Friday, November 11, 2011


Heh heh. One off title, to be sure.

So... Not too much going on around here. Just most of the usual. Housework, laundry and so on. Blech. I am so in the mood to get out and go crazy, run wild and howl at the moon.

I just did a little pampering, instead. I exfoliated my face really well, slathered it in a chocolate clay masque and kicked back and read a book for about half an hour. I applied so much of the masque that it still wasn't fully dry when I was ready to rinse. It came in a single use packet and I didn't want to waste any, so I piled on all of it. Too much. Yeah, I know... Weird, coming from me. Next time, I think I will squeeze out the amount I need then roll it up tight and wrap it in packing tape. I can easily get two or three uses out of a single packet. I bought the masque at Walgreen's. It was nice. Smelled yummy, like chocolate frosting in a plastic tub. There are different kinds, I love the mineral one on a cloth, when I use that one I get all relaxed, boneless and floaty.And it makes my skin look and feel nice, too. Temporarily lifted a little. Which at my age...

Speaking of age. Tomorrow. 47. Yikes! I guess it is better than the alternative. In fact, I would say that I know that it is better than the alternative. Besides they say that fifty is the new thirty so, I am sctually going to be twenty-seven.

Yeah. Keep on telling yourself that, Erika.

I need to go grocery shopping. I need some different stuff in this house. I am so burnt out on the same old crap that William brings home and it isn't good. I need some new and foods that will inspire me to cook a bit (yes, I said cook. Shut up. lolol) and get back into my rhythm. I have been off of it and I miss it. I really do. I do well for a couple of days, then not as well, then do well and so on. *sigh* I also need to get to walking, again.

I keep saying this, don't I?

I think that stuff to make smoothies would be nice and some protein powder to make them more nutritious. Squash is coming into the store. Butternut squash and spaghetti squash and even fresh yellow and zukes. I haen't been getting and eating much in the way of fresh veggies and salads. I hate it when I have to just accept whatever William buys and brings home and maybe I have been rebelling and taking my anger about that on myself. Not good, really if that is what it is.

I am going to start hauling out the Christmas decorations, soon. I am going to keep it pretty simple, this year. Decorating this condo is a nightmare so I am going to scale it back a bit. Actually a lot. And buy a smaller tree. I love my big one but it is just so big and takes up a lot of my dining area and I have to smoosh my table against the wall and a smaller tree will make more sense, I feel. I think that the inside tree, the deck tree, lights outside and some garland and simple decorations on my mantel and scattered about here and there will be festive but not overwhelming.

I had hoped that we would find a new house soon but William wants to wait, now until April and the Bk is finished. Just five months to go. Chapter 13 is hell, my friends. Whoever says that BK is the easy way out never lived through a three year Ch 13. It is hard. It sucks. It isn't the easy way out. Trust me. So anyway, we are now waiting until April.

Whatthefuckever. Make up your mind, already and stop telling me one thing then changing direction midstream. I am getting just a tad sick of it.

Anyway. Another sickeningly boring entry is on the record. *sigh* I still suck. lol

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