Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Decidedly Unpuffy Day


I jumped on my scale. I'll re-post my weight tomorrow for the Summer Challenge. (Is that challenge still going or has it faded away and I am the only idiot out here still doing it? lolol)


That's right, kiddies. Your Queen is now below 350. It feels good to get under that number. I feel as if I am on a downhill slide, now. Getting to 350 felt like a long, hard uphill slog but now I know that progress is being made and I am starting to cruise.

Yes, I remember that I owe a photo shoot. And I will get to it. I need batteries for my camera. I had just enough juice to take and upload my scale pic, this morning. *stupid batteries*

I might take a new face pic, too. I see a bit of a difference and I want to see if it translates to a photograph. :D

I want to give thank yous and hugs for your support in my recent post. I don't normally talk about such things but I just needed to blow a bit. Better here than screaming at someone who doesn't deserve my wrath. I don't hate my husband. He is a good man who tries hard to be a good husband. I just don't feel for him as a wife should feel for her husband. And I grow very weary of living in a marriage I don't want. When this does implode, I want it to happen in such a way that we both come out relatively unscathed and able to move on as friends, not enemies. I just need to hang in a while longer. Anyway, I appreciate your support and sharing. It really does help and lends me strength to keep on keeping on.

Okay, time to get me some brekky. Methinks oatmeal, this morning. Maybe a little cantaloupe, too.

Later. :D


  1. Congrats on being below 350, that is wonderful. I love cantoloupe and I had it for a snack this morning.

  2. Congrats!!! What an accomplishment! It's probably good that you had the "munchies" recently, because it's good to throw your body off balance once in a while so it doesn't keep the weight on thinking you're starving. I applaud you for keeping with this even with all your personal issues, hip and swelling problems, etc. The key to health in every way is picking yourself up and dusting it off, and you continue to do that. Way to get below 350!!!

  3. 350 was a big milestone for me, too, so a big Congrats to you!!! Looking forward to the pics. :-)

    And, I have tagged you for a blog Award! Visit my blog here for details:


  4. Great job on the loss and the milestone!

    Enjoy your cantaloupe :)

  5. Congrats on your wonderful weight loss and transformation! That's so exciting!

  6. Rock on! I bow to you your highness!

  7. Congrats to our Ice Queen on reaching such a milestone!

    Keep up the good work!

  8. Woo hoo!! I am now 228 and started at 254. It has been a hard road!

  9. Thank you, everyone! *gathers everyone in huge group hug and squeezes* <3<3

  10. Being who I am, I head right to the emotional waters. You gotta do what you gotta do, Erika. Debilitation is not fun and sometimes marriages degrade to that point, yes? Anyway, yippee for breaking the 350 mark!!! What an accomplishment! Keep up the good work!!!!


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