Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I Keep Forgetting

That my lappie is wireless and that I don't have to keep it upstairs or use it only there. I can bring it down here and be comfy in my beddies. So, that is where I am. In bed. With my computer.

Anyone tried the updated Blogger interface? Is it any good? Easier to use? What's the dealio? I am intrigued but I don't want to click the link and get stuck with something that I don't like. Knowwhatimean? I am up for new things but I have to be sure I can handle it and that it will benefit me.

Anywhoozle. I got back on the road, tonight. It felt so good to walk, again. I did a fast, and I do mean fast two miles on Willow Creek with my bodyguards. For a while I was walking as fast as it is possible to walk without actually running and boy! Did that ever work my ass out! I was breathing hard, like I was running but it was easier on my joints and I could go longer at that pace than when I try to run. I kept going like that through a whole song. Whew! It was getting cold, when we set out, by the time I got back to the Jeep, I was hot and sweating.

I feel great and I want to keep it up, now. I did have some cramps in my calves, when I got home so I drank tons of water, took two potassium tablets and pounded a pile of dill pickle spears to up my potassium and hopefully I have staved off leg cramps, tonight. I usually get them when I pick back up on exercise and I have learned to load up with a ton of potassium to hopefully prevent them. Nothing like being jerked out of a sound sleep with your legs cramping so tight that all you can do is sit and rock back and forth, monaing and groaning, saying, "No! No! No! No!" over and over while you massage your legs and pray for death.

I ate well. I have good days and not so good days. I am still trying and I will beat this. I will. I think about how I had planned to be so much further along by now and I get pretty pissed at myself. It's my own damned fault. I am not blaming anyone or anything but myself. No one is holding a gun to my head and forcing me to be an idiot. Oh, no. I am doing that quite well on my own. I am not in trouble or out of control. I can still fit into my jeans... But I am not hapy with the fact that I am so utterly stalled and stupid.

Better than gaining it all back. I am grateful that I haven't done that. But still...

Anyway, I need to finish up my Thanksgiving shopping, tomorrow. I have some stuff to get, including Patrick's Dutch apple pie and I want to get a lower cal, sugar free dessert of some kind for me, just for that meal. I have my sides and the sides for the guys all planned out. And, I had planned to do another oven ready turkey but Fry's had Honeysuckle White whole turkey breasts on sale the other day for five clams each, so we grabbed one and it is in my fridge, happily thawing. It should be ready to roast, come Thursday. I am looking forward to having a nice roast turkey breast. Yum. I can almost smell it.

In addition to last minute shopping, I need to do laundry, tomorrow. Joy. How I love that chore. And I need to do my nails and I have a couple of other things on my back burner that I would like to do, should I have the time.

Okay, so I guess that is about it, for now. Time for me to go to sleep. I'm tired.


  1. Awesome - and happy turkey day!
    What a good year this has been!

  2. I have had leg cramps too and they are not fun! Eating bananas helps me. Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. I love the feeling of a really good walk. Good for you, I hope that you are still at it and that you staked off the leg cramps. You can do this, keep moving forward lady and the world is yours.


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