Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tuesday Evening

Thank you for your thoughtful responses to my last entry. I know that I need to seek medical attention but I am not going there, right now. I have my reasons. One day, I will. Just not now. I think that my problem is bursitis. I fired up my Google fu and did a lot of reading on it. It matches my symptoms. This has been coming on for a long time. It is just fairly recently that it has become so uncomfortable. I imagine that one day I am going to require shots in my joints and lovely stuff like that. Good times.

Until then, I am just going to take it low and slow. I am determined to keep walking (my foot was fine, today) and I have decided that even if it does take me forty five minutes, at least I am moving and it doesn't hurt so much. Some walking is better than none.

Yoga isn't an option. I can't get down on the floor or be on my knees. Stupid fat on my stupid legs won't allow it. I don't have access to a pool I can't afford a gym. I am dying for new walking shoes but they aren't in the budget, right now either. I am hoping they will be someday, soonish. :D I just need to do what I can do.

We went and walked tonight. I took it at a gentler pace, my foot was fine tonight and my hips were okay, too.

I just need to keep moving and I need to lose more weight. The less I weigh, the less stress on my joints. And when I feel as if I have lost enough, I can go get a doc and get some treatment.

Husband had to take MIL to the ER. She is having some issues. She had extreme hip pain and went to the Urgent Care and the doc there told her it was sciatica. He gave her meds and sent her home. Tonight, she couldn't walk, her leg is all swollen up and she is in a lot of pain. Husband is home, right now waiting for her to call him and let him know what is going on then he will go back down there. I hope that it isn't anything too serious and that they can help her and she feels better.

Have you ever been nattering along in your blog and suddenly had your mind go completely blank?

Or is that just me? lol


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  2. Blank mind happens to me often. I must say that I've never heard of sciatica causing swelling in the leg. To my knowledge it is more of a pinched nerve kind of thing and it is indeed painful though. I hope that you MIL is ok and I think she should see her doc for a more in-depth work up. Glad to hear your foot was better. For the short term, would it help to add some decent inserts into your shoes? Just thinking out loud...

  3. heres hoping your MIL is better this morning.

    and kudos to you for walking and for the slower pace.

    for finding what works for now.

    xo xo


  4. I've never heard of sciatica making your whole leg swell up! I hope she (and you ) feel better soon.

    Doing what you can do when you can do it is a great exercise plan.

    I avoided doctors for many many years. Many. Finally I decided I knew they were going to tell me I was fat and just dealt with it. Today I still get anxious, but I trust myself to handle it. The bad stuff that happened at the Dr. office when I was a kid won't happen now - I'm not a kid anymore and don't have to go to a Dr. i'm not comfortable with or that isn't supportive.

    Take care of yourself the best way you can!

  5. I avoided going to the dr for years too. I hate getting on that scale. Last year I knew my job was going away so I took care of myself and had my pap and a full physical...high blood pressure is what prompted me to lose weight.

  6. Erika, I applaud you for the effort you're making. I think it's perfectly fine for you to take it a little slower and easier for now, just as long as you don't give up.....you are a great inspiration for me as I am trying to get myself up and moving! I don't think it matters how long it takes to do our walk or how far we go, just the fact that we are up and walking at all is what counts! Keep on doing what you're doing..... and I'm gonna try to catch up with you! Hope all is well with your MIL and she feels better.

  7. Yeah, I forgot what I was going to say *shrug*

  8. Erika, you're doing the right thing, and the same thing I have had to do, by slowing down a bit. I want to walk fast and run and jump, but this old body won't allow it on my terms. It makes me work into it slowly.

    The best thing I did for my feet and legs was to get some new walking shoes. I figured no matter whether I was walking outside or on the treadmill or cycling or dancing, my feet were taking all the shock and they deserved to be treated nicely.

    I don't have access to a pool or gym, either (too far out in the country!) but walking is just fine for me now, and it's the best way to lose weight all over and get in some cardio, too.

    Just stay with it, girl!

  9. I understand about money and affording gym and new shoes and stuff. Do what you can and keep doing what you do. You will get there.

    I hope that your MIL gets better.

  10. I can relate to knee pain and leg pain. I have just got where I can get up and down on the floor. I can not afford to go to a gym either. I have my wii at home and I do have one of those cheap pools from Walmart and I love. My husband calls it the poor mans pool. Walking is great and good for you. Have a nice day.

  11. Um my little raindrop....where's the "I love ____ about me" every day you promised? LOL


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