Friday, July 16, 2010

A Walk and a Shower

At the same time. :D

We went out to the lake and did our usual two miles on Normal Trail. As we walked a light, steady rain and a light, steady wind helped to freshen what would have otherwise been very oppressive air and kept us cooler and more comfortable. The sky was a deep black/grey to the South shading to a lighter grey to the North. There were a few breaks and small slices of pale blue showed through the overcast. It was a lovely afternoon for a nice walk.

Because it was cloudy and a little cooler, we were able to go a little earlier. We were done and home by seven. A nice change of pace. We have been going later to avoid the worst of the heat.

I had tossed a load of towels into my dryer earlier and when I went to check on them they were still wet and cold. I guess that the damned heating element has gone out on my dryer. *sigh* As if I need that, right now. I am hoping that a heating element isn't going to cost much. I shouldn't need to pay a repair guy, BIL is handy and if I remember correctly has replaced heating elements in my SIL's dryer. Shit. Damn thing would crap out on me in the middle of a major laundry session. Husband has to tote everything over to MIL's and toss it in her dryer. What a pain.


I am hungry and I think I am going to search out some dinner. I'll see you later, poppets.


  1. Hi Ice Queen,
    There is a great song in Australia (where i live) at the moment that i play on my ipod when walking. It's great to pump you up and get you motivated - you might like to look it up. It's called "on a mission" by Gabriella Cilmi. It's my current favourite!

  2. I'm glad you had a pleasant walk. 2 miles is amazing. I can do about a half mile before I get too tired.

  3. With us, it was the washer (pump). Gave up the thought of fixing it for a second time (it is less than 5 years old) and just got a cheap new set. Then yesterday Michael was let go from his job (took us by complete surprise). Color me super anxious.

    Your walk sounds lovely. I used to run in the drizzle of WA when I lived there. I loved it!

  4. I usually walk around 8 pm til' 9 but last night I started at 7:45. It was still really hot though! I have been trying to mow also so I was outside yesterday over 3 hours...ugh.

  5. Sounds like you had a very nice walk. Both our washer and dryer went out a while back. Had to replace them.

  6. Sherry, I am so sorry to hear about Michael's job. I hope that he gets something else fast. *hugs*


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