Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Get Off Your Arse and Walk!

Walking. It isn't an option. It is mandatory. My inner voice now tells me, at that time of day to get ready, lace on my walking shoes, put a bottle of water in my bottle bag and get out to the lake and walk.

So I do.

Now, I need to get the voice telling me that it is time to grab my little weights and work with them, as well. I need to make working with weights as much a part of my day as my walks. And the only way that is going to happen is to just frakking do it, already. Not make it a maybe, or an option. It has to become mandatory.

We went out to the lake and did two miles. I actually felt ready to go some additional distance but Husband wasn't into it, tonight and I couldn't ask him to wait around for me to do it on my own. (Please, don't ask.) Perhaps tomorrow. :D

Food was good today, as well. Calories were 1245. Hydration is adequate. I can do better.

Okay, 'nuff boring on for one day. Erika out.


  1. Good for you that is how I feel about the gym. Love my work out tapes but on super hot days like today I am digging the cool drive the to the gym and the great workout once I get there!

  2. Day by day. As you get into the walking adding the weight swill come. You are doing well.


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