Thursday, July 8, 2010

Get Off the Couch and Pick Up Your Weights!

Okay, fine!


Add to my walk tonight and my day of exercise will be complete.

I am trying to add pages to my blog. I managed to get my home page tab up... Now to figure out how to add others. I would like to do a photo page and a couple of others. All in it's good time. I'll figure it out.

Diet Sunkist... OMG! Happiness in a little aluminium can. I love orange soda. I don't drink it often, it is one of those things that I really need to have a real taste for, then I slurp. I was craving orange soda and Son happened to bring home a couple of Diet Sunkist orange sodas. I have slurped both of them this this afternoon. I don't drink a lot of soda, anymore. I am sticking more to water and Crystal Light. The Diet Sunkist was a nice treat.

I owe pictures in another four pounds. Eeeek! *throws camera out the window* lol


  1. I loved sweetened orange soda when I was a kid. I think the diet would be great. Need to look for it.

  2. I'd say I"m going to go stand outside your window in hopes of catching a free camera, but I'm not going anywhere near someplace called hell hill!

    Glad you found a nice satisfying treat! I just love it when that happens. I proudly ate the last Hershey bar today - and then napped for like 3 hours because I'm no longer accustomed to the sugar. whoops.

  3. Ha Ha..if Amy W finds out you have Diet Sunkist she'll be knocking down your door. She is totally addicted to the stuff.

    I haven't had pop in over 3 months....but I have really been craving it in the heat the past few days...but it doesn't matter (thanks Draz).

    Can't wait to see your pics!!

  4. I am going to try the sunkist on my next visit to the store.

    Thanks for the prodding to get the weights going. It is making me unbury my workout area which has become a place to dry clothes.

    Great job on the workout and walk!

  5. thank you for saying that as Ive been getting...crap :) for my diet mt dew love.

    one a day.

    every day.

    I wont give it up


  6. You say "soda," I say "pop!" LOL Good going on the weight work!

  7. Orange soda is pretty good -- i don't drink it now...but when I did -- yum.


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