Saturday, July 24, 2010

How To Get Heat Exhaustion

1. Be really heavy and in not so good shape.

2. Decide to go walk the hardest stretch of the Willow Lake Trail System ~~ three+ miles ~~ (what I call Kickass Trail) in 90 degree heat and 40% humidity in late afternoon with the sun beating relentlessly down on you almost every step of the way.

By the time we got back to the Jeep, I was nearly staggering, my head was spinning a little bit and I was running sweat, boiling hot and yet had brief chills. By the time we got home, I was nauseated, dizzy and my eyeballs were twitching. Husband sat me down on my little sofa under my air vent, put a fan on me full blast and pressed a bottle of cold water into my hand. I sat there, sweaty and hot for over half an hour, unable to move. I knew I was normalizing when my eyes stopped twitching, my head stopped spinning and I started feeling cold with the air and fan blowing on me.

A shower has never felt so good in my life! I was covered in dried sweat and itchy as hell. I almost cried with delight when that cool water hit my skin! lol I have since had dinner and recovered further and I feel much better, now.

Lesson learned. No more hard walks too early in the day when it is hot and the sun is beating down. At least not until I have lost a lot more poundage and am in better condition. Walking will continue to be done as the sun is setting or when it is cloudy and cooler. lol

Even Husband and Son had a tougher time, today. We all took a few brief breath catchers and drinkies breaks both out and back. We ran into a gal with a dog who was just getting going on our way back. She wasn't familiar with the trail system and I was happy to answer her questions. When she learned that the trail didn't loop all the way round the lake, but went out and back, she decided to return to her car, stating that she wanted to be lazy. I really wanted to ask her to walk with us a ways. I think that she wanted to walk, but was intimidated by the mileage. I really wanted to share with her that if I can walk two or three miles, at my size, she could do it, too! She was plump, but certainly nowhere near as large as I. She could have done it easily. I kind of regret not asking her along. I really feel as if I should pay it forward a bit, you know? Maybe she will decide that a couple of miles are totally doable, after all and we will see her out there. :D

So, anyway, as we were finally nearing the end of our walk, about a half mile from the Jeep, there is a bench by the side of the trail that overlooks a pretty view. As I topped the last rise and rounded the corner, I looked up (I was staring at my feet, by that point, I so didn't want to see how far I had to go, I just had to keep one foot going in front of the other) to see my two pussy girlie men sitting on that fucking bench!!!!! Had I had the energy, I would have gone thermonuclear on their asses! How dare they? lolol

Methinks tomorrow, we will go much later and just do Normal Trail.

My ass is tired. lol

But I also feel good, since I did a hard workout, too.

Funny how that works, huh? :D

Okay, so for dinner, I had a Boca burger with 2% cheese, on a thin bagel with a little light mayo and lettuce, onion and tomato. Nom nom nom. I had some cantaloupe to go with it. Husband and Son ate beef burgers with big piles of mac and cheese form the blue box. I think I had the better dinner. And I still have plenty of calories for something chocolaty and sweet. A fudge pop or a sugar free pudding with a little Redi-Whip... Mmmm... Decisions, decisions.

Yawn! I should sleep well, tonight. :)


  1. Great workout. I nearly broiled last July when I would take my walks. I was so afraid I would have to pee before I got back that I wouldn't take water. I soon learned better. Glad you recovered. Your food looks good.

  2. Oh my...I've had that happen to me before. It doesn't feel very good at all, does it? Glad you recovered so quickly. That says something about your stamina!

  3. As feminism roars into 2011, "my two pussy girlie men sitting on that fucking bench!!!!!" I love your style...

  4. You rock! I got that way Friday night, but yesterday, I kept hydrated, took breaks in air-conditioning to cool off, and found shade whenever possible! Do you get snow in the winter-time? We do here, and I'm almost below my weight limit on my snowshoes!

    I'm happy if I can walk a mile at a time. My goal is to move up to two or three, but I don't know that I have the stamina. You are an inspiration!

  5. Oh man, my daughter did that a week ago. Now we don't even attempt to walk til' after 7. It is sooo hot!

  6. Glad you are feeling better. That's happened to me before...I'm not a fan!

  7. Super proud of you. You be careful out there!

  8. Who's going to post on your blog if you die out in the AZ heat during your Kickass Trail walk?!?! Girl, take it easy!! You're doing awesome though and I'm SOOOO proud of you! Under 350 is freakin' wonderful!! Keep doing what you're doing, just don't kill yourself in the process. :>

  9. Good for you for walking but be careful and take care of yourself. I could really use some motivation to exercise. I haven't been on the treadmill in at least a week. I'm going to try to get back into my normal routine tomorrow. I do much better when I get into a pattern of behavior.

  10. Be careful...but also glad you made it! I would have swiped those guys right off that bench!!!!

  11. OMG you really make me the part about finding your girlie men sitting on the bench...I can just see the look on your face when you look up and find them there....priceless!!

  12. Whew I'm glad that you're OK. Be careful!

  13. Good for you for making that trail in that heat! Trust me, I know how hard it is. We're about the same size and I recently went on vacation and had to walk miles in upper 90's-100 degree heat. Talk about miserable!

    Keep up the great work - but don't overdo!


  14. I'm glad you weren't permanently affected. Don't scare us all that way or I'm going to have to go there and pretend I can kick your ass. :~)


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