Friday, July 2, 2010

Say Hello To My Little Friend!

Lookie what mama got!

A new toy. :D *doing a happy dance all over the place*

I have been gas grill free, ever since my old Kenmore grill went tits up on me and we moved from Highland Pines. I love to grill and am, in fact, the family Grillmistress. (Touch my grill and I will hurt you!) I have missed my grill so much and I am tickled to death to finally have a new one. Money has been tight and new grills just haven't been in the budget, but with Son's associate discount, we got a swinging deal on this one.

It is a Huntington, a brand with which I am unfamiliar. But it seems solid and well made. It is bigger, sturdier and has a side burner and I paid the same amount for it that I did for my old Kenmore grill back in 2000. And my old Kenmore didn't have a side burner.

Husband went and filled the propane tank, hooked it up and I fired up all the burners to be sure it is working properly. It works great. It lights easily, at just the touch of the igniter button, no pushing it really hard and hearing it go clackclackclackclackclack! and heats up fast. I can't wait to grill dinner (boneless, skinless chicken breasts) on it, tonight.


I'll be back later to do B.Y.O.C.


  1. I am also the Grillmistress in my house :-) You are going to get lots of mileage out of that bugger!

  2. OMG! Congratulations,how exciting for you! I can't imagine not having a gas grill....we use ours at least 5-6 nights a week to cook dinner. We use ours year round, but especially during the hot summer time....hate to heat up the kitchen! Enjoy!!

  3. Wehaw! I can't imagine not having a grill!

  4. Me likes yur little friend! Yur Little Friend can come visit my house ANYtime, LOL!

    Have fun!


  5. Congdratulations! I just got out my old fashioned Weber kettle grill today, lit the charcoal, waited a half hour and THEN cooked my chicken legs. They were delish, but oh the WAITING!

    We had company so we made chicken legs on the grill (marinated in olive oil and Tuscan seasoning) and potatoes from the solar oven. YUM. oh, and salad.

  6. Congratulations! Nothing like having a new toy to play with.


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