have places to go and people to do, tomorrow. I do not need to be trapped on this hillside like a rat.

I really need to remember to write down all of my passwords in one place. I had to have my smartphone hard restarted, again. Forth time in less than a year, thankyouverymuch. Gah! Damned thing bleeds memory like a stuck pig does blood. It's super annoying. After that restart, I had to go in and re do everything. E-mail accounts, Twitter, Facebook... You get the drift. I was humming right along, getting everything back up and running. Remembered everything flawlessly with just a tiny, "Uh... Which e-mail is my personal Facebook attached t, again?" Until I hit Slacker. Yeah. Had to log in to that one several times until I hit on the right e-mail address/password combination. Yeah. Write it down, you addlepated old battleaxe.

So, what else is going on? Not a whole lot. I managed a fairly good day, today. Didn't dig into the big, greasy pizza that William and Patrick brought home for dinner. Not even a bread stick. Yeah. That was beginning to add up, let me tell you. Oh, I'll just have one. Yeah. Right. *rolling my eyes* I can't do even just one. time to keep remembering that.

My head has been hanging on the precipice of a major blow, all day, today, then tonight I started haloing. *sigh* I am in for it, tomorrow. Should be lots of fun. Especially since I can't just sit in the house with the blinds drawn. I have too much to do. So I get to go out and about, and pretend that my head isn't a nanosecond from imploding.

Say, Am I crazy for wanting a pink Christmas tree, this year?

Okay. I am going to bed. The right side of my head is about to blow like Mount Saint Helens. 

Thursday, December 1, 2011

So it Begins

December. Winter. Snow. I don't like the snow. Not one little bit. It wouldn't bother me so much if we didn't live on the side of a hill and get trapped by just a couple of inches. I have to tell you, it's stupid. Utterly stupid.

I like the clouds we had today, tho. It was dark and gloomy and cold. Kinda matched my mood.

I don't really have all that much to natter about, really. I just wanted to start December with a post. And I will be back to talk more, tomorrow.