Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fit Point: Intensity and Recovery

Following along with Lanie Painie to answer the Fit Point of the Week.

This week's topic:

Intensity and recovery.

We all work out at different intensities and vary how often. How hard do you work out? Do you fatigue yourself or do you work out just hard enough to get a little burn? If you do go all out, how do you deal with this or recover? What is your routine after you work out?

My work outs are primarily walking at this point and time. I also try to add in a few workouts a week with light weights. I walk six days a week; two to three miles a day. I vary the intensity of my walks from mildly to moderately challenging. My two mile walk route is a lot of flat with some gentle inclines and downhills and one good hard, if short uphill pull. My three mile route is a bit of an ass kicker. It is long, intense uphills and downhills, turns and a few switchbacks and a little level walking at both ends. Both trails get me to puffing pretty good. Hey, I'm still well over 300 pounds, I figure that is going to be the case for a while. lol But, I am usually able to talk a little, except on the really tough climbs. I actually recover amazingly quickly. After a few minutes, my breathing and heart rate are at normal and I feel fantastic.

When I work with weights, I use one pound weights, right now. I do three sets of thirty reps of each  exercise like unilateral and bilateral bicep curls, flys, shrugs, rows, triceps work, both to the back and overhead. It doesn't take me long to recover from my weights work out, yet. In time, when I start adding more exercises and weight and reps and so forth, I expect that to change. I am only mildly sore after these sessions, so far.

My routine when I get home from a walk is a nice, lukewarm shower. Then I make dinner, sometimes clean up the kitchen (Son is a sweetie and if he is home, does that for me :D) and kick back for the rest of the evening. I love my walks and look forward to them. My one day of rest a week is necessary to let my bod recover and get ready to go again but my mind is champing at the bit and wants to go! Go! Go! That kinda freaks me out... I have never felt that way about exercise, before. :D :D

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  1. Erika,
    You have the right idea: Not only are you listening to your body, and not pushing it harder than it can handle, you are also continually challenging yourself by not doing the exact same thing every day. Not only that, you're getting out there, in nature! (Fresh air and green earth makes huffing and puffing so much more rewarding!)
    Keep it up!

  2. Absolutely wonderful to follow your journey and watch your enthusiasm wax!

  3. Aw Sherry. I love having you hare.

  4. I mean here.

    I should never type before coffee... lol


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