Sunday, July 18, 2010

Wet Pet

Sabryna had a nice bath, today then spent some time out on the deckony, getting dry. She has such a thick, heavy coat that it takes her a long time to dry completely after her bath. She is in now (yes, when she was out to dry she had shade, water and she was wet and there was a breeze, she was just fine :)) and still very damp in spots. She looks much better, smells good and is madder than a wet hen. She will wake up from her nap, turn to me and give me the hairy eyeball. Even tho Husband was the one who drenched her smelly ass. lol

Here she is, all wet.


  1. We have stinky dog syndrome at the moment, too. But Dog is so old and arthritic, it just doesn't seem humane to put her through a bath very often. But afterward she does think she's pretty!

    I'll bet Sabryna sleeps better tonight after all that commotion!

  2. She sleeps well every night! Dog doesn't let herself lose a wink. lol She is eating dinner, right now. :D

  3. We need to do this to sweet Brutus, but we have been pond swimming on a regular basis, so it seems futile.

  4. cute dog!!! I have a pom and it is so difficult giving him baths! I have to blow dry him after too so he wont get sick.

    love your blog btw. Ive been combatting 40 lbs that I have gained in the last year and the struggle is hard. I know that I have to lose it for my health (and my doctor told me to haha) Its inspiring to see your strength and cant wait to read your next posts :)

  5. Mandy, Brutus probably thinks that he is just clean and dandy... He is swimming every day, after all. lol

    Hi Leah. I am so glad that you are hanging out. I checked out and faved your blog... I will try to get to following and adding you as soon as I can. :D Your little Pom is sooo cute. Losing excess weight, changing our habits and living a healthier life isn't easy, whether we have a few pounds or a lot to lose. Keep going. You can do it. :D

  6. Baths only help our stinking hounds for about 5 minutes. The smell always bleeds through...or I have a super sensitive nose. Anyway, I suspect Sabryna could jig to James Brown's "I Feel Good;" she looks cooled down and happy to me!!!


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