Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I Keep Forgetting

That my lappie is wireless and that I don't have to keep it upstairs or use it only there. I can bring it down here and be comfy in my beddies. So, that is where I am. In bed. With my computer.

Anyone tried the updated Blogger interface? Is it any good? Easier to use? What's the dealio? I am intrigued but I don't want to click the link and get stuck with something that I don't like. Knowwhatimean? I am up for new things but I have to be sure I can handle it and that it will benefit me.

Anywhoozle. I got back on the road, tonight. It felt so good to walk, again. I did a fast, and I do mean fast two miles on Willow Creek with my bodyguards. For a while I was walking as fast as it is possible to walk without actually running and boy! Did that ever work my ass out! I was breathing hard, like I was running but it was easier on my joints and I could go longer at that pace than when I try to run. I kept going like that through a whole song. Whew! It was getting cold, when we set out, by the time I got back to the Jeep, I was hot and sweating.

I feel great and I want to keep it up, now. I did have some cramps in my calves, when I got home so I drank tons of water, took two potassium tablets and pounded a pile of dill pickle spears to up my potassium and hopefully I have staved off leg cramps, tonight. I usually get them when I pick back up on exercise and I have learned to load up with a ton of potassium to hopefully prevent them. Nothing like being jerked out of a sound sleep with your legs cramping so tight that all you can do is sit and rock back and forth, monaing and groaning, saying, "No! No! No! No!" over and over while you massage your legs and pray for death.

I ate well. I have good days and not so good days. I am still trying and I will beat this. I will. I think about how I had planned to be so much further along by now and I get pretty pissed at myself. It's my own damned fault. I am not blaming anyone or anything but myself. No one is holding a gun to my head and forcing me to be an idiot. Oh, no. I am doing that quite well on my own. I am not in trouble or out of control. I can still fit into my jeans... But I am not hapy with the fact that I am so utterly stalled and stupid.

Better than gaining it all back. I am grateful that I haven't done that. But still...

Anyway, I need to finish up my Thanksgiving shopping, tomorrow. I have some stuff to get, including Patrick's Dutch apple pie and I want to get a lower cal, sugar free dessert of some kind for me, just for that meal. I have my sides and the sides for the guys all planned out. And, I had planned to do another oven ready turkey but Fry's had Honeysuckle White whole turkey breasts on sale the other day for five clams each, so we grabbed one and it is in my fridge, happily thawing. It should be ready to roast, come Thursday. I am looking forward to having a nice roast turkey breast. Yum. I can almost smell it.

In addition to last minute shopping, I need to do laundry, tomorrow. Joy. How I love that chore. And I need to do my nails and I have a couple of other things on my back burner that I would like to do, should I have the time.

Okay, so I guess that is about it, for now. Time for me to go to sleep. I'm tired.

Friday, November 18, 2011

A Good Day

I got through it in pretty fine style. Just over fourteen hundred calories for the day. I didn't binge on a bag of chips, I didn't eat a bag of sugar free candy. (Yeah, that shit isn't coming back into my house. It is too yummy and too easy to justify "just one more!") I did have a lot of popcorn. If I hadn't, I would have been under 1200. Way under 1200. It was worth it, to have the popcorn. :D

I am feeling pretty danged good and pleased with myself. Now, to repeat, tomorrow. Next thing you know, I could be on a streak.

Think I'll hit the lake trails, tomorrow. My knee is finally not swollen and I can walk without pain. I still have a big honking bruise on it. In fact I still have a whole bunch of big honking bruises on both knees and thighs and shins. Falling up the stairs... I don't suggest it. But, the swelling is gone from all of my banged sites and the bruises are beginning to turn yellow and fade. My knee is still tender to the touch but it is working fine.

I think that is about all I have to yammer about, right at the moment.

BYOC: I'm doing It

Yay! It's BYOC time. Draz finally got one up and I finally got here to do it. The planets must be aligned. :D

1. What is your FAVORITE part of Thanksgiving?

Astonishingly enough, cooking Thanksgiving dinner. I know, half of you just fell over in shock. But it's true. This is the one meal that I actually look forward to cooking, every year. After that, it is turkey. Golly, I loves me some turkey! :D

 2. How many Thanksgiving family events will you attend?

Zip. Zero. Zilch. Nada. I do Thanksgiving at home. With my husband and son. We send food over to the In-laws. I wish that I were close enough to have Thanksgiving with my family. *sigh* I wouldn't mind having people over. Maybe next year, when we live in a bigger house and my budget isn't so disgustingly tight. 

