Monday, November 7, 2011

Is This Arizona? Or Alaska?

Bleargh! Moar snow. And we are still under a Winter weather advisory for the rest of today. Which means... Yepper. You guessed it. Possibly even more snow will fall. Patrick and William will love that. :P Patrick is out, right now clearing the drive. Considering how long and steep it is, I am sure that he is having a real bast. lol (That is an evil laugh, BTW.)

Pretty? Yes. Pain in the ass? No question. I suppose I would object a tad less strenuously to snow if we didn't live on the side of a steep hill and it weren't so frakking difficult to clear it.

Other than my constant bitching about the weather, not too much going on, around here. Marley is flaked out in front of the fireplace and Sabryna is passed out on her beddies. Nothing like warm, contented hairbags on a cold, snowy Autumn morning. :D

I need another cup of java. My brain is still in fuzz mode. Then I am going to get some new polishes swatched for my nail blog and... I dunno... Just hang. I get to have a lazy day since I cleaned house like a dervish, yesterday. I love that. Even housewives need vacay days.

Okay, off to the kitchen to make more coffee and some brekkie. I think that a nice, hot bowl of oatmeal with some chopped apple will go down very nicely, right now.


  1. Enjoy your day in spite of the snow, Erika. I'm not ready for snow here. I hope we get some hiking and camping in before the bad weather really sets in.

  2. Ewww that white stuff.....have to look away from the computer screen! I moved away from that stuff 4 years ago and haven't looked back!


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