Friday, December 2, 2011

Snow. Blech.

Snowed yesterday. Snowed last night. Snowed, today. Not large amounts, Just dustings, each time. Thank the heavens above. I have places to go and people to do, tomorrow. I do not need to be trapped on this hillside like a rat.

I really need to remember to write down all of my passwords in one place. I had to have my smartphone hard restarted, again. Forth time in less than a year, thankyouverymuch. Gah! Damned thing bleeds memory like a stuck pig does blood. It's super annoying. After that restart, I had to go in and re do everything. E-mail accounts, Twitter, Facebook... You get the drift. I was humming right along, getting everything back up and running. Remembered everything flawlessly with just a tiny, "Uh... Which e-mail is my personal Facebook attached t, again?" Until I hit Slacker. Yeah. Had to log in to that one several times until I hit on the right e-mail address/password combination. Yeah. Write it down, you addlepated old battleaxe.

So, what else is going on? Not a whole lot. I managed a fairly good day, today. Didn't dig into the big, greasy pizza that William and Patrick brought home for dinner. Not even a bread stick. Yeah. That was beginning to add up, let me tell you. Oh, I'll just have one. Yeah. Right. *rolling my eyes* I can't do even just one. time to keep remembering that.

My head has been hanging on the precipice of a major blow, all day, today, then tonight I started haloing. *sigh* I am in for it, tomorrow. Should be lots of fun. Especially since I can't just sit in the house with the blinds drawn. I have too much to do. So I get to go out and about, and pretend that my head isn't a nanosecond from imploding.

Say, Am I crazy for wanting a pink Christmas tree, this year?

Okay. I am going to bed. The right side of my head is about to blow like Mount Saint Helens. 


  1. Go for the pick Christmas Tree!!!! Hope your head feels better, too.

  2. My tree is green but EVERYTHING on it is pink. Lights, topper,ornaments, ribbon, skirt - ALL pink.

    It's freezing rain here...I think I'd rather have snow. It's easier to drive in.


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