 3. What’s your biggest Thanksgiving tradition?

A Jennie-O Oven Ready turkey. No, really! Two minutes from freezer to oven and make my sides. No thawing, no rinsing, no slippery turkey carcass sliding across my kitchen floor. (Think I'm joking? You have never seen me do a turkey the old fashioned way, have you?) I don't have to worry about timing, temperatures and basting. And I have a perfect bird, every time. Now, that is a tradition I could pass down to future generations. Except that Patrick isn't planning to have kids. Nor does he cook Thanksgiving dinners. So, it began with me and it dies with me. :P

 4. Do you Black Friday shop the day after Thanksgiving?

Oh, hellz fucking no! I don't do black Friday. I sleep in, then start decorating for Christmas. I don't like crowds, I don't appreciate being jostled, pushed, stomped on or having things taken from my hands because someone else thinks that they "deserve" that item more than I do. I don't consider TVs and so forth Christmas gifts. So I don't need to be first in line at Hell Mart to get one for forty-nine dollars. 

5. Repeat question: Summarize your week in real life and in blog world.

In real life: I suck.

In Blog World: I suck.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Not So Smooth-ee

Brekkie today was a smoothie. Or it was supposed to be smooth. I made a smoothie with almond milk, some cherry vanilla Yoplait Light, a few frozen strawberries and some chunks of frozen pineapple. Yummy. Then I had the bright idea to add pomegranate seeds. They added nice flavour. And lots and lots of crunchy bits.

*sigh* Drinking that smoothie was interesting. Especially spitting out all of those seeds and chunks of seeds. Lesson learned. No pomegranate seeds in smoothies. Maybe I will get some pomegranate juice and freeze cubes and toss them in, instead.

 A big tumbler full of fruity goodness. Would have been better without the crunch. lol

Laundry day, today. Load number two is in the washer. I have sweaters and delicates tumbling gently in a low dryer. So much fun. I still need to run my vacuum and put my blender away. I was going to scrub my bathroom, today but I changed my mind and I'll do it, tomorrow.

I had a pretty good eating day, yesterday and the day before. Plan to do even better, today. I'd also like to get out for a walk. Now that the nasty swelling from my recent fall is finally going down on my frakking knee, I think I can handle it.

I can't think of anything else to say, right now so I am going to motor. I'll talk to you, later. (If anyone is still reading this drek. ;) lol)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Another Year Older...

 No. Birthday coffee, maybe. Cake, I don't need. lol

It's cool and getting cloudier. yay! Perfect Birthday weather for yours truly who loves her cloudy, grey days. Maybe we'll get some rain later. That would put the polish on it, fo shizz! :D

Okay so... My day is starting off well. Had my coffee and oatmeal and I am stuffed and about to go jump in the shower. I have some shopping to do, I need to blow the last of my Birthday money on foundation and powder, maybe I will have enough for a liner, a shadow or two? We'll see. :D My pressie was polish, this year.

Blech. Coffee breath. The kind that makes the roof of your mouth go gah! and you can feel it in the back of your throat. (Sorry Draz... Probably not something you wanted to read... ;)) Time to brush my fangs and rinse, too. Blech! Speaking of which, I am down to one dose of Crest Pro Health rinse (I love that stuff!) and I need to put that on my list. I can't live without it. It's the only Crest product I like and it is a doosy. It works faaaabulously.

Okay, so time to run. I hope that you are having a fantastic weekend. I am going to make this a really good day. Under 1500 for the day, here I come!

Later, gators. :D

Friday, November 11, 2011


Heh heh. One off title, to be sure.

So... Not too much going on around here. Just most of the usual. Housework, laundry and so on. Blech. I am so in the mood to get out and go crazy, run wild and howl at the moon.

