Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Defy the Storm Gods

And walk. At least, that is what I wanted to do. By the time we got out to the lake, today the sky over the Eastern sky was a deep, ominous grey-black. Lightening flashed and danced in the clouds and streaked to the ground, thunder rumbled quietly, powerfully in the distance. As we walked down Normal Trail, a rainbow moved at the fore of the storm, marking it's progress.

As we passed the first half mile post, the wind was cooling rapidly and had picked up to a brisk blow. Rain was on it's way and as we looked to the end of the trail where we normally turn around, it was dark down there. Husband decided that he really wanted to turn around. I wanted to go on. He was determined to avoid the storm and I wanted to walk into the teeth of it. I don't fear storms. I probably should. I know very well the power they hold and unleash upon the Earth. But I am not afraid of them. I never have been. I don't worry about being struck by lightening. Stupid, I know. But there it is. Had I been alone, I would have gone on. And I would have accepted and reveled in whatever came my way.

We turned around and got back to where the Jeep was parked and decided to walk a little way up Kickass Trail to get some more distance before the storm reached us. Thing is, that sucker was moving faster than we thought it was and just a few minutes later, we turned around and started back to the car as the sky turned suddenly black and the light went yellow. A few big, fat raindrops hit us on the way back to the car but we didn't get poured on.

I tried something today. I tried to jog a little. I just wanted to see if I was physically capable of it. I was. I walked faster and faster then suddenly just allowed my gait to lift to a jog of sorts. Granted, it wasn't pretty to look at, sad, shambling, flat footed, heavy parody that it was. And it didn't last very long. But I felt strangely pleased with myself, all the same.

 My hip isn't at all pleased with me, tonight. lol The increased force, just from that pathetic little attempt has it hollering at me, tonight. I won't attempt it again for a long time. I don't dare, if I want to be able to walk, at all.

I have heartburn... Too much Tabasco in my soup, perhaps?  *burp* Anyone have some Tums? lol


  1. lol, I call it shuffling menacingly.

  2. Oh had I been with you, I'd have gone along with you into the teeth, as you say. My kind of weather. Jogging is hardest on the knees. When I had to jog for work (required to pass a distance test in a certain amount of time, quarterly), I lost so much weight. The weather in IL in August is what put me off of jogging. I used to go 4 times a week, 3 miles each jog. I just couldn't do it here (humidity, heat, and ice) and my body quickly showed the lack. Now my knees wouldn't allow it, alas.

  3. Yeah, my short jog a week or so back was not kind to my hips either, but it gave me a taste of running and I'm looking forward to more of that!

  4. For me it's slogging (slowly jogging), and my hip refuses to let me do it right now, too! It is something I would like to do more of, some day....

  5. I so want to run/jog. And most days I do. But then my knees hurt and I have to stop for a day or two. Hopefully all this is making my knees stronger.

    So let's just keep up with the walking/jogging, whatever our old bones will let us do. At least we're moving and wanting to do more!

  6. I would have loved that storm too! We've been having some really big storms in MI lately and each one is exciting.

    I haven't tried the "jog" yet - I have heel spurs and some days I can barely walk, which depresses me to no end. I so wanted to walk this evening, but I knew if I did, I'd be unable to walk again for a couple of weeks.

    What we do to keep our aches and pains under control, huh?



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