Friday, July 30, 2010

Summer Challenge Weigh In

As I revealed yesterday, I weighed and it isn't pretty. Up .2 pound. I am firmly in the grips of The Puff Monster. Bleargh! I am so puffy, I didn't even bother to try a follow up, this morning. I am letting yesterday's number stand.

Not upset. (Not much, anyway...;)) I take a modicum of comfort from knowing that this is just fluid. Not fat. I know that the puff will recede and I will be on to smaller and better things. I guess I am going to have to accept a good weigh in or two, then get hit by this nonsense, then a good one or two, again.


As long as my overall numbers trend down, that is what I am working for.

Obligatory scale pic: *gag*

I am dragging serious ass, this morning. I don't know what the hell I did to offend my gallbladder last night, but offended it was. And let me know it. I had dinner a bit late, since we had to hit the trail, then run to the grocery store afterward. By the time we got home, put everything away and I took my shower, it was after eight. I tossed a Healthy Choice lemon pepper fish dinner in the microwave and steamed up the last of my broccoli (shit!!! I forgot to buy veggies... *sigh!* I'll have Husband grab some for me, later) and had that for dinner. I ate, shared my fish with Marley. A little while later Bam!

Pain in my right side. Then it spread across my abdomen just below my diaphragm and just lay there, like a huge rock almost all night long. I was miserable. I couldn't sleep, I couldn't get comfortable, no matter what. Only sitting, scrunched over gave me any relief of that awful discomfort. I felt that if I could just relieve the pressure, I would be okay. It finally eased up a bit around four, this morning and I fell into an exhausted sleep and was up by seven.

Thank God for coffee.

I am okay, this morning. A little residual discomfort but much better. I just need to limp this damned thing along a little longer, until I get some more weight off, then it can let it rip, I'll stagger into the ER and let them yank the miserable thing out.

We saw a little baby rattlesnake on the trail, last night. It was tiny! But definitely a rattlesnake. The colouring, markings and head shape were right. It also had that unmistakable rattlesnake 'tude. It was doubled back and coiled on it's self in perfect strike posture. It was near the end of the trail so we just turned around and left it in peace.

While we were in the store last night, I was reaching for 1% milk (with the exception of fat free half and half, I think that fat free dairy is nasty and I don't bother with the stuff) when my little eye spied Almond Breeze almond milk. I have considered buying it, before but was put off by not knowing if I would like it, as well as the price. The stuff is a tad spendy. But it was on sale and my curiosity got the better of me and I skipped the 1% and went for the almond milk. A cup is 90 calories. It does have some sugar, but since sugar in moderate amounts isn't really a problem for me, I don't mind that. I brought it home and poured a little in a glass to taste and, yum. Mama like. I am really going to enjoy it on my cereal. I tried it in my coffee, this morning but... No. It doesn't lighten and cream my coffee as I like it. I like my coffee very light and creamy, so I will stick to fat free 1/2 and 1/2 for that.

I was cruising for Greek yoghurt in the store and they had Chobani on sale, but of course, the only flavour I really like was all gone. So, I grabbed a couple of cartons of Fage. This brand is new to my area. It was also on sale and I thought it was worth giving it a try, since I have read such good thing about it on the blogs. It has two compartments, one with yoghurt and one with fruit to add. I appreciate the concept. I hope that I like it.

Okay, I think I have bored on long enough and I am wanting another cup of coffee. No... Strike that. I need another cup of coffee. lol

Later, lovely ones.


  1. Glad your gall bladder has eased up on you this morning! And don't we just hate the Puff Monster, he gets hold of me and it takes a while to get rid of him and see results on the scale! I haven't even tried ff 1/2 & 1/2 because I do not like ff dairy at all, we're still drinking on 2% milk. Love almond milk, especially in cereal, oatmeal and smoothies, but hubby won't touch it. And as for Greek yogurt, haven't tried Fage yet, but I absolutely love Chobani (esp. pineapple)!!

  2. .2 lbs is almost NOTHING. I could shave my legs and clip my toenails to lose that amount! Or you could just take those socks off. I bet they weight .2 lbs. Don't get down about. You're doing great! As soon as the puff leaves, you'll be down 2.2, I'm sure of it!

  3. I agree with Lanie Painie take thos socks off, weigh naked. You can lose 3 lbs just taking off clothes. You will come back down once the puff goes away. Hugs :)

  4. OM GADS- a rattlesnake and you didn't pee your pants? I peed my pants reading that you saw one. Would you be careful? You're going to scare me to death. And yes - it's not fat - no way- it's stupid water. Dammit. I hate it when I'm week will be great I'm sure.

  5. Did you look around for Mama Rattlesnake? And brothers and sisters? Oooohweeeee!

    Glad you're feeling better. Doesn't a sleepless night just make the day suck? Hope you sleep better tonight!

  6. I hope that soon you will be able to get rid of that gallbladder. I don't like rattlesnakes, not even little, tiny ones.

  7. You have reinforced my desire for wanting to try almond milk. It sounds yummy!

  8. I love Almond Milk!! I buy the unsweetened kind, only 40 calories in a cup!! YUMMY!!

    Rattlesnakes...ummm HELL NO!!

    I agree with the others...weigh in your birthday suit and after you pee in the morning.


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