I just did a little pampering, instead. I exfoliated my face really well, slathered it in a chocolate clay masque and kicked back and read a book for about half an hour. I applied so much of the masque that it still wasn't fully dry when I was ready to rinse. It came in a single use packet and I didn't want to waste any, so I piled on all of it. Too much. Yeah, I know... Weird, coming from me. Next time, I think I will squeeze out the amount I need then roll it up tight and wrap it in packing tape. I can easily get two or three uses out of a single packet. I bought the masque at Walgreen's. It was nice. Smelled yummy, like chocolate frosting in a plastic tub. There are different kinds, I love the mineral one on a cloth, when I use that one I get all relaxed, boneless and floaty.And it makes my skin look and feel nice, too. Temporarily lifted a little. Which at my age...

Speaking of age. Tomorrow. 47. Yikes! I guess it is better than the alternative. In fact, I would say that I know that it is better than the alternative. Besides they say that fifty is the new thirty so, I am sctually going to be twenty-seven.

Yeah. Keep on telling yourself that, Erika.

I need to go grocery shopping. I need some different stuff in this house. I am so burnt out on the same old crap that William brings home and it isn't good. I need some new and foods that will inspire me to cook a bit (yes, I said cook. Shut up. lolol) and get back into my rhythm. I have been off of it and I miss it. I really do. I do well for a couple of days, then not as well, then do well and so on. *sigh* I also need to get to walking, again.

I keep saying this, don't I?

I think that stuff to make smoothies would be nice and some protein powder to make them more nutritious. Squash is coming into the store. Butternut squash and spaghetti squash and even fresh yellow and zukes. I haen't been getting and eating much in the way of fresh veggies and salads. I hate it when I have to just accept whatever William buys and brings home and maybe I have been rebelling and taking my anger about that on myself. Not good, really if that is what it is.

I am going to start hauling out the Christmas decorations, soon. I am going to keep it pretty simple, this year. Decorating this condo is a nightmare so I am going to scale it back a bit. Actually a lot. And buy a smaller tree. I love my big one but it is just so big and takes up a lot of my dining area and I have to smoosh my table against the wall and a smaller tree will make more sense, I feel. I think that the inside tree, the deck tree, lights outside and some garland and simple decorations on my mantel and scattered about here and there will be festive but not overwhelming.

I had hoped that we would find a new house soon but William wants to wait, now until April and the Bk is finished. Just five months to go. Chapter 13 is hell, my friends. Whoever says that BK is the easy way out never lived through a three year Ch 13. It is hard. It sucks. It isn't the easy way out. Trust me. So anyway, we are now waiting until April.

Whatthefuckever. Make up your mind, already and stop telling me one thing then changing direction midstream. I am getting just a tad sick of it.

Anyway. Another sickeningly boring entry is on the record. *sigh* I still suck. lol

Monday, November 7, 2011

Is This Arizona? Or Alaska?

Bleargh! Moar snow. And we are still under a Winter weather advisory for the rest of today. Which means... Yepper. You guessed it. Possibly even more snow will fall. Patrick and William will love that. :P Patrick is out, right now clearing the drive. Considering how long and steep it is, I am sure that he is having a real bast. lol (That is an evil laugh, BTW.)

Pretty? Yes. Pain in the ass? No question. I suppose I would object a tad less strenuously to snow if we didn't live on the side of a steep hill and it weren't so frakking difficult to clear it.

Other than my constant bitching about the weather, not too much going on, around here. Marley is flaked out in front of the fireplace and Sabryna is passed out on her beddies. Nothing like warm, contented hairbags on a cold, snowy Autumn morning. :D

I need another cup of java. My brain is still in fuzz mode. Then I am going to get some new polishes swatched for my nail blog and... I dunno... Just hang. I get to have a lazy day since I cleaned house like a dervish, yesterday. I love that. Even housewives need vacay days.

Okay, off to the kitchen to make more coffee and some brekkie. I think that a nice, hot bowl of oatmeal with some chopped apple will go down very nicely, right now.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Did You Know...

