Friday, July 23, 2010

Summer Challenge Weigh In

Hello! *looks around, dusts away cobwebs and hears echoes* Is anyone still doing this challenge? Or am I an idiot swimming out here on my own? lol

Well, just in case, here is my scale shot for this week.

Down another 3 pounds. And below the big 350. That is a big bite out of my overall needed to be lost. And a big confidence booster. If I can get fifty off, I can get the next fifty off. I just have to keep it all in perspective, stay on track and not allow myself to get overwhelmed.

Don't sweat the petty stuff.

And don't pet the sweaty stuff. ;)

If this challenge has gone by the wayside, I can live with that. But I would like to know, so that I don't continue being an idiot, posting challenge updates that are no longer necessary. lol

One good thing has come from this challenge, whether it lives or not... I am no longer afraid to get on my scale each week. That was a big hurdle for me to get over. It was my six foot triple oxer. And I have cleared it handily. :D

I have also overcome my fear of non meat burgers. Boca burgers are tasty. I grilled one on my Foreman grill for dinner, last night. Had it on a thin bagel with some light mayo, a little mustard, lettuce, tomato and onion. I also had a little 2% cheddar cheese. I have come to the conclusion that fat free cheese is nasty and I don't like it. Like mayo or sour cream or cream cheese, if I am going to eat these things, I am going to enjoy them, not choke them down. Which means that I choose the light, rather than the fat free versions. I just have to carefully watch my portions and accept the slightly higher calories that go with them. Something I am perfectly willing to do, for the yumminess.

My veggie burger last night was a direct response to an insane craving for a cheeseburger. After our walk, yesterday I had the biggest, craziest craving for a big, juicy, greasy, hot, glorious cheeseburger. I could see it, smell it, taste it in my brain. And I wanted it. I didn't want 800 to 1200 calories, tho. My veggie cheeseburger was tasty and all for only 365 calories. And it really calmed that wild want swirling within.

It is cool, cloudy, rainy and humid as hell, this morning. Yesterday we drove around for almost an hour waiting for the lightening to stop hitting and the downpour to lighten up so that we could walk. I don't mind rain, but lightening? No thank you. That shit can do some serious damage to your bod. I do not want to get struck.

Okay, so I am nattering.


  1. No idea on the challenge... it must have started after I started blogging.

    But..... AWESOME JOB GETTING UNDER 350!!!!!!!!! You rock and you are so inspirational to me.

    As far as the vegie burgers.... I love watching the cooking shows... yesterday I saw 'Guys Big Bite' and he made his own vegie patties. It looked really good - he used all kinds of vegies, spices and the base was chic peas and one egg. I am going to look up the recipe today, plug it in on some nutritional sites and see if it is OK for me to eat. I love knowing what is inside the vegie burger which is probably what keeps me away from the Bocas or Garden burgers. Good for you, getting over it.

    Have a great day!

  2. Congrats on getting below 350 lbs. You are looking good. I like the pictures.

  3. AWESOME! I am still fighting .4 of a lb for that Wii Fit jerk to stop telling me I'm obese! Of course, I'm gonna be ticked at him when he tells me I'm overweight, still!

    Also, I can really see a difference in your before and after pictures. The more you walk and watch what you eat, the easier it will be to walk and watch what you eat!

    You rock, your highness!

  4. Don't know about the challenge. I'm not in on that one.

    Your cheeseburger sounds delish! I need to try those burgers. And I agree on the fat free mayo, etc. I like the low fat version better, just use less of it. Too much unknown processed stuff in the fat free versions.

    Happy weekend!

  5. Way to go on the 50 lbs, that is so amazing!! Yep, every step forward (or every pound down) will make it easier for you to lose the remaining weight.

    A side note, I, like many others, used to hate the scale. But apparently "they" say that people who weight themselves daily (or at the very least weekly) are more successful at losing weight, because there are never any big disappointing shocks that throw you off. You just have to take it as a number that only covers one factor, but you should take measurements because then you will REALLY see how far you've come. You are an inspiration!

  6. HAAAAAA - don't pet the sweaty stuff.....CONGRATS - you are kicking ass my dear.

  7. OMG! Of course you can tell a BIG difference in your pictures, way to go!! Congratulations on the loss and reaching a milestone. I totally agree about the cheeses, mayo, and sour cream...fat free are nasty! Much better to go with a little less of the good stuff than to try and choke that junk down! I have not gotten up the nerve to try the veggie burgers, we just take 4 oz. of really lean gr. beef, make a burger out of that and pile on the fresh veggies.....that's our version of a veggie burger! We like turkey burgers sometimes too, for variety. You really are an inspiration to a lot of us out here so keep on doing what you are doing......

  8. You rock!!! 50 lbs is a HUGE milestone. You deserve to feel like a superstar :)

    Also - if you like bocaburgers, you should try MorningStar black bean burgers! Fantastic with a little cheese and salsa on it..

  9. I tell myself the same thing. It took me forever to get under 230. Sometimes petting the sweaty stuff is a good thing..LOL.

  10. Don't stop the challenge! I don't know if it's still on or even what it is or how to join it, but I enjoy your updates. :)

    You're doing great. I can't wait until I'm under my 250 mark, but I just hopped up over 260 again so it's gonna be awhile.

    I could really use a cheeseburger. Oh wait, I had one for lunch. I'll have to try the Bocas as opposed to the real meat.maybe. someday.

  11. Kristi... Bwahahaha! You are right about that. ;)

    Whether the challenge lives or not, I will continue to weigh weekly, now. And probably take scale pics, too. It has kind of become a habit.

  12. Milestones! Woohooooo!!! Burgers? Mmmmm...

  13. Good, good for you, you should be proud of yourself. I just got up the nerve yesterday to get on the scale again---and this is the easiest way to pile on the pounds, by "waiting" for a "thin" day to weigh oneself, as you know!---and I have gained back all I lost since last October (16 pounds). So here I go again and I swear, I swear, I will climb on that scale weekly for the rest of my life. I have a version of reverse-anorexia I guess, always feel really good and think I look pretty good, that is until I see a photo. There are few of those lately. I'm 53 and 288 pounds, and I eat really well and exercise every day, either biking 15 miles or walking 3, and I do at least 40-80 flights of stairs each day. Once I weighed at my thinnest point (my bones were showing) and I weighed 190. I have a "bone-mass" WW scale that says my bone mass is outside of all limits for a man, much less a woman. So....all this to say, I am starting my long slog towards a goal weight of 250 and then I will have to re-evaluate things. I think I am healthy, but my knees are going to give out. Thanks again for your blog!


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