Friday, July 30, 2010


Well, well... It's that time again. Time when I have to show all of you just how nutzo I really am. lol (Just in case you hadn't noticed, I tend to abridge the original questions a little. For some reason, copy and paste and Blogger and my puter don't get along so well and I have to sift back and forth and type out the questions, myself. So, while the wording may be a bit different, the spirit of the question remains the same.)

1. What's your favourite genre of movie?

I like comedy, romances and some action flicks. Horror... Not so much. Slasher/slicer flicks don't float my boat.

2. What do you order when you eat Chinese food?

What don't I order? lol But seriously, I adore Chinese food. Fried rice, sweet and sour, moo shoo, goo goo gai pan, chow mien, beef and broccoli, cashew chicken, egg rolls, won tons, shrimp... I would get a wide variety of yummies and just go insane. And have enough for the next day and go insane, again. Can't imagine why I am so frakking fat... ;)

3. What is your take on Swingers? For it? Against? Into it?

While it isn't for me, what consenting adults choose to do behind closed doors is their business.

4. Repeat question: What will you do next week for your physical/mental health?

For my physical health, I am going to try to do two three milers. For my mental health? I don't know... Kill my husband and hide his body in a septic tank?

5. Make someone a star: Whose blog or comment really got to you, this last week?

This sounds like a cop out but you all did. Every one of you. You are all my heroes, my teachers, my gurus and inspirations.

Fage rocks. I have become quite the Greek yoghurt whore. And I want to try every brand. :D

Oh, Draz, the little rattlesnake was really little and he was easy to get away from. He wasn't all that scary. I didn't worry about Mama Snake since baby snakes are on their own, once they are hatched. Every now and then we hear a full blown rattle, but normally it is a ways out in the grasses, not too close to the trails. I imagine that we walk by snakes all the time, they are a lot like the tarantulas, if you leave them be, they will usually return the favour.

Great... Now I am going to be wondering what is lurking in the grasses as I walk by... lol


  1. I have the perfect septic tank...Rambo is the President of our sewer plant in town...LOL. Okay - about the rattlesnakes - too late - I'm still going to worry. If you go for a walk and don't post - that's it - I'm going to think you got whacked my a mama snake.

  2. OMG snakes terrify me in a completely irrational way :)

    Mmmm Greek yogurt. My fave is mixing the plain with a bit of honey and fruit. Soooo gooood!

    You are kicking ass, girl! Love you!

  3. I keep forgetting to tell you - I wish you were going to Chicago....I'd love to hug you and shake my finger at you for walking with snakes but since you are not - I will take a pic of my tattoo for you when it completely's taking forevah!


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