Friday, July 2, 2010

It's BYOFC, the Late Edition

With your host, Ice Queen.

Good evening everyone. I hope that you all had a great day. Mine was good. I got housework done, my new grill cleaned up all nice and shiny, marinated chicken, made a big, fresh salad, prepped potatoes for the micro. I wanted to have everything ready to go when we got home from the lake, tonight.

We went out for our usual two miles. Since the humidity went bye-bye, it was a little cooler, today. There was a lovely, soft wind and the dry air made it easier for me to breathe. No wheezies and rattles. :D We went out a little later than usual and it was lovely. And the trails were pretty quiet. We say one man down by the lake taking photos, the older guy with his Aussie/Rottie sweetheart of a dog, a couple of runners and a family up on one of the side trails, taking pictures of each other in the golden light of a dying sunset. The wind was gently warm and felt like a silk scarf on my skin as I walked the last part of the trail.

And tonight, I only stopped once. At the end of Normal Trail, at the one mile point to have a quick breather, drink a little water and apply a bit more lip balm then it was right back and no stopping, again. Not even on or at the top of Little Hell Hill. I was really pleased with myself. And, I have learned that a couple of Advil about an hour before we take off keeps my hips from singing Ave Maria, too. Good stuff. :D

I grilled our chicken for dinner on my new grill tonight. Boy, was it yummy! Tender, juicy and full of that good, grilled flavour. I am so happy to have a good grill, again. The Foreman grill can stay in the cabinet to be used if it is just too nasty out to use my gas grill. :D

Okay, on to BYOFC.

1. Since this is a patriotic holiday of sorts, I thought of this one: Where were you on September 11th 2001?

I was at home. It was early in the morning and I was up freakishly early, for me. I had just gotten out of the shower and wandered into my living room and flipped on the tube and tuned in to CNN, expecting to see yet more yada, yada about Chandra Levy. Instead, Aaron Brown was on and one of the buildings of the World Trade Center was on fire. I called my husband to come out to the living room to see it and then watched in horror as the second plane came in. Like most of the rest of the country, I remained glued to my TV for the rest of the day, hardly wanting to even leave my TV long enough to go to the bathroom.

2. What is your idea of fun? If you could skip work/life for one day, what would you do? (Assuming you were alone.)

Oh, wow! The possibilities! There are a lot of things I would like to do... Go shopping or take a long drive or just pop a big bowl of popcorn, load my DVDs of Pride and Prejudice into my DVD player and watch it all the way through, with no interruptions, no phone ringing, no dog to go out, no husband or son wanting something, no housework hanging over me.

3. Suggestion from a follower: Some blog questions.

How many blogs do you follow?  A lot.

Do you read them all or just your faves?  I read all that come up on my blogroll with new entries.

Do you comment a little/a lot on all?  I am a sporadic commenter. I have explained why, before. I also tend to go through mad commenting phases, I am all over the place, commenting like a madwoman then I clam up, for a while. Yepper... I am seriously cracked and my commenting style proves it. lol

Have you unfollowed someone because of something they said or because you didn't like their blog?  I unfollowed a blog and removed it from my blogroll because the author seriously misuses the word "retard" in a really nasty, hurtful manner on a regular basis and is also prone to writing nasty digs about fat people. I don't need that kind of negative, hurtful shit in my bloggy life.

Do you routinely unfollow and why?  I do not. Tho there are a few blogs at the bottom of my blogroll that have received no love for a long time and the thought has crossed my mind to set them adrift. They aren't bugging me and I still want to think about it a while longer. I guess I keep hoping that one day, I will see them post, again.

4. Repeat question. Pick just one thing you will do for just one day.

Okay, I am going to up my ante on my weights workouts and do Monday, Wednesday and Friday. In addition, (providing I am not in pain and my body allows it,) I will go a ways up Kickass Trail after I finish my two miles on Normal Trail during one of my walks, next week. I can't promise a full extra mile, but I will do the best I possibly can.

5. Repeat question: Make someone a superstar. Whose blog or comment really stuck with you, this week?

Well, I have a few, actually. Lyn, even in the midst of a rotten week from hell found optimism, strength and grace in adversity and carried on in fine form. Drazil having the strength to share her very personal tragedy. Amy W taking big steps on her journey of self discovery. Loretta and Chris writing posts that resonate for me and inspire me to carry on and move ever forward. (Sorry I didn't provide links. It is late and I am half brain dead.) I could go on and on because to be perfectly honest, everyone I read and stalk... Follow!... ;) touches me in one way or another and lifts me up and carries me along on this odyssey of mine.

I think I am going to dump my husband and take my grill to Vegas and marry it.

Holy shit! This entry is long! Goodnight, all. Loves and sweet dreams.


  1. I see the only down side being that the grill doesn't bring in the $ like ol' WD does! LOL Yay for the fabulous walk too! I should get off my arse and do something, really.

  2. Hi Erika --

    found your blog hopping in search of others hoping to lose significantly! We are in the same age bracket, which definitely make the hill a little steeper to climb. Good luck to us! :D

    p.s. I think your hair looks great pulled back - shows off your eyes!


  3. Yeah Sherry, too bad the grill can't bring home the bacon! lol WD would be toast! ^^

    Hi Dee! Welcome to my little corner of the webz. I am so happy that you dropped in. I have faved you and will follow and add you, soon. I am looking forward to reading your blog and getting to know you. :D


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