Monday, July 5, 2010

Return to Willow Lake

A day of rest was just what I needed. I felt much better tonight and we hit the trails and did our customary two miles on Normal Trail. I feel as if my overall condition is improving slightly, I am able to walk at a brisk pace for a while I even kept up with the Speedy Ones for a while. Then I allowed myself to fall back. I walked to the end of Normal Trail, had a quick drink and reapplied lip balm and turned around and walked it back again without pause, even at the top of Little Hell Hill even tho I was really breathing hard. I just walked a little slower for a bit until I recovered.

I am still planning to do extra distance during at least one more walk, this week. I hope that my bod is up to it and I can.

I didn't do my BYOC weight challenge, today. I didn't want to do my weights with Husband home so I decided to do it tomorrow, instead. I feel like an idiot, saying I was going to do that today, forgetting that Husband was off. :p

I am nicely on track with food. Just over 1200, so far. I have a few calories to play with. I think that some watermelon is in my immediate future. :D


  1. Gosh, but this is absolutely one beautiful blog page! I just love this one, my friend! Well done on the walking too! So glad you got right back to it after a day of rest.

  2. Have a great day, yesterday was a tough day for me no exercise despite wearing my exercise clothes for most of the day trying to get to the gym. Good luck with your day

  3. Sounds great. Keep up the good work. It's good to push your limits, but not too far. Sounds like you have a good grasp on what you can do!

  4. I love your blog background - so pretty and swirly!

    Great job on the Trail. It sounds like you are really digging in to the feelings you get during the hike.

    Have a great day!

  5. That day of rest clearly did you good. I'm happy to hear it. Another very inspiring entry.

    Love the new look of the blog. Beautiful.

  6. I'm glad you were able to get a day of rest. Your blog does look very pretty!

  7. How great that you are feeling improvement in overall conditioning!
    Little Hell Hill... LOL!

    Yummm... I love watermelon. :-)


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