Monday, July 26, 2010

A Pretty Danged Decent Day

I ate fairly well. I am going to shimmy in just under 1500 for the day. We went out and did our two out at the lake this evening. We hit the trail later, after the sun was going down and there were clouds and a breeze and it was in the 70's. The rising humidity made it feel warmer than it was but it was still pretty nice.

There were a lot of people on the trails, tonight. We ran into a lot of the usual people and dogs we see and hellos and pats to canines were exchanged. There were two big, buff young guys running, coming toward us as we walked along. They were running abreast. Now, trail etiquette dictates that when you meet someone, you keep to the right and if in a pair or group, go single file and share the trail equally. Well, these two must think that these rules don't apply to them. They didn't move over one whit for Husband and Sun who were up ahead of me. They stayed abreast while Husband and Son went single file and moved over a bit to share room. I saw this and got irritated, indeed. Now, I am perfectly happy to move aside a bit for someone who shows some courtesy, but those two weren't going to get one frakking inch from me. I just kept on chugging my considerable space hogging self along and I didn't move over a bit. And, as they passed me, the one closest to me almost brushing against me, I snapped, "Nice way to share the trail, jerks!" I hope that they heard me and perhaps will do better in future. But I am not holding my breath. Some people just don't have a courteous bone in their body.

Assholes aside, tho it was a nice walk. I think that my condition is improving. I am breathing more easily as I go along, only puffing when I hit inclines. This is good, methinks. :D I was ready to go a bit farther, today but Husband was done after two. *shrugs*

I may need a rest day, tomorrow. My hip is hollering at me a bit, tonight. We'll see how I feel, tomorrow. :)

Oh, I was putting on my bra, earlier while getting ready (I don't wear a bra around the house, I have such heavy breasts that a bra is torture for me and I only wear one if We have company over or I go out) and as I got the girls settled in their cups, I looked down and noticed that I now have loose, rippled, empty skin when my breasts are up in position. Which means that my boobs are shrinking. Woo Hoo!!!!!!! I hope to be in a smaller bra in a couple of months or so. I have two fairly pretty ones in very nice condition put away just waiting for further shrinkage to occur. :D I can't wait to throw this current over the shoulder boulder holder away.

Okay, I need to wrap this yak fest up, now. My brain is on empty. Have a great night. Stay cool, stay on your track. *hugs!*


  1. great job on the walk. Yeah some people don't have the manners their mama's taught em.
    good for you on holding your ground. It's like the a holes that come up behind you while you are doing the speed limit in the RIGHT HAND LANE. And ride your tail. what I like to do in moments like those is slooooooooooowwwwww dooooooooooowwwwwwwwnnnnn till they pass me in a fit and I blow them a kiss.

  2. I love that you blow them a kiss, I usually just wave like I'm happy to see them with a really nutty smile on my face.

    Erika, you're doing such a fabulous job. Can't believe the hubster is slowing you down like that. He should be cheering you on another round if that's whaty ou feel you can do! Men!

    Hooter shrinkage has been difficult for me. I hate to buy bras, anyway. I think one of the reasons I didn't mind when I started getting heavy was that I finally had boobs! Looking like a girl was a big goal of mine throughout high school. Fat girl was ok, as long as it was a girl. In college when the girls finally grew, I had no desire to do something foolish like diet or they might go away!

  3. Boob shrinkage? Love that idea (though the pooled wrinkles of skin are a tad frightening to contemplate...though admittedly, I have that too...everywhere...)! You keep on keepin' on, my friend.

  4. Great job on the calories AND the walking, Erika.

    My girls are shrinking just a bit, but really sagging. And I have always worn good bras. Soon I am going into a nice store and get measured for my new size and buy a couple of quality bras. (The things we have to do!)

  5. I know what you mean about Trail hogger's... thank goodness the people that I've come across while jogging are courteous... I would be just like you and snap at them, so BRAVO!! And yay on getting better with the breathing!! It sometimes feels like it's taking forever to improve... but once you see that little improvement, man does it boost your confidence!! Well... hope you're able to get into a smaller bra soon!! That'll be so exciting!! :) And, btw, if you'd like to slap the person that fouled my web, please do!! I won't stop you!! I will totally back you up if there is a case of harassment, and say they started it! :) lol Hope you have a good week!! :)

  6. Ugh, I hate it when that happens. I won't move in cases like that, either - even if it means bumping into them. I will get into single file with my husband when we are walking together...but I won't move onto the grass for two jerks who don't get it!

  7. Your blogs really motivate me. I am having a terrible, terrible day. Your walking trails sound so nice - minus the jerks!

    Have a great week,


  8. YAY to smaller boobs and NAY to idiots with no courtesy....geez.

  9. Shrinking boobies...YEA!! Mine are shrinking too and I can really feel the difference in my back. I love it when I put my bra on the tightest clips and it's still loose! Total NSV!!

    You'll be in those pretty bras before you know it!


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