Tuesday, July 13, 2010

That Was Damned Pathetic!

My walk, last night. I had planned a hard three miles on Kickass Trail. Plans foiled by Husband who wasn't into that long a walk and wanted to do two on Normal Trail, instead. I'm glad that he did because physically I was in trouble, last night. My hips were hurting me so much, in spite of my pre walk dose of Advil. The top of my left foot was screaming at me. I tottered along like a busted down old cart horse on it's last legs, last night. It took me almost forty-five minutes to do that two miles.

We were down by the other gate near the end of Normal Trail and Husband asked me if I wanted him to hike back and get the Jeep and come pick me up, there. I am ashamed to admit that I actually seriously considered it. But I pressed on and finished my walk. And when we got home, I barely made it up the stairs.

What the fuck is the matter with me? I am so frustrated. I want to go, go, go and my body is betraying me. I hate this. I am finally getting my shit together and making serious, positive changes in my body, head and heart and I am breaking down. I think that the Kickass Trail done at a fast pace may be a little too much for me, right now. Maybe I need to dial back, slow down a little and not punish myself over a lot of hills. So, I am going to stick to Normal Trail for a while and when I feel ready for additional distance again I will get it in the flatter part of the beginning of Kickass. I need to press but I don't need to nearly debilitate myself to the point that I can't get up my stairs. lol

I am watching Design Star on HGTV. When are they going to kick Nina's bossy, one note ass out of that competition?

Well, I have laundry to finish, I need to make my bed and run my vacuum.

I'll see you all, later. :D


  1. Hey you did good, I would have told him hell yes go and get that jeep.. I am so proud of you..

  2. Thanks, Debbie. I almost did. lol

  3. Look...there's a big difference between being lazy/suffering a mental block and being in pain when it comes to exercise. You described PAIN. You need to stop doing things that cause you pain! (1) It causes more damage and perhaps more importantly (2) it'll kill your motivation to work out in the future.

    There are plenty of things that you can try to do that don't involve hips or the tops of your feet. Some suggestions:

    * Bicycling
    * Swimming
    * Pilates or gentle yoga
    * Situps
    * Calf-raises
    * Triceps dips off your chair
    * Upper-arm exercises
    * Rowing
    * Wall Sits
    * Pushups

    If you're not able to get around and, say, take an hour walk and burn calories, then you may want to consider taking a "safe" exercise (aka: one that doesn't hurt) and turn it into a plyometric exercise in order to get your heart rate up. Some info can be found here:


    If you're a yoga newbie, I've got some downloadable PDFs here that might help pick out some poses to try:


    Hope that helps a bit!

  4. Erika,
    Listen to your body; its not betraying you, its trying to make you better! I know, its so frustrating when you want to GO! But if you don't listen to it, take the time to find out whats wrong, and recover properly, then it will get worse and just break down on you. Endurance takes time; annoying, relentless time, but it will develop. Maybe you need to be looking at a new, more supportive pair of shoes,maybe you pronate, maybe your joints are not up to par, or maybe you need more stretching. Either way, theres an option to make you comfortable, and your body will thank you!

  5. I believe that pain has a purpose. There is something your body is needing that it's not getting - whether it be rest or nutrition or something else. When my bones & joints start bothering me, I take "fish oil" supplements (AKA Omega 3 fatty acids). I learned for a nutritionist that many Americans don't eat enough fish - we should be eating at minimum 2 - 3 servings every week. I enjoy fish, but from time to time, I realize I haven't been getting enough and my bones tell me about it.

    My doctor had once suggested glucosamine for the aches and pain, but it ended up loosening my ligaments too much and my knee would slip out of place. Yikes. So we switched to the Omegas.

    I hope that helps!

    Keep on trekkin'!

  6. Goodness; that sounds like it was a bit on the miserable side for that walk. Sometimes just the natural aging process hits at us, I think. My left hip especially of late has been hurting. Doc's say "degenerative arthritic changes." Not much to be done for it. Hoping that giving it a rest for a bit will help you, sweetie.

  7. Take it slow. You will get there. Don't beat yourself up.

  8. I'm so happy that you didn't give up! And that you're taking it easy...although I completely understand the frustration. If only our bodies would just do whatever we wanted!


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