Sunday, July 18, 2010

Answers To Comments

And so forth. :D

Amey, I was up until about midnight. We ate a little later and I don't like to hit the sack on a freshly filled tummy. :D I cope with the AZ heat by using A/C. It is a necessity, here. Not a luxury. And don't let anyone tell you that just because we live at higher elevation (Prescott is at 5000 feet) it doesn't get stupid hot. Not as hot as The Valley, but it gets hot. lol

I am wearing Reebok walking shoes that I bought back in 1999. They are good quality shoes and have served me well but have been wearing out for a while. Now that I am putting some serious miles on them, that wear is increasing exponentially.

Sherrypoppet, Tee hee. Thanks, sweetie! <3

Dayumn, Lanie! Bees?!?! In your dryer vent? Yikes!!! Those little monsters will nest just about anywhere, won't they? We have the Africanized bees, here and they love to use houses, attics, vents and other openings for their homes. *shudder* "Allergic to discomfort"... I like that! I'll have to remember that one. I have no doubt that you will earn those new shoes in no time. :D

Mandy, I am looking at Easy Tones. I like Reebok shoes. I have always had good luck with that brand. Comfortable, long lasting, good support. When I worked in a job that kept me on my feet all day, I depended on my Reeboks to keep me working. :D I am also looking at the Sketchers version or I might just get another pair of regular old walking shoes. There is a pair of Ryka shoes (on I really like the look of. I have time... My shoe money went into my dryer. lol And I totally agree, Sears sucks! Sadly, they have really gone downhill in recent years. I remember the days when they had wonderful customer service. (Why yes, I am a dinosaur. Why do you ask?lolol) For the price and quality and level of service you might as well go to WalMart. *shrugs*

Jo, I am happy I could amuse you. :D :D

Draz, Ten hours on a motorcycle in this heat? You must be extra crispy. I hope that you had a good time, tho. :D

Don't think I will do that all the time. I am a sloth blogger. Sad and tragic. But true. *hangs head*

I have two point two pounds to go until I have to do a new photo shoot. I am thinking about doing it in my walk gear. We'll see how crazy/daring I am feeling when the time comes.

Well chickens, it is hotter than the hinges here again today. We finally turned the air off and threw open the windows about two this morning and had to fire it back up by nine, when it was already 85 degrees here in our little condo. Blech! I like not the Dog Days.

And why, you might ask were we up at two in the morning? *Open gutter, insert mind.* No, not so much. It was our smoke alarm. Beeping madly. Husband and I got up and carefully searched and sniffed and looked and felt walls. No smoke. No burning smells. No flames or indication of flames. No hot walls. But the stupid thing kept going off. Husband ran downstairs to Son's area. No problems down there. What the hell was it? Finally, Husband took the smoke detector down as much as he could (it is hard wired) and we see this icky thing wiggling around, poking in and out of the detector. It was a little centepede in there, crawling around, goofing with the sensors and setting the damn thing off. Husband caught and flushed the little miscreant and we had blessed silence, again.

While I was up, I folded and hung up and put away a load of laundry, put the dog out to pee and do her doodies and hit the bathroom, myself. Then I had to lie in bed and read for a while before I could get back to sleep. Stupid centepede.

It is buggy, this year. More so than last year. We have seen two tarantulas on the trails, so far. And should be seeing more as the season progresses. It is almost Tarantula Season of Love. That time when they all come out, looking for a mate and getting squashed on the roads. We also saw a dead chipper on the trail yesterday. Rigor mortis, stiff as a board. Poor little thing. Don't know what got it.

I need to clip and file my toenails. My feet have lengthened a little since I bought my shoes and they hit the ends as I walk. I have to kind of curl my toes a little and hit the heels on the ground to set my feet back a bit. I need a half size larger. Nice. As if my big old land yaught feet weren't big enough, already.

Well, I need to get the filler part of the dog's bed into the dryer with some dryer sheets to freshen it up. I already washed and dried the removable cover. Husband is going to give her a good bath. Dirty old mutt needs one. lol She is going to be pissed. She hates taking a bath. Sabryna is a lot like a cat, in that respect. lol

Okay... Off my arse. I'll see all you loverly people, later.


  1. Tarantulas! Oh My!

    All I ever see on my walks are squirrels and baby snakes and a couple of squished frogs!

    The smoke alarm story reminds me of my funny dog. When the battery is running low and it starts its chirping thing, Dog starts pacing the floor and then gets just as close as she can to Husband or me, on our feet. Don't know if it is the high pitch or what, but she is deathly afraid of the smoke alarm. Such a guard dog!!

  2. I saw a smashed turtle shell the other day and thought, "Huh, that looks like a turtle shell...GROSS! GUTS!"

  3. I love QVC and it's not your feet getting bigger. When you work out - they swell 1/2 size bigger. I buy my running shoes a 1/2 size bigger on purpose - and by the time I'm done with my run they are tight.

  4. Jo, we had a dog that hated beeping, too. She would freak out if the smoke detector beeped or if Husband's work phone beeped. Dogs are so silly. lol

    Ew! Turtle guts. *gag*

    Draz, my present walkers are a 9 1/2, I am going to get a 10, this time around. Should be a little more comfortable. :D


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