Friday, July 9, 2010

BYOC and a Full Heart

Hello duckies. :D I want to begin this entry by saying thank you to all of you for your comments, encouragement and support. Reading your kind words means more to me than I can possibly adequately express.

And the head isn't too bad, at present. On the Saffer-Simpson Scale (how I measure my headaches) it is running at about a Cat 2. I am expecting it to strengthen, tho. this is one of those lovely, sneaky ones. It just kinda churns along, not too bad, then... Bam! Lights out.

Good times. lol

We hit the trails tonight and rather than turning right and doing two miles on Normal Trail, we went left and did three hard miles on Kickass Trail. The funny thing is, while it is challenging, the trail doesn't really kick my ass, any more. It just works me really well. Yes, I was tired at the end and I admit... I did have to take a couple of little rests on the longest uphill pulls but all in all, I rocked that bad boy. We went out a mile and a half, stopped for a few seconds to drink water, then we turned and burned back to the Jeep.

While we walked we passed through swirling clouds of...

Not dragonflies.


Nasty, icky, annoying little gnats. I even had some stick to my lip balm.


Okay, on to BYOC.

1. Love or money? High salary or job satisfaction?

My answer isn't going to be a popular one. But it is honest. I have to say money. Not just money, but it I am ever in a position that I would be in a different relationship or marriage, my new partner or husband would have to be comfortably situated. I would not willingly go into a financial situation like the one I am in, now.

Okay, you can take me out and shoot me, now. lol

2. What is your favourite time of day?

Early morning. That is crazy, if you know me well. I have been a night person most of my life. But lately that has turned around. I now love mornings. Especially that time, just as the sky is beginning to turn silver and the anticipation of the coming sunrise builds and builds until it bursts, in glorious colour and light over the horizon.

Dusk or twilight time is my second favourite. The dying sunset is gorgeous, especially when there are clouds. The rays of the setting sun go through breaks in the clouds. Clouds that are red and orange and peach and magenta and lavender. And the clouds closest to the dying sun are limned in gold and white fire. Sometimes it is as if you can see the throne of God.

3. Do you have a will? Living will or advanced directive?

Not at present. Husband and I both need to draw them up.

4. BYOC Challenge.

Well, Draz gave me a new challenge. I am going to accept it. It isn't going to be easy. I have a really hard time saying nice things about myself and pointing out things I like about myself. But I am going to try.

Today's thing that I like about myself: I have good hair. Usually. It is soft and shiny and thick and grows pretty quickly. It is looking a bit nasty at present as it is recovering from a bad episode of henna removal a couple of years ago. But, yeah. I like my hair. :D

Part two of my BYOC Challenge? I know that I sound like a broken record but I am going to try to get three days of weights work, this next week.

5. Make someone a superstar. Whose blog or comments really got you, this week?

Drazil's running blog entry. The things she posted have made a huge difference to me in my walking program.

Okay, I think I have made this entry long enough. If you waded through all of my nattering, I salute you.


  1. I have nothing good to say about myself...can't even use the hair. But you, my friend, are a delight and a wonder and I always enjoy your thoughts. And judging by the time stamps on your entries, you must be getting little to no sleep if you are up so early! Me? I've been lucky to last until 8 p.m. of late. And my waking times are getting earlier and earlier and earlier. Aging sucks. Good luck with your challenge goals and you rock on that trail walk!

  2. I'm still a night person, but I also love that moment right before day breaks. I usually stay up too late to get up really early to see it though. :-P

    I agree, I think you have awesome hair.

  3. Sherry, if only you saw what we see. Seriously.

    And I get sleep. Usually a full night's sleep. I hit the sack around eleven or midnight and am up at six thirty or seven. Sometimes earlier, hence the sunrise. :D

    Thanks, Marie. :D <3


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