Sunday, August 1, 2010

Happy August

The last full month of Summer. The Dog Days. I am looking forward to Fall.

Not a terrible lot going on, here. Husband's rhoids were raging and I needed another day of rest so we didn't walk. Hopefully we can go, tomorrow. This is, if Husband gets home from the Valley, in time. FIL has his pre op, tomorrow. He is going in for cataract surgery on Wednesday. This is a dicey proposition for him as he lost the sight in his left eye several years ago to venous (or something like that) glaucoma. And he has fused vertebra in his neck due to a car accident decades ago. He has to go to this super duper hot shot ophthalmic surgeon who treats just about anybody who is anybody from everywhere and has the chops, the balls and the special operating table to accommodate FIL's needs. He is basically blind, at present, can't see the TV or read. This surgery will drastically improve the quality of his life. And let him watch the tube and read his papers, again. I hope that all goes well for him. If you could please spare him a prayer, good thought a candle, some healing vibes, I know that they would be much appreciated. :D

I think I am finally losing the bloaty hell puff monster from my body. For a while, anyway. It is always interesting to feel yourself deflate as you pee and pee and pee and pee. All. Day. Long. lol


That's all I have, tonight.

Sleep well.


  1. lol, mine is usually at night when my body decides to 'release the bloat'. Nothing beats 30 minute increments of sleep all night long.
    Oh, I will send up a prayer for your fil.
    I hope this whole operation thing goes well for him.
    It's cool that there is a doctor that is that high speed to operate.

  2. Sending up thoughts and prayers for your FIL, my friend. I wish the simple act of peeing would take away all my bloat! In fact, I find myself wondering how I can pee so much and drink so little! LOL

  3. Im longing for fall.
    and a break to this unrelenting TX HEAT.

    prayers coming your way as well...


  4. Wishing the best for your FIL.

    Happy Tinkling!

  5. Prayers and good wishes for FIL, Erika. This will almost give him a new life!

    We had a case of Husband's rhoids here, too, over the weekend. Why won't men just eat a couple of prunes every day??

  6. Lots of good thoughts, prayers and a good luck wiggle for your FIL's surgery!

  7. I will pray that all goes well for your FIL.

  8. Hi Erika!

    Been thinking about you. I just got back from Alaska. I was wondering if you would be interested in some of my clothes. I have some dressy stuff that doesn't fit and I would rather someone I "know" use them then just give them to Goodwill or what have you. Let me know if you are interested. You can email me at

  9. P.S. Glad you updated your pics!

  10. I hope everything goes well hun!! I hope this somewhat brightens your day, I wanted to let you know I've nominated you for an award!!

  11. 22 hours w/o a post from you. I'm going into withdrawal. Don't make me go to the fridge for comfort! lol

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  13. I hope all goes well with your FIL's surgery.

    I also nominated you for an award. Check it out...

    Rage on sista!!

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