Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dropping, Dropping

Are the temps. It was much cooler, today and it is supposed to just get cooler. there is talk of possible snow on Saturday. Perish the thought! I will not have it! I have things to do. Snow is not welcome. Noooo siree! But yeah, it was significantly cooler, today. I did open one window in the afternoon when it got a little stuffy in here when the sun swung over.

I took the Hallowe'en decorations down, today. There is always something a little sad about my home after I take down holiday decorations. Not only does it look and feel bare but it is the knowledge that another holiday and passed and is gone. I won't have too long to lament, tho. I will be decorating for Christmas, before too long. I am not going to do my customary Christmas Puked All Over My House decor, this year. I am sick of trying to get everything to work in this tiny place so I am going a little more low key, this year. I am also going to buy a smaller tree. I love my big one but it just takes up too much room in my tiny dining area. So,I'm thinking a five foot pencil tree should be just the ticket.

I got most of the laundry done up... I still have one load. And I really need to scrub my bathroom. Blech. Not in the mood but it needs done so I'll probably knock it out tomorrow, really quick. It doesn't really take me all that long. I have a system and can get my bathroom sparkling clean in pretty short order. It is just mustering up the gumption to actually do it, lately.

I am feeling a little burned out in the housework area and I think that I could use a vacation. Not that I am going to get one, mind you. But the thought of one is a nice thing.

Okay. I have a headbanger and I am going to take it to bed and see if some sleep will ease it a bit. I'll see all of you fine, furry people tomorrow. *muah!*

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  1. Feel better soon, Erika. I'm glad to see you blogging regularly again. :)


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