That you can fall upstairs? It's true. You can. I know 'cause I did, today. I had finished scrubbing my bathroom and had my phone in one hand, a tube of face "scrub" that I was taking upstairs so that William could remember to return it and I started up the stairs and instead of clearing the riser a couple of steps up, I jammed my right foot into it, instead. I lost my balance and footing and fell down the couple of steps and came to a halt at the bottom. I jammed my toes, knocked the hell out of both knees and thighs, took some skin off my left forearm, wrenched my back and left shoulder and smacked my beak on the step above me as I fell. I now have sore, swollen knees, a big, swollen lump on the top of my left thigh and another spot like it above my right knee. My poor toes are killing me and my fingers on my right hand are stiff. Which is making typing a ton of fun, lemme tell ya. lol

When I fell, I dropped my phone and you want to know what is really sick? It was my first worry when I came in for a landing. I was afraid that I had broken my phone.  :P I am stiff, sore and not moving around too fast, right now. Aleve is going to be my bestest friend, for a few days, I am thinking. But I'll live. I'm just thankful that I didn't break anything. Especially my poor beak.

My house smells like caramel and apples and a little like cinnamon. I love scented candles sooo much! They make the air smell so yummy and the flickering light is so warm and welcoming.

Warm is needed, right now! It is much colder, all of a sudden. We got snow, yesterday morning. Just a dusting. But I remembered, later in the morning to grab my camera and fire off a few shots. Some melting had already occurred but there was still enough of the white stuff to show you. I hope that you like the photos. I did the best I could with my busted down old cart horse of a camera. (I am hoping that Santa will be bringing me a new one, this year. It is time, my old one is six years old and really starting to show it's age. lol)

Photographs are clickable. 

 I just love the shapes of this tree in the below photo and I have been wanting to shoot it for a while, now. :D

I just turned on my fireplace for the first time, today. It is just so chilly in here and my toes are froze and I want some warm. It is already beginning to throw a little heat. I wonder how long it is going to take my cat to figure out that it is on. He loves a good fire. He is currently curled up in a tight little ball on his blanket on the top of the back of the sofa.

It is dark and cloudy, this afternoon and The Weather Channel is threatening  more snow. Just an inch or so. Blech! Yuk! Ptooey! Rain is fine, I like rain. But not the fluffy white stuff.

I'm working hard to keep my fat ass on track. And doing a little better, the past few days. Yesterday was a definite good day, I came in under 1500 calories. I should come in right around the same, today. I am also pushing water, I had been slacking on my slurping and was feeling the effects. It is good to be getting more hydration, again. I would like to take a walk, but I am going to need a few days to heal and unstiffify. (Yeah, I know it isn't a word. But I am using it, anyway. :P) I think that I am going to go take a really hot shower, in a bit. That should help to soothe me and loosen up some of my stiff and sore muscles.

Jeeze! I am such a klutz! lol

I just put Marley down in front of the fireplace. He is now sitting there, staring into the flames and giving himself a little bath. He will probably pass out soon. He likes to sleep in front of the fireplace with his paws stretched out to the heat vents and hose up all of the warm. :D

Okay, so I think that is about all I have to yap about, for right now. I'll talk to you all, soon.

Friday, November 4, 2011

What's Uuuuup?

Hey everyone.

I meant to post yesterday but I got busy and by the time I thought about it, I had just hit shut down on my puter and I was ready to hit the hay so... Here I iz, now.

Ever have one of those days that is a total waste of makeup? I did, yesterday. Literally. I was putting my war paint on and the first try, it looked horrible. Partly my own fault... I am using a Roc retinol night treatment that can dry my skin and I have to exfoliate more often and I forgot and I have micro peelies and when I got my foundation on I looked like a zombie that was sloughing it's dead skin.

Not pretty, my friends. Not pretty. So, out came the makeup remover wipes and on went fresh moisturizer and I applied more foundation. And I do mean more. And once again, I looked as if Sabryna chewed my face up then barfed on it. So, out came the makeup remover wipes and the moisturizer. *sigh* What to do? I had to get my makeup on but I didn't have time to scrub and let my skin calm down before I had to be ready. Then I remembered, duh! Some stupid bitch forgot her primer. I smoothed some on, applied my foundation and much better. Not what I wanted but better.

