Monday, July 5, 2010

Monday, Monday

Good morning, Peeps! I hope that everyone had a fab Fourth and that you aren't hung over or too sunburnt. :D

Yesterday was good. I had a fairly busy day... I was under the impression that holidays are for loafing and relaxing. Yeah. Riiiight. They are for scrubbing the bathroom, doing four loads of laundry, cleaning, cleaning the kitchen, loading, running and unloading the dishwasher... Twice. (How the hell do three people generate enough dirty dishes to run the dishwasher twice in one day? lol) But there was also fun. Grilling lunch and dinner, slurping on sugar free fudge pops while sitting on our deckony in the deepening twilight, enjoying the cool breeze, chatting and looking at the stars. Then fireworks. For a piece of crap town, Prescott shoots off a pretty nice fireworks display. Last night was gorgeous; low to mid 70's, a lovely breeze. A picture perfect Summer night.

Food wise, I had a great day. I did holiday munching smart style and came in just under 1500 calories for the day. Yepper, I am patting myself on the back a little. For dinner, I grilled regular burgers and dogs for the guys. Husband ate a burger and a dog, Son ate two burgers and two dogs. I had a turkey burger with a little shredded fat free cheddar melted on it, on a whole grain bagel thin with a little light mayo, lots of lettuce, tomato and onion. Boy was it good. I haven't had a burger in a long time and I really enjoyed it. I also grilled some marinated shrimp and mushrooms on skewers. Yum. Grilled shrimp. Just one little problem. I forgot that the shrimp were already cooked. And they turned out a little chewy. But they weren't shoe leather and they tasted good, so, no harm. Son was so excited to see shrimp. So was my cat. I sat down to eat and the little orange beast was all over me like a cheap suit. lol I shared with him, of course. That cat loves him some shrimp!

Husband doesn't. I was getting all the goodies ready for the grill and he came along, saw the shrimp skewers and pointed and asked that I not allow the shrimp to touch his burger while on the grill. I assured him that I wouldn't allow my shrimp to contaminate his precious burger. ***snort***  I should have rubbed shrimp all over it while I was out, cooking. He was in the living room, lying down after his exhausting day, (poor baby worked sooo hard, yesterday, he dusted and ran the vacuum for me) watching baseball. He would have never known. ^^ Why, yes. I am evil. Why do you ask?

Out on the deck last night, I slurped three sugar free fudge pops. Hey, it was a holiday. lol and I had popcorn, later, too. I was craving crunchies and air popped popcorn with a little buttery spray is better for me than say... Lays Carolina BBQ potato chips. (Which, BTW, taste of awesome. Sometimes I really have to fight myself to stay out of the bag of those things.) So yeah... Did well with the food. And I don't have that day after a big feed food hangover.

My rest day from walking was just what my bod and feet needed. I feel a lot better, today and am looking forward to hitting the trails, later this evening.

Whew! It is already getting warm. It is supposed to be hotter, today.


  1. Great job on the holiday eating, Erika! I know you're enjoying your new grill.

  2. We have a heat advisory hear in NW Ohio so my main exercise for today will be in the pond (maybe some a/c exercise too). I took a couple of days off last week and it was just what I needed. Isn't it great to be able to allow yourself that and not feel like a failure because you didn't keep on schedule? I just love it!

  3. Fabulous layout, great post, love my sugar free fudgies.

  4. Thanks, you guyzes! :D

    I love my sugar free fudge pops. Something so small, yet so lovely.

  5. Sounds like you had a great 4th! It rained most of the day here but that's fine, kept it cool.

  6. Skipping right to the part that made laugh, I was reminded of a friend who was fighting with her husband quite often. I was over for dinner with the girls and she inadvertently dropped a cooked porkchop on the floor. She had her Boxer underfoot and offered it to him to lick before serving it to her husband. I guess there is a modicum of evil in me because I still treasure that memory and find it hilarious.

  7. You did great keeping your calories down! I didn't even try to count mine, we spent all day at the carnival. I'll blog about my shame later LOL.

    It sounds like you like in a beautiful town and perfect weather too...makes me jealous!!


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