Saturday, December 17, 2011

Yeah. I'm Lame

Forgot my frakking password to sign into this blog. I hadn't written it down, thinking that I'd remember it. I finally worked it out and wrote it down. Old age is encroaching faster than I would like lol The funny thing is, this password is a variation on another password and sickeningly easy for me to remember. I think that I have been so distracted, lately that it just slipped my mind. It's hell getting old. But getting old is better than the alternative.

I'm all dressed and cozy and just about to run out and do a little shopping. We aren't doing up Christmas like crazy, it's not easy, right now with out current budget. But I am buying all of us a few things that we need or want. William wants to buy me a new camera. He knows how much I want one but I am conflicted about it. On the one hand, I want to jump on it and get it and on the other, I feel incredibly guilty because a decent quality camera isn't cheap and that money can do a lot of other things. Look, the camera I have my eyeballs on isn't horribly priced... It isn't a thousand dollar SLR or something. But I am still struggling with letting go and just doing it.

I will most likely not buy it, right now. Maybe a tripod would stabilize my old camera enough to get me better shots. And fifteen dollars for a tripod is smarter than a couple of hundred for a camera and memory card. There was a bundle I was drooling over in Best Buy, last night. A Nikon with a memory card, tripod and case for $288.00. And I tried out a Fuji at HellMart. Less money. But I wasn't as impressed with it, overall and a lot of the reviews I read on that camera, last night weren't great. A lot of complaints about focusing issues and grainy photographs. Not something I need, with the work I do with my camera. If I am going to have to sharpen photos, I might as well just keep using my current camera.

The guys just got back from taking the Inlaws to HellMart and we are going to head out, in a few. It is cloudy and cold and perfect for this time of year. Feels Wintery. :D

I had a great day, yesterday and today is going well, too.


  1. I may have mentioned to you that my hubs is retired. I have tried to teach him to say 'I'm on a FIXED INCOME' because that means something to someone...not really sure WHO, but it is important to through it around. ;)

    I wanted a new camera and felt I deserved it and wasn't gonna ask because I'd know exactly where that conversation would go.

    It has been ages since I have watched QVC but while channel surfing, I saw they had a Canon as the TSV. I watched it and was hanging up the phone with one right on its way to me.

    It was a good deal and had an extra lens, a bag, some editing software, extra battery, stuff like that. They now have 6 easy payments and that made it, somewhat, more affordable. I have a $800 camera and stuff and make a $167 payment. Not too hard to manage and I have a kick-ass camera.

    This is something I thought you might be interested in. I liked it because, hey, I can make the payments, there's no interest and I got the camera within a week. :)

    Here's hoping it all works out for ya. <3

  2. Dail just got me a Nikon CoolPix camera a couple of weeks ago. It does a nice job and is easy to handle. I'm not sure it is good enough for what you do with a camera but it wasn't too highly priced I don't think.

  3. If you're lame for forgetting your password I don't know what you should call me, I couldn't remember my own address when I needed to give it to receive a delivery! As my mom likes to say, this getting older thing is for sissies.

  4. I wrote my password down and I'm good as long as I don't forget where I put it. My husband got a really good camera from Sears a couple years ago. Don't remember what we paid for it, an arm and a leg I think.


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