Sunday, November 6, 2011

Did You Know...

That you can fall upstairs? It's true. You can. I know 'cause I did, today. I had finished scrubbing my bathroom and had my phone in one hand, a tube of face "scrub" that I was taking upstairs so that William could remember to return it and I started up the stairs and instead of clearing the riser a couple of steps up, I jammed my right foot into it, instead. I lost my balance and footing and fell down the couple of steps and came to a halt at the bottom. I jammed my toes, knocked the hell out of both knees and thighs, took some skin off my left forearm, wrenched my back and left shoulder and smacked my beak on the step above me as I fell. I now have sore, swollen knees, a big, swollen lump on the top of my left thigh and another spot like it above my right knee. My poor toes are killing me and my fingers on my right hand are stiff. Which is making typing a ton of fun, lemme tell ya. lol

When I fell, I dropped my phone and you want to know what is really sick? It was my first worry when I came in for a landing. I was afraid that I had broken my phone.  :P I am stiff, sore and not moving around too fast, right now. Aleve is going to be my bestest friend, for a few days, I am thinking. But I'll live. I'm just thankful that I didn't break anything. Especially my poor beak.

My house smells like caramel and apples and a little like cinnamon. I love scented candles sooo much! They make the air smell so yummy and the flickering light is so warm and welcoming.

Warm is needed, right now! It is much colder, all of a sudden. We got snow, yesterday morning. Just a dusting. But I remembered, later in the morning to grab my camera and fire off a few shots. Some melting had already occurred but there was still enough of the white stuff to show you. I hope that you like the photos. I did the best I could with my busted down old cart horse of a camera. (I am hoping that Santa will be bringing me a new one, this year. It is time, my old one is six years old and really starting to show it's age. lol)

Photographs are clickable. 

 I just love the shapes of this tree in the below photo and I have been wanting to shoot it for a while, now. :D

I just turned on my fireplace for the first time, today. It is just so chilly in here and my toes are froze and I want some warm. It is already beginning to throw a little heat. I wonder how long it is going to take my cat to figure out that it is on. He loves a good fire. He is currently curled up in a tight little ball on his blanket on the top of the back of the sofa.

It is dark and cloudy, this afternoon and The Weather Channel is threatening  more snow. Just an inch or so. Blech! Yuk! Ptooey! Rain is fine, I like rain. But not the fluffy white stuff.

I'm working hard to keep my fat ass on track. And doing a little better, the past few days. Yesterday was a definite good day, I came in under 1500 calories. I should come in right around the same, today. I am also pushing water, I had been slacking on my slurping and was feeling the effects. It is good to be getting more hydration, again. I would like to take a walk, but I am going to need a few days to heal and unstiffify. (Yeah, I know it isn't a word. But I am using it, anyway. :P) I think that I am going to go take a really hot shower, in a bit. That should help to soothe me and loosen up some of my stiff and sore muscles.

Jeeze! I am such a klutz! lol

I just put Marley down in front of the fireplace. He is now sitting there, staring into the flames and giving himself a little bath. He will probably pass out soon. He likes to sleep in front of the fireplace with his paws stretched out to the heat vents and hose up all of the warm. :D

Okay, so I think that is about all I have to yap about, for right now. I'll talk to you all, soon.


  1. Yep inhale fallen up the stairs myself. Bike my wrist when I did. Take a hot bath and ease your soreness, poor thing.

  2. That sucks! I hope you recover soon.

    Yes-do some kind of dance, keep the snow away at least a month. I am not ready for the snow, holidays...any of it!

  3. Usually I blame falling UP the stairs on my cats.
    Also, SNOW is awesome!!!! :)

  4. falling upstairs sucks on ly mildly less than falling downstairs...mostly cause when you are falling down stairs you aren't likely to stop until you hit bottom. Hope you feel better soon. And we have had two storms in a row already and it isn't even winter yet. I think it's going to be a cold one this year.

  5. I'm sorry to hear about your fall, Erika. I hope everything heals soon. I don't do well on stairs. I always keep one hand free for the railing because I don't have good balance.


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