Turns out I was out of scrub so I grabbed some while I was out. I am going to be going through a lot of it, this Winter. the air is dry, dry, dry and the cooler it gets, the drier my skin gets. The humidity is so low, right now and it is windy, too. So, it's going to get worse before it gets better. I think I need a vat of jojoba oil that I can just lower myself into until Spring. lol

Speaking of cooler. It might snow, tonight or in the morning. What the fuuuuu???? Noooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do. Not. Want! Rain, fine. Snow? Nuh-Uh! No thank you! Snow sucks. And I have stuff to do this weekend so it had better not stick around. It isn't supposed to. If it does fall, we are only supposed to get an inch or so and it will be in the upper forties y tomorrow afternoon so, no worries.

William is watching Grapes of Wrath, again. Steinbeck bores the snot out of me. On the screen or the page. Doesn't make any difference. I hear his name and my eyes glaze over and my brain shuts down. Same with Shakespeare. Bleargh!

I got another dish towel knitted and I am hot into dish cloths, now. It's nice to have a drawer full of them, again.

Let's see... Oh. I busted open and seeded the first big, beautiful pomegranate of the season, tonight. We had a smaller one the other day but it was so sour that it was inedible. This one is scrumptious. Want more.

I guess that is about all I have to natter about, for right now.

Goodnight. :D

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dropping, Dropping

Are the temps. It was much cooler, today and it is supposed to just get cooler. there is talk of possible snow on Saturday. Perish the thought! I will not have it! I have things to do. Snow is not welcome. Noooo siree! But yeah, it was significantly cooler, today. I did open one window in the afternoon when it got a little stuffy in here when the sun swung over.

I took the Hallowe'en decorations down, today. There is always something a little sad about my home after I take down holiday decorations. Not only does it look and feel bare but it is the knowledge that another holiday and passed and is gone. I won't have too long to lament, tho. I will be decorating for Christmas, before too long. I am not going to do my customary Christmas Puked All Over My House decor, this year. I am sick of trying to get everything to work in this tiny place so I am going a little more low key, this year. I am also going to buy a smaller tree. I love my big one but it just takes up too much room in my tiny dining area. So,I'm thinking a five foot pencil tree should be just the ticket.

I got most of the laundry done up... I still have one load. And I really need to scrub my bathroom. Blech. Not in the mood but it needs done so I'll probably knock it out tomorrow, really quick. It doesn't really take me all that long. I have a system and can get my bathroom sparkling clean in pretty short order. It is just mustering up the gumption to actually do it, lately.

I am feeling a little burned out in the housework area and I think that I could use a vacation. Not that I am going to get one, mind you. But the thought of one is a nice thing.

Okay. I have a headbanger and I am going to take it to bed and see if some sleep will ease it a bit. I'll see all of you fine, furry people tomorrow. *muah!*

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy November!

I say that at the beginning of every month, don't I? Lame. lol

It's been a while, again but I mean to change that. I am giving myself a challenge to get back in the habit of daily blogging and I want to post every day, this month, Even if it is boring and stupid as I am, I am going to do it. So, buckle up for a lot of mundane stuff ahead. lol

The weather has been amazing, here. Seventies, even eighties. In the seventies, yesterday. That was warm for Hallowe'en, even around here. It's supposed to be 73, today then cool into the 60's and then the 50's throughout the week. Maybe it will start feeling like Fall. :D The warmer weather has been a nice thing, since I certainly don't need to heat my home. Unlike the poor people who had a ton of snow dumped on them, thanks to the freak snowstorms that hit. I hope that all of my readers and family who got snowed upon are okay, have your power back on and are recovering from the October snow madness.

My days are so routine that sometimes I wish for some dramaz, something to break up the monotony. But I guess it isn't a bad thing, really... Things are pretty peaceful. William works a lot and when he is home, I am buried in my computer and so we don't talk much and as a consequence, we fight less. Laptop as peacemaker. lol

I had a pretty good couple of days, diet-wise. Still working at it. I am not giving up, no matter how pathetic I am and how I have slowed myself. I know that my mojo is within reach and I will get it back and I am not quitting.

Now to get to walking, again, too. I miss that and I am just going to have to take it into my own hands. If I wait for William to feel like driving me to the lake or walking with me, I'll never get out there. *sigh* That's bullshit. I'm a fucking adult. I can go by myself.

Okay, so that is what is going in, right now. I am going to drink my coffee and read your blogs and see what everyone is up to.

Later